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A/N: Hiya! (or, I could say Wotcher! ...It might explain where I've been... Or just that I'm English, considering it's an English greeting...) I, I know, I haven't been active. Or rather I HAVE just not for Sonic the Hedgehog. You see, if you got the reference (which you probably didn't, it wasn't the most obvious reference in the world..) I have been exploring the Harry Potter universe. Also, if you're completely 100% major confused I am Cherrle. CherrleTheChicken. I've changed my penname. And my icon. ANYWAY, I've been in the HP universe and there is a lot of this type of poetry there. And I've kind of fallen in love with it. So here we go. Rouge has always been one of my favourite characters and I've always thought there was more to her rather than just a 'stupid slut'. So, here goes...


Just give it up

This façade

This mask

Its c r a c k i n g


You can try your hardest

Strut around like you own the world

Play with that oh-so flirtatious smile on your lips


But honey, don't you see you're breaking?


You laugh at the silly little girls

And their ideas of perfect love

Of kisses in the rain

Of flowers and chocolates

Of being swept off their feet

(but that's really what you want, isn't it?)

Hide behind the flirtatious smile, the tight clothing, the makeup

Hide the scared little girl inside

((because that's all you are, really-

A little girl,

Scared of being abandoned again

+ again

+ again))


Don't befriend the children

Don't cling to them

Stick with jewels-

Jewels can't fight back

Jewels can't hurt you

((just like everybody else))


Stop hiding

((Just for a second))

'Cause baby, you've found l o v e

+ maybe not the kind that keeps your heart

((fragile, broken heart))


It's not true love

Its protection baby, but that's what you need


F r i e n d s h i p

(and you laugh at how corny you sound)


Not the kind that blue idiot

(He claims to know everything-

He claims he's seen the world-

He's just naïve)

Preaches about

This isn't perfect

(How could it be?

It's a cold robot and a killing machine)

But it's all the three of you need


Hide baby


(just like all the other times)

Something's happened and you're s c a r e d

You've fallenfallenfallen

In l o v e

((surely not!

You're Rouge the Bat

Cocky && flirtatious && mean

You don't love

You lust

And then

You break))

But it's true, it's true

He's taken your



And he's made it

F l u t t e r

You kid yourself

Pretend you've only just realised

But baby, if you've only just realised then why have you stuck around?

Why haven't you left

Moved on

Like every other time?




He tries to be nice


And you pushpushpush him away

((Just in case

Just in case he

Breaks you))

So he

Gives up

And you


Scream until your throats are raw

Fight until you draw blood

Hurt until you're both shaking

(+ secretly

You love it))


Sometimes you wish to be like them

The little girls

To be innocent and

Not know the world around you

But you do.

Sometimes you wish to be whole again

You wish he could fix you

But baby how can you expect him to

If you won't ever let him in?