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Cloud ran furiously along the corridor, his heart hammering painfully against his chest. Thousands of questions were formed in his mind. Would Sephiroth still accept him or would he reject him?

Cloud bumped into several people on the way as he was rushing by. Cloud muttered several quick sorry without glancing at them then he went on his way once more. Cloud skidded to a halt right in front of his destination, the elevator. Cloud was gasping for air by the time he reached there.

Cloud entered the elevator and punched the button floor 66 as he stopped to catch his breath. To Cloud's surprise, the elevator didn't budge at all. What went wrong? Cloud pressed the button once more then he raised his head.

And that was when reality struck Cloud, and he paled at the thought of it. Damn, he forgot that one needed special keycards to ascend to the higher levels. Suddenly, Cloud felt weak at the knees as he slumped down to the floor, tears started to creep out from his eyes.

Cloud had been so worried and messed up for a long time. He had held back his strong feelings for Sephiroth because he didn't want to hurt Zack. Then Genesis turned up and muddled up Cloud's feelings. Now, just when Cloud wanted to finally confessed to Sephiroth, he was blocked by another obstacle.

The feeling was overwhelming, and the tears just snaked their way down Cloud's cheek. Cloud doubled over as he sobbed bitterly in the elevator from apprehension. Suddenly, Cloud heard slow heavy footsteps getting nearer and he saw a pair of black boots stopping right in front of him.

Cloud was in shock and he hastily rubbed his eyes as he got up. 'I-I am sorry, I didn't mean to-' the words were stuck in Cloud's throat as he saw who it was. It was Angeal Hewley, Zack's mentor. Zack was always talking enthusiastically about Angeal, but Cloud had never met him face to face before.

Cloud gasped then he saluted Angeal, saying 'I am sorry, sir, I didn't mean to be in your way. Please use the elevator, sir.' Cloud gave a low bow then he quickly exited the elevator not daring to meet Angeal's gaze.

To Cloud's surprise, Angeal caught Cloud firmly by the arm refusing to let him past. Cloud's heart was beating very quickly, was he in trouble for blocking Angeal's way just now, was he going to be punish?

'Wait, where were you heading to just now?' Angeal asked gently as he stared at Cloud thoughtfully. Although Angeal had never personally saw Cloud before, this young guy matched the exact description Zack gave him. Blond spikes, alluring sapphire eyes, baby skin, young and innocent looking, besides that Cloud was also sporting the infantryman uniform. Yes, this went without a doubt that the young man in front of him was Cloud Strife.

Cloud was petrified beyond words, but surprisingly, Cloud found out that his voice was still intact. 'I-I wa-was going to- to-' Cloud stammered. Cloud was not sure how would Angeal react if he told Angeal that he wanted to go find Sephiroth. It would surely open up to a lot of unwanted and embarrassed questions.

Cloud's words faltered, as he lowered his head and looked at the floor. Cloud didn't know what to tell Angeal, but he also didn't want to lie to him.

'Are you going to find Sephiroth?' Angeal asked.

Cloud was completely caught off guard by Angeal's question. Cloud's head snapped up in a flash as he stared at Angeal who was looking amuse. 'I was right, wasn't I? You wanted to find Sephiroth, right?' Angeal repeated.

It was useless to deny so Cloud just nodded his head dumbly, his cheeks flushing a deep red. How did Angeal know this? Maybe Zack told him, a logic voice in Cloud's mind spoke up. That must be it, Zack must have told Angeal what had happened.

'But you can't get up to his office because of the keycard. And that's why you were sobbing just now when I found you because you wanted to meet Sephiroth terribly,' Angeal continued.

Cloud was shock by how much Angeal knew, it was as if Angeal could read his mind. Once again, Cloud just nodded his head, he was lost for words. Angeal stood pondering for a while then he whipped out something from his pocket. Angeal held out Cloud's hand and placed something on his palm, closing Cloud's fingers over it.

'Use it well. And remember to return back to me after using it,' Angeal said as his eyes twinkled. Angeal released his hold on Cloud, and after one last pat on Cloud's shoulder, Angeal strode off.

