Nikita looked at Sarah, "You're pregnant aren't you?" the beautiful blonde woman asked softly, cupping her daughter's cheek gently, her eyes showing love, care and worry for her baby girl.

Sarah nodded, with salty tears in her bright blue eyes as she looked away from her.

The blonde woman wrapped her arms around the younger girl and pulled her into a tight embrace, "You could've told me, you know?" she said softly

The eighteen year old girl shook her head, "No, I couldn't ….." she said timidly

Nikita's eyebrows shot up to the sky, "What do you mean? Of course you could. You can tell me anything my Princess" she said cradling the girl close

Sarah bit her lip, "But if I told you Angelo would find out"

The older woman nodded, "So it is Angelo's then" she said softly, which confirmed to her that she was over four months gone with the baby because they had been split for a while and she had remarried since and then divorced again. She knew she could not pretend any longer that the baby was someone else's.

Sarah nodded, "Yeah it is, but he can't know" she said to her mother, looking up into her beautiful eyes.

Nikita frowned, "Why not?" she asked softly

The dark haired girl bit her lip, "Because then he will know that I lied to him, I never wanted a divorce from him, its why I married so quick afterwards, I tried to forget him but I couldn't. I tried to stop loving him, but I couldn't. I told him I hate him, but I don't. I also told him I wasn't pregnant, and that I was on the pill when we….. you know… to celebrate our divorce"

Nikita laughed, "You did that to celebrate? Surely that would be a sign you didn't want it to be over"

Sarah blushed heavily and both women laughed

Angelo had been listening the whole time and wrapped his arms around his ex-wife, "I am glad that you feel that way"

Sarah turned in his arms, "Why?" she asked looking at him

The Handsome man smiled, "Because I feel the same way you daft woman" he said planting a passionate kiss on her soft lips