A Note From Sun Queen: Hey people! This is just a little break I'm taking from my other fic, Valkyries, (LOTR, R&R please!). It's a little intro, putting everyone's favourite pounceable elf into the world of Harry Potter. I'll continue it if I get reviews, so clicky clicky, tell me what you think!

Some characters are a little OCC, but that's the beauty of it, since I'm the Almighty Author-Chick and can make them do whatever I want. Don't worry, I'm not going to totally screw them up.

Lastly, this Legolas-Greenleaf-in-the-Harry-Potter-Universe-Fic was inspired by the brilliant story by Seroci, "Far Deeper Than Skin", also on this board. Go read it, I highly recommend it. All hail Seroci, whose fic I check for updates every day *hint, hint* :)

Disclaimer: JRR owns Legolas, god bless his elfy little heart, and JK owns everybody else.

I thrive on reviews, so let me know what you think. Flames will be used to light a signal fire, so you can tell me to my face why you think my writing sucks. Enjoy!


The lifetime of an immortal.

Eternal life is something truly amazing. The wonders that you see, the ecstasy that you feel, the number of times your heart shatters...I have experienced the most mind-blowing adventures, the most mindless terror, the purest love, the deepest anguish when you can feel your heart spiderwebbing with cracks.

These Elven eyes have beheld war, destruction, blood, battle, death and tears. Yet they've also seen love, life, laughter, and true miracles. They've also beheld things that go even beyond the comprehension of an immortal.

Such as this day.

My name is Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood, and I am deep in shit.