Cloud's heart skipped a beat when he saw what it was in his palm. It was a keycard. The keycard which was going to give him access to meet Sephiroth. Cloud whirled around wanting to thanks Angeal, but there was no one behind him. Angeal was already gone.

Cloud's palm was slicked with sweat, and his heart was pounding so fast that it hurt. Cloud pushed the button and slide in the keycard. Cloud held his breath as the elevator started to rise. Cloud was feeling a little light headed, he was feeling both nervous and excited at the same time.

'Ting' the elevator doors opened revealing a long corridor. There were dozen of doors with plaques lined along the corridor. There was no one in sight. Cloud walked slowly along the corridor glancing around to seek what he wanted. And then Cloud saw it. Cloud saw Sephiroth's name etched onto a plaque on a door. Cloud walked up to the door, his hand rose just inches away from the door. Cloud was trembling, he was finally here to confess to the guy of his dreams. But what should he say? Cloud didn't think that far last time.

Taking a deep breath, Cloud knocked sharply on the door and waited with bated breath as he wondered what his fate would be.


Sephiroth was sitting in his office sorting out the papers, trying to block out everything from his mind. Evidently, it was not working because Sephiroth would suddenly clench his fist once in a while as thoughts of Genesis and Zack sometimes intruded his mind. Sephiroth was so absorbed in his own thoughts that his sharp ears didn't catch sight of someone walking up to his office until…

There was a loud knock on his door breaking Sephiroth from his thoughts. There was a low growl in Sephiroth's throat, he was not in the mood to see anyone right now. Sephiroth ignored the person and continued doing his work. Maybe if he ignored the person, whoever it was would go away.

Although something struck Sephiroth as suspicious. If it was Zack, Angeal or Genesis, they would surely barge into his room without bother to knock the door, maybe Angeal would sometimes. The other two never had the courtesy to do that. If that was the case, then who was it? It couldn't be Lazard as well. People rarely came to Sephiroth's office because they were all so scared stiff of him.

Sephiroth shrugged off the thoughts as he continued to do the monotonous work of putting his papers into place. All the paperwork had piled up on Sephiroth's table and it would take a while to sort out everything. Although it would take twice as fast to do it if Sephiroth wasn't feeling so frustrated.

Still, the person continued to knock at the door. Sephiroth's eyebrow twitched and a vein was throbbing in his neck, Sephiroth found that sound highly disturbing. Finally deciding that this had gone far enough, Sephiroth barked out in a rage, 'Come in!'

Whoever it was, he's going to get a severe punishment for disturbing the General when he was so busy, Sephiroth thought mutinously. To his surprise, when the door opened and revealed who it was, Sephiroth was stunned by what he saw.

It was Cloud. Cloud, the last possible person that Sephiroth wanted to see right now. Yet here was Cloud standing in the doorway, looking fearful yet there was determination in his eyes as well. At the sight of Cloud, a mixture of feelings surged up inside Sephiroth. Sephiroth averted his gaze away from Cloud as if looking at Cloud could cause him physical pain.

'What do you want?' Sephiroth snapped. Sephiroth could felt himself trembling slightly whether it was from rage or what, Sephiroth didn't know nor did he care. All Sephiroth cared about was Cloud getting away from his office and far far away from him so he wouldn't have to see the two love birds together.

Whenever Sephiroth saw Cloud, there was a pang in his heart. Sephiroth closed his eyes trying to calm himself down as Cloud's scent engulfed his whole room making Sephiroth feeling suffocated.

'Sephiroth, I-I want to tell you that I-I-I-' Cloud's voice trailed off. Cloud felt so scare, Sephiroth looked so intimidating and he was exuding an ominous aura. 'Get out from my office,' Sephiroth whispered in a deadly voice. 'Get out, I don't want to see you.'

'Sephiroth, wait, please listen-' Cloud implored, his blue eyes teary once more. There was a choke in Cloud's throat as he said that. Cloud had come this far to confess, he was not going to leave without telling Sephiroth how he really felt about him.

