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The gym had long since emptied as Tory wheeled the last of dodge ball equipment into the gym storage room. The crate of dodge balls clanked against the bottom of the metal door frame as he entered the room.

His surroundings were cold and constructed of concrete with one small window high above. Normally, it's cold and clammy seeing how the room resembles a jail cell more than anyone would find comfortable, but when Tory's eye was caught by Colin's, the temperature of the room seemed to increase.

"Took you long enough," Colin teased.

His (ever ingenious) boyfriend had pulled down a mat from the wall and laid himself down on it, spreading himself out for Tory; hair mussed and body eager.

"If I knew that I would get this when I finished, I would be finished a lot sooner."

Tory kicked the door shit behind him and pushed a stray chair up against the knob. In three long strides, he was wrapping his arms around Colin's warm body and pulling him close against his chest. With the need of a kiss, Colin's hands travelled back into Tory's hair, using it as leverage to turn his body and connect their lips passionately.

As the lust increased, Colin's hips came to life; manoeuvring to grind against Tory's already hot groin, implying exactly what he wanted.

"Really Colin? We don't even have lube," Tory laughed, panting. He easily reached into Colin's shorts and massaged his already eager member, enticing a throaty moan from his partner.

With a red face and aching body, Colin managed to reply with a soft, "Doesn't…matter."

With a lusty moan, his grip on Troy tightened and stared intently into his emerald eyes.

"I need you Tory."

Tory grinned with excitement and instructed Colin to get on top of him. The black haired boy easily complied seeing how he just wanted Tory to do something to him.

In his haze of lust, he barely noticed Tory manoeuvring beneath him, until he felt eager hands tug at the elastic waistband of his gym uniform. On top of that, he didn't realize that after exhaling hot air sharply, a stiff member prodded him through Tory's own cloth uniform, demanding oral attention.

At times like these, Tory was grateful that they've done it so many times that Colin's first reaction was to orally pleasure the hot member presented to him. He covered it in wet, messy, passionate kisses until he could feel Tory's pulse pound deep and low from it, signally its impending release.

When Colin himself began to reach his own limits, he turned and panted "Tory, I'm going to—"

And Tory sucked hard.

"What were you saying, love?"

Colin blushed and glared at him, frustrated he was cut off. "I hate you," but his hatred was short lived once Tory recommenced the lustful treatments to Colin's member while Colin did his best to keep up, sucking and licking the entire shaft to the best of his exhausted ability.

Before he knew it, Tory's hot seed was pouring into his mouth and down his well-trained throat.

After awkwardly shuffling to spoon Colin, Tory exhaled from exhaustion and began to drift off to sleep.

Until he realized that if they didn't get up and leave, they'd be locked in the school for the night, but that wasn't that bad. No one would be in the school to hear Colin screaming his name.

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