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'Seph… urgh,' Zack moaned in ecstasy as he clung to Sephiroth. His fingernails digging into the back of Sephiroth. Sephiroth kept on moving inside Zack, hardly feeling the pressure Zack's fingernails caused.

'I-I am co-coming!' Zack cried out as Sephiroth hit on his good spot again and again. 'Me too,' Sephiroth said, his breathing haggard. 'Together, okay?'

Zack nodded, after a few more thrusts, Zack reached climax. He cried out 'Seph!' as he expelled his seed onto Sephiroth's chest. Sephiroth gave a groan and released his own inside Zack.

They lie on top of each other breathing heavily, Sephiroth's cock still inside Zack's ass. 'Seph,' Zack said as he looked as his lover lovingly, running his hand through Sephiroth's long beautiful silver hair. Sephiroth smirked and leaned in to kiss him.

'Mmm,' Zack was in bliss. Their tongues clashed with each other furiously. 'I love you, Seph,' Zack whispered, as they broke away for air. Sephiroth said nothing but continued kissing him passionately. Suddenly Zack felt Sephiroth's cock hard again in his ass.

Zack pulled away, 'I am sorry,' Sephiroth muttered. Zack's heart was filled with warmth as he heard those words. 'It's okay, we can continue,' Zack said, burying his head into Sephiroth's hair.

Sephiroth smirked then he started to move again. Zack clung tightly to him moaning in ecstasy all the while.


Zack was sitting in the canteen with a faraway blissful look on his face. They kept on making love until dawn. Zack stirred his coffee as he gave another contented sigh thinking of his relationship with Sephiroth.

The great silver hair general, Sephiroth is his lover. His lover. Sometimes he still couldn't believe it, it seem too good to be true.

Zack still remembered how he confessed to him during a mission in Wutai, and how Sephiroth merely smirk. Then he leaned in and kissed him for the first time!

After that, they had sex. Zack is still in seventh heaven when he thought of that. Zack's brow furrowed as he suddenly remembered one thing.

Though they had been going out for some time, Sephiroth had never said that he loved him, not even once! They also never go out on dates. With all the missions and duties, they were often quite busy.

Suddenly the happy feeling inside Zack dissipated. They are lovers, right? Right? Zack buried his head in his arms.

Great, now he's going to be thinking of this question the whole day and fretted about it, just great. Suddenly, someone plunked his tray down opposite him.

Zack's head snapped up, he said brightly, 'Seph?'

To his disappointment, it wasn't Sephiroth, it was his mentor Angeal Hewley. Angeal raised his eyebrows at the mention of the name Sephiroth.

'Thinking about him again?' Angeal asked as he unwrapped his sandwiches. Zack merely nodded and sighed, taking a sip of his coffee.

'So, you are disappointed that I am not him? Should I leave now, maybe?' Angeal asked biting into his sandwiches while staring at him, he looked amused.

Zack blushed and shook his head. 'Of course not, I am always happy to see you,' Zack said, his face lit up by his smile.

How could he say no to Angeal. He has always been there for him, guiding him, acting as his friend and mentor. And although Angeal had always prided in his sword, and hardly used it. He had used it once to save Zack's life. Zack was really touched by his gesture.

Both of them seem to be absorbed in their own thoughts until Angeal spoke up.

Angeal broke the silence, 'So, what's up, puppy? Why so silent today? Are you feeling okay?' Zack glared at Angeal, he pouted, 'don't call me puppy, it's embarrassing'

Angeal gave a hearty guffaw, 'but it suits you well.' Zack pouted again, 'Well I don't think so.'

'Okay, okay,' Angeal said, raising his hand in surrender. 'But honestly, Zack, what's going on?' he deliberately emphasis on the word Zack. Zack gave another sigh again and shook his head. 'Nothing,' he said.

'Is it Seph again?' Angeal prompted him. 'Did he hurt you or something?' Angeal's eyes flashed menacingly.

Zack saw the look in his eyes and put his hand comfortingly on Angeal's arm. 'No, no, he did not, so don't try to kill him or anything, okay?' Zack said pleadingly.

Zack knew how Angeal can be overprotective sometimes. His mentor doesn't really approve of his relationship with Sephiroth. Although Angeal didn't say it out loud, Zack could sense it by the look in his eyes.

Angeal put his hand onto Zack's hand, sending tingling pleasures down Zack's spine. Angeal can always calm him down. 'You can always tell me anything, you know,' Angeal said.

'Really?' Zack said looking at Angeal with big cute puppy dog eyes. Angeal nearly melted there. Angeal took a deep breath trying to calm himself down and nodded. 'Okay, but can we talk somewhere else? It's too crowded here.' Zack said.

'Sure, pup,' Angeal said. Zack whined, 'Can you seriously stop calling me that? I am serious.'

'Yeah, yeah, pup, let's go.' Angeal said teasingly, his eyes twinkled mischievously.

Angeal dumped his tray on the way out. 'So, where do you want to talk about?' Angeal asked. Zack thought for a few moments then said, 'How about your office? We wouldn't be overheard there then.' Angeal nodded, 'Okay, whatever you want.'

Zack suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at Angeal lovingly. His gaze made Angeal blushed. 'What's wrong?' Angeal asked.

Suddenly, Zack threw his arms around Angeal and hugged him. 'I love you so much, Angeal! Thanks, I really appreciate it!' Zack cried out while hugging him tightly.