'Get out!' Sephiroth snarled. 'Shouldn't you be with Genesis right now? Caring about him as he lay there in the infirmary? Go and be with him! I don't want to see you ever again!' Sephiroth's voice was shaking with rage. Why must Cloud come here to torture him, didn't Cloud knew that just from the sight of him hurt Sephiroth so much.

He, the Great Silver Hair General was feeling hurt because of an insignificant little infantryman. Sephiroth would surely be the laughing stock in Shinra.

'No, Sephiroth, please listen. I-I love you!' Cloud blurted out in a rush. There was a long awkward silence following after this shocking confession.

'What? What did you say?' Sephiroth asked in a low voice. Sephiroth could hardly believe his ears, Cloud just confessed to him? But wasn't Cloud together with Genesis? What was the meaning of all this, was Cloud merely toying with his feelings?

But one look at Cloud, and Sephiroth knew for sure that Cloud was serious. Cloud looked so innocent and his eyes sparkled without doubt. There was a flicker of hope inside Sephiroth.

'I said I love you, Sephiroth,' Cloud said bravely as he looked straight into the eyes of his love one. 'I really do love you, Sephiroth. I didn't dare confess to you from the start because you were Zack's lover. I didn't want to mess up my friendship with Zack. And then you- you-' Cloud blushed and lowered his head but he continued in his strong voice. 'You raped me. I thought you were just playing around with me. Then when Genesis confessed to me, I was confused because part of me wanted you so badly but I know I couldn't be with you. Finally Zack told me everything about you and your feelings for me. I rejected Genesis because I wanted to be with you. I love you so much, Sephiroth.'

Sephiroth was in shock, but he was slowly getting out from the shock as he stared at the beautiful Cloud in front of him. In a flash, Sephiroth was out from his chair and he was hugging the surprise Cloud. 'I love you too, Cloud. For the first time in my life, I love someone so deeply and sincerely that all those emotions that were hidden resurfaced. I had no idea I was capable of such feelings until I met you, Cloud,' Sephiroth said huskily as he wrapped his arms tightly around Cloud.

Cloud would have most certainly fall down to the floor if Sephiroth didn't held him so tightly. Cloud's body was shaking as tears started to fall freely, Cloud was so glad, so glad that he finally caught the one he love after so many hardships.

Sephiroth was startled when he saw that Cloud was crying. 'Cloud, what's wrong? Why are you crying?' Sephiroth asked in a gentle voice as he supported Cloud. Sephiroth looked so concern and bewildered that it made Cloud laughed. The Sephiroth that was always showing such a cold and unfriendly look was making such a face, it was precious.

Now Sephiroth was really feeling a bit worry about Cloud. 'Are you alright, Cloud?' Sephiroth prompted gently. Cloud rubbed the tears away as he hugged Sephiroth back tightly. 'Of course, I am alright, I was just too happy, that's all,' Cloud murmured as he rubbed his head against Sephiroth's chest.

Sephiroth stiffened, all this close contact with Cloud was making him feeling hard. Sephiroth suddenly pushed Cloud away from him, no more, this time he would maintain self control. Sephiroth couldn't possibly bring himself to force Cloud once more, he was going to treat Cloud gently, like a mother treasuring her first born child.

'Sephiroth?' Cloud asked in a confuse voice.

Sephiroth turned away from Cloud. 'I am sorry, it's just that getting so close to you gave me the urge to hold you. But I don't want to rush things between us like last time, I want to treasure you like a real lover,' Sephiroth said gruffly.

To Sephiroth's surprise, he felt a pair of hands hugging him from behind. 'Cloud?' Sephiroth exclaimed in surprise. Cloud was looking up at Sephiroth adoringly, 'I don't mind, Sephiroth, as long as I am with you, anything is fine. You can do anything you want with me.

Sephiroth swallowed hard as he stared at Cloud, oh Gaia, could Cloud be even more adorable. Sephiroth didn't need telling twice. Sephiroth cupped Cloud's cheek and then he kissed Cloud on the lips. Sephiroth moaned in delight, Cloud tasted so good. It had been so long since he had been lusting more for Cloud.

