100 theme challenge: L4D2.

Hey! :) I decided to take up this challenge...the dreaded 100 themes... o.o'' So I sat down thinking which character(s) I would like to write about, and chose Nick and Ellis, because I believe they are actually really good friends and I would like to show that with these little one shots :D

Perhaps a tiny bit of OOC'ness because I am still getting used to writing fanfiction ;o but I will try my best to keep to character :)

Anyway :3 I hope you like it and reviews and critique are welcome :) xx


1. Introduction

'Finally…' Nick leant back against the wall of the elevator. He had been running and shooting down zombie filled, burning corridors for the past 10 minutes and the chance to stop and take a breather from the smoky air and fighting was a great relief – if only for a little while.

His shoulder hurt a little from a bash he had taken from a strange, monstrous being with one giant arm as it had charged past him, just missing his face by inches. Rubbing it, he looked around at the other 3 people in the elevator. He could honestly say he had never seen a more unlikely group working together. That, and he had never met any of them before.

One of them, a dark-skinned female with a bloodstained fire axe in her hands, was talking to a taller, black man who had broad shoulders and a deep, caring voice. Nick vaguely remembered the man shooting that charging thing earlier, and was about to join in their conversation when he heard somebody clear their throat next to him. Turning his head, he saw a young looking man looking up at him.

"Hey there." A strong drawling accent plainly gave away his southern heritage, and Nick raised an eyebrow in silent question at him. The man was wearing a pale yellow shirt and what should have been a pair of clean, dark work trousers, but both garments were now stained in various infected and human bodily fluids. Suddenly, the man's voice broke through his train of observation and Nick found a hand being extended to him, a warm smile on the other's face.

"My name's Ellis."

The con-man paused for a moment, then shook the hand that was outstretched, offering a small smile in return.

"I'm Nick."

2. Love-

Looking up at the walls of the safe house, Nick read the messages left behind that the other survivors had scrawled to their loved ones. Many of them were written as instructions to meet at places, or warnings on where not to go. But the infected were everywhere, and none of these people were probably alive anymore. He briefly wondered how Dianne, his ex-wife was doing, but

quickly realized that he didn't really give a shit. The only people he cared about were the other 3 survivors. They had not abandoned him, they valued him as a comrade, a friend in this crazy world, and they looked out for him almost like a family. He'd rather be here, than with her, that's for sure.

3. Light-

There were only a few things that could make Nick's blood run cold, and a handful of memories associated with them. But no matter how many times he thought over it, he could not comprehend what had given him the courage to run head long into the horde-filled street to pull Ellis away from the wandering witch that had been less than 5 feet away from him.

4. Dark-

Even though it was 5 weeks since they had first met in that burning building, to some, the horrors and fear of the infection were not, and probably would never, lessen on one's mind. Nick lay with his magnum in hands, listening to Ellis' sobs on the other side of the room, the sounds more saddening than anything he had ever heard.

5. Past-

"So, Nick, when we get evacuated, who are you going to look up?" Rochelle looked up at him from the food she was preparing. The con-man shifted so he was sitting up. He could see Ellis watching him, almost with anticipation, as he rarely talked about himself.

"No one." He shrugged his shoulders, folding his arms.

"What? No one at all Nick?" Ellis leant closer, expression shocked.

"Well I meant exactly what I said, Ellis. It's not like anyone would look me up either." He rolled his eyes.

"Well if we got separated…" Ellis said quietly, carefully. "I'd look you up, I would."

And Nick smiled, because he didn't doubt Ellis in the slightest.


Tada! :D that's the first 5 done :) did you like them? Do you wish I would take myself and my writing off the nearest cliff? Do let me know :)

'Till next time - Jen xxx