Angeal's temperature rise suddenly, he is beginning to feel turn on. He tried to pries Zack away from him. 'Pup, please don't do this in public, people are going to misunderstand. And Sephiroth might kill me if he saw us,' Angeal said teasingly.

He thought that will made Zack blushed, but instead Zack suddenly looked crestfallen. 'I sure hope so he will be,' Zack said, his voice sounding upset.

He released his hug and returned to his normal hyperactive and childish self, and cried out loud 'Race you to your office.'

With that, Zack ran off in a whirlwind and leave Angeal behind. Angeal chuckled, still the same old Zack. 'Hey, you are cheating, wait up,' Angeal said and ran after him.

Both of them were breathless when they reached Angeal's office. Zack panted and sat down on Angeal's chair. 'Whew, you are fast,' Zack said.

'I am a SOLDIER 1st class after all, what do you expect?' Angeal said standing beside Zack.

'Hey, I am one too, okay?' Zack said defensively. Angeal smiled at him, and said, 'Yeah, I know. Anyway, what's your problem?'

Zack gave a sigh, he didn't know how to tell Angeal. What if he was just thinking too much? After all Sephiroth isn't one to easily express his feelings. What does he expect? Sephiroth reciting love poems for him? Expressing his love for Zack everyday?

Angeal saw that Zack was in a tight spot. 'Don't worry, I won't tease you or anything, just tell me what's wrong, maybe I can help you,' he prompted gently.

Zack gave another sigh and start thinking. Maybe Angeal is right, he knew Sephiroth longer than him after all. And Angeal and Sephiroth are best friends.

'Okay, fine. You know that Seph and I have been going out for quite a while, right?' Zack asked. Angeal nodded slightly, not knowing where this is going to lead.

Zack fidgeted with his fingers as he continued, 'Well, after all this time, Seph never told me once he love me or took me out on dates. Is that normal? Are we really a couple?' Zack blurted out in one go.

Angeal stared at him, so this is what troubling his student and crush. A love problem with his best friend. This is going to be tough to handle. Angeal was mortified when he had found out that Zack had been going out with Sephiroth.

Angeal had a crush on Zack for a long time, but he didn't dare to express it to Zack just yet. Just when he was about to confess to Zack, Zack dropped the bombshell that he is currently going out with Sephiroth. Angeal still remembered vaguely the excited look on Zack's face when he told him that's he's going out with Sephiroth.

Angeal was momentary stumped. Zack kept looking at him hopefully, Angeal couldn't bring himself to disappoint him.

After thinking for a while, he said, 'Well, Sephiroth is never the type to easily say I love you. I think he probably think that it's not important. Did you try asking him when you are alone?'

Zack blushed, he fidgeted with his fingers even more, 'Well, no, it's mainly snogging you know.'

Angeal gave a sigh, he knew they are both young hot-blooded male. Angeal clenched his fists, he felt so jealous when he thought of those two making out.

Angeal don't know what has come over him, but suddenly he said 'Well, if Sephiroth's making you so troubled, why not just dumped him and fall in love with me?'

Zack burst out laughing, 'Don't tease me, Angeal, I am serious here.' Angeal's tone suddenly turned grave, 'I am serious too.'

Zack stopped laughing when he saw the serious look in Angeal's eyes. 'Y-you can't be serious, Angeal…' Zack's voice trailed off. Angeal leaned in, 'I am very serious, Zack.' Zack's eyes were starting to show slight traces of fear.

Suddenly Zack gave a smile although the fear still remained in his eyes. 'Stop it, Angeal. I never knew you are so good at making fun of people,' Zack said, his heart was starting to thump like mad.

'I am not making fun of you, why wouldn't you believe me?' Angeal said, his tone hard. Something in his eyes shifted, he suddenly leaned in and kissed Zack passionately on the lips.

Zack was taken completely by surprise. Angeal held him tightly in grips of steel forbidding him to escape. Angeal forced Zack to open his mouth, he seemed to have lost control of himself.

Angeal slid his tongue into Zack's mouth and began to thoroughly explore it, tasting every corner of him and swallowing his saliva. Zack tried to struggle but to no avail, he was beginning to feel weak on the knees.

'An-Angeal,' Zack muttered between kisses. Mmmm, Angeal is very skill at kissing too, Zack is starting to drown in Angeal's kisses. Angeal ran his hand through Zack's spikes as he was kissing him.

Suddenly, an image of Sephiroth flashed in his mind. Zack came back to his senses, what is he doing? How could he betray Sephiroth by kissing another man?

Zack tried to push Angeal away, but Angeal will not budge, instead he kissed Zack even vigorously. 'Stop it, Angeal!' Zack finally yelled.

Zack's yells seemed to have finally got into Angeal's head. Angeal pulled back, he was totally in shock with himself. Zack panted, rubbing away the trails of saliva left on his lips.

Angeal stood back looking horrified, he muttered, 'I am sorry.' Then he ran away from the office leaving Zack alone.

Zack tried to follow Angeal, 'Angeal, wait!' He needed an explanation from Angeal, why is he doing this to him? But as he ran outside, his mentor had completely disappeared.

Zack leaned against the wall, his mind in a mess, what with Sephiroth and now Angeal. 'Damn you, Angeal,' Zack whispered, his whole face bright red.

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