Cloud replied Sephiroth's kiss hungrily. Sephiroth continued to crush his lips against Cloud's, tasting every single place of Cloud with his tongue fiercely as if fearful of missing even one spot.

Soon Cloud was feeling turn on too, saliva was dripping from their mouth, but they didn't care. Both of them continued their passionate kissing. Cloud's tongue met Sephiroth's and he licked Sephiroth's lips with his tongue. All sign of the docile Cloud vanished, instead it was replaced with the Cloud who was like an animal lusting for Sephiroth. Finally, Cloud broke away for air, he was gasping from the kiss just now.

'Sephiroth,' Cloud muttered as he looked at Sephiroth with lust in his eyes. Sephiroth understood immediately what Cloud wanted. Quick as lightning, Sephiroth removed all of Cloud's clothes. Sephiroth took in a deep breath as he admired at Cloud's naked body. Cloud looked so beautiful yet fragile as if he would break at one touch.

Sephiroth kissed Cloud once more but this time he guided Cloud towards his table. Sephiroth swiped at all the papers he was pilling up so neatly just now, making space for Cloud to lean on. The papers strewn around the room, making it looked as if the room was raining papers. Sephiroth pushed Cloud against his table, all the while, his lips never leave Cloud.

Sephiroth's left hand snaked down to Cloud's groin and began to stroke him making Cloud moaned between the kisses. Sephiroth's right hand meanwhile wandered all over Cloud's body, tweaking Cloud's nipple and making gasped. Soon, Cloud was panting and his groin was weeping. Sephiroth suddenly broke the kiss, and the cold air pierced both of their lips.

Cloud looked questioningly at Sephiroth but then he understood as Sephiroth walked or more correctly put vanished then appeared in front of his drawer. Within five seconds, Sephiroth was back in place with a bottle of lubricant in his hand.

Sephiroth smirked as he said, 'This time I am going to prepare you properly.' Sephiroth yanked open the bottle and started to apply it onto his hands. Cloud watched all this as fear started to show in his eyes.

Sephiroth threw the bottle to the ground then he whispered gently into Cloud's ear. 'Relax, this time I will make sure you feel nothing but pleasure. So, relax and trust me alright?' Sephiroth nibbled Cloud's ear gently making him flinched. Cloud nodded and he wrapped his arms around Sephiroth while closing his eyes.

Sephiroth slowly and gently pushed his first finger inside Cloud, he could feel Cloud twitched beneath him then Cloud's whole body relax. 'Tell me if it hurts, okay? I will stop immediately,' Sephiroth whispered. The hot breath on Cloud's ear in addition to Sephiroth's finger inside him made him shivered in delight.

Sephiroth then inserted another finger inside and started to move them slowly. Cloud was squirming slightly, and his breathing was starting to get haggard. After a while, Sephiroth inserted the third finger, Cloud winced as Sephiroth did that. But Cloud didn't stop Sephiroth as Sephiroth started to increase his speed.

Finally, deciding that Cloud was now prepared, Sephiroth started to unbuckle his own pants, releasing his aching groin. Sephiroth removed his fingers and pushed his cock in slowly as not to hurt Cloud. Sephiroth's tip was inside Cloud and then he slowly and gently pushed in more. Soon, Sephiroth's whole cock was buried deep inside Cloud. It took all of Sephiroth's self control to not rush himself.

At a slow pace, Sephiroth moved himself. But even the preparation just now was not enough for Cloud as Sephiroth's cock was too huge. Pain flitted across Cloud's eyes and he bit down his lips to stifle the shout. Cloud didn't want Sephiroth to stop even though it was painful. But Sephiroth saw all this, and he asked softly, 'Is it painful? Should I stop?' Cloud shook his head fervently as he closed his eyes.

Sighing, Sephiroth decided to pull out his cock before he hurt Cloud. Sephiroth knew Cloud was only putting up an act to show him that he was not in pain. Cloud's eyes fluttered open then he grasped at Sephiroth's arm tightly. 'No! Don't! It's alright! Just continue,' Cloud pleaded.

'Are you sure?' Sephiroth asked for confirmation. Cloud nodded though he was clenching his eyes tightly shut once more and his nails were digging into Sephiroth's arm. Deciding that it was alright, Sephiroth plunged his cock inside Cloud and began to move slowly, gradually building up the pace.

Soon, Sephiroth was ramming hard inside Cloud, unable to stop himself as he lost control. Cloud was moaning as he felt Sephiroth moving inside him. It felt so good, the pain Cloud felt earlier was gone, now he only felt pleasure as if he was in heaven as Sephiroth moved inside him. 'Sephiroth, Sephiroth-' Cloud cried out in ecstasy.

Cloud gave a loud gasp when Sephiroth suddenly hit his good spot. Sephiroth understood that and he continued to hit on that spot making Cloud yelled out in pleasure as he clung tightly to Sephiroth. 'Sep-Sephiroth, I-I am co-coming,' Cloud gasped. Cloud could feel his climax approaching but he wanted to come together with Sephiroth.

Sephiroth leaned down and kissed Cloud roughly on the lips. 'Just a little longer, so hold on, please,' Sephiroth grunted as he increased his pace. After several thrusts, Sephiroth felt his own climax approaching. 'Together, alright?' Sephiroth asked.

Cloud nodded his head, his face was flushed with pleasure. Soon, both of them expelled their seeds. Cloud's semen was staining all over Sephiroth while Sephiroth released his own inside Cloud.

Their breathing was labor as Sephiroth hugged Cloud tightly. 'Are you alright?' Sephiroth asked anxiously. Sephiroth was worried that he might go overboard with Cloud just now. Cloud nodded his head and smiled. 'I was so looking forward to that, it felt great to be united with you as your lover, Sephiroth.'

Sephiroth's heart nearly stopped beating at that moment. Cloud was just too cute, he looked even more alluring after having sex. Sephiroth felt his cock getting hard once more, just when he was about to pull out. Cloud rested his hand gently on Sephiroth's arm. 'It's alright, Sephiroth, let's do it again. I am fine.' Sephiroth hesitated and he glanced at Cloud. Cloud merely smiled at him and hugged him as if waiting for Sephiroth to start moving.

'I love you so much, Cloud,' Sephiroth said as he captured Cloud's lips with his. Sephiroth began to move once more making Cloud moaned in delight. Cloud buried his hands inside Sephiroth's hair as Sephiroth rammed hard against Cloud. The mahogany table shook from the force of their love making.

Sephiroth reached orgasm again and he moaned as he released his seed. 'Oh, Cloud. Cloud, I love you.' Sephiroth took out his cock after that, he didn't think his young and fragile lover could withstand sex too many times although Cloud firmly insisted that he could.

'I love you too, Sephiroth,' Cloud murmured as he clung to Sephiroth. Cloud whole body felt weak after the love making but it was all worth it. Sephiroth took a look at his room and he couldn't help gave a growl of frustration. Great, all those time he spent on arranging the papers, now there were all over the place.

But one look at Cloud made everything alright, because finally Cloud was in his arms. 'I was blind to not have notice your feelings for me, I am sorry,' Sephiroth finally muttered as he caressed Cloud.

'I am sorry too. I was blind as well, for I didn't notice that all this time you still have feelings for me, I thought I was just a toy to you,' Cloud said.

'But now that we know how we feel against one another, I am not letting you go, Cloud, not now, not ever to anyone,' Sephiroth said in a serious tone. 'I promise you, from today on, I will take good care of you. I shall not let you come into any harm, I will protect you with my life.' Sephiroth raised Cloud's hand and kissed it with his lips as he stared with burning intensity into those sapphire eyes.

Cloud's heart gave a leap when he heard that. Cloud felt that it was almost too good to be true. 'Sephiroth!' Cloud burst out as he kissed the surprise Sephiroth on the lips. 'I will never let go of you too.'

Sephiroth grinned as he continued to kiss back Cloud, lacing his fingers with Cloud. How good would it be if this would last for eternity.

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