Hello! This story came about in quite an interesting way... a friend and I were discussing plot ideas for Criminal Minds, I had her laptop and started writing (the beginning you will hopefully go on to read shortly) and decided our little idea would become a one shot. As I was writing the one shot, it slowly evolved into an idea for a short chapter fic... OK, maybe it's not that interesting... but the story is! So, with out further ado, Read, Enjoy, Review ^_^


Tackle My Heart

Reid grunted as his lithe body collided with the hard ground below, feeling his bones crunch beneath him at the sudden contact. Pain exploded from his hip up across his back, and he found himself gasping for the air that had been knocked from him. Wide brown doe eyes connected with those of the male hovering above him, pinning him to the cold wood below. They lay there for a moment before Reid, regulating his breathing, pushed the much heavier male off with a groan.

"What the hell, Morgan!" The darker male grinned, dragging himself to his feet and offering a hand to the embarrassed man, who swatted it away.

"C'mon, Pretty Boy, it's not my fault you suck at the defensive stance."

"I had my back turned!"

"Never turn your back on an UnSub."

"You're not an UnSub! You're MORGAN!" Morgan's smirk didn't falter as he watched his flustered co worker stumble to his feet and sulk from the training gym, glowering with fierceness and venom of a new born kitten.

"And it's that kind of attitude that gets you in trouble all the time." A now indignant new born kitten.

"I am not in trouble all the time!" the elder profiler just snorted in reply, making his way into the bullpen where the rest of the team, who had evidently heard that last comment from Reid, were staring at them with raised eyebrows. "What?" Hotch cleared his throat, a signal for everyone to go back to what they were doing – which they immediately acknowledged. Pouting, the young genius made his way to his own desk after grabbing his sugar laced coffee from the break room, wincing as he sat. Prentiss coughed suggestively

"And what have you two been up to?" receiving only grumbles from the skinny brunette, she switched her gaze to Morgan, whose grin still hadn't faded.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"Ooooooh its like THAT is it?" She teased, wiggling her eyebrows and causing the only just calmed Dr Reid to blush

"What? No! W-we were just tackling!"

"Is that what they're calling it now? 'Tackling'?" Morgan chuckled as he watched the banter between his two co workers, debating when he should step in, otherwise Hotch would appear from no where to reprimand them (As Hotch was inclined to do on a rainy afternoon in the office)

"Emily! Morgan was just teaching me-"

"I'm sure Morgan could teach you a lot." The genius seemed to calm, and Morgan felt the conversation coming to a soft end

"Well... not really... I already have most of the knowledge, he just offered to help with the practical aspect- ...why are you laughing?" Or not. Morgan joined the cackling that filled the bullpen as Spencer's face reddened in realisation, and Emily fell off of her chair in stitches.

"Ok, Ok, that's enough" Morgan panted, waiting for Emily's laughter to subside "I was just trying to teach Reid how to defend himself." Both girl and genius began to relax as Morgan clarified the issue "Besides, come on Emily, if I was going to take anyone to the gym for those reasons, don't you think I'd have better taste than Reid?" the laughter had stopped completely now, but Morgan didn't notice Emily's eyes narrow at him, and the hurt in Reid's puppy gaze.

"You call him Pretty Boy-"

"Yeah, but I like my bones with a bit of meat on them. And preferably some hot curves..." Then, grinning good naturedly, he had to add "I'm not keen on the 'walking encyclopedia' type."

"We get your point, Morgan!" Reid snapped, rising to his feet "I do not need you to point out my every inadequacy and shove it in my face!" Emily watched as Reid left the bullpen, before turning furiously to Morgan.

"What was that all about?"

"Beats me. Guess he was a little-"

"Not him! You!" the dark male seemed dazed before looking at his coworker in a puzzled manner


"Yes, You! You know how sensitive Reid is about himself. And 'Walking Encyclopedia'! I thought you were supposed to be his best friend!" standing abruptly, Emily set off in search of her distressed friend, knowing full well the part she played in his upset, and feeling guilty as ever. After checking the break room, and peaking into JJs office, Emily decided to see if she couldn't persuade Garcia to check the security system in order to find the brunette…

"He said that?" The usually unwavering woman winced as she came to the conclusion Garcia already knew what was going on. Cracking the door open, she slipped into Garcia's lair before quietly shutting the door behind her

"Reid, there you are! I wanted to apologise-" she couldn't bring herself to continue as a pair of puffy red eyes glanced up at here… Reid had been crying? "Spencer… I…"

"Emily!" Jumping, said female stood to attention "Just the person I wanted to see!"

"Garcia, I didn't mean to-"

"Tell me that my chocolate Adonis did NOT just be mean to my baby genius!"

"He was out of line, I'm sure he's sorry, Spencer, I'm sorry I didn't mean to-"

"He doesn't have to be sorry… its not his fault I'm-"

"DON'T say it, Spencer! You are NOT inadequate, you are perfect, he was just being a jerk."

"Am I missing something?" Prentiss watched as the eccentric blonde turned to their young friend. He just nodded miserably, to which Garcia forced Emily to sit and checked outside the door to see if the coast was clear before offering an explanation.

"Ok, Emily, this information can NOT leave the three of us, you are hereby sworn to secrecy and if you were to compromise this promise I shall do unspeakable things to your credit rating,"

"Ok, ok, I promise!" Spencer looked as if he had lost the will to live as Garcia whispered his secret to Prentiss.

"...No way..." the blonde nodded "So... Reid... Spencer... is gay?"

"Bisexual" Spencer corrected, only to be brushed off

"And he's in love with Morgan? ...I didn't see that one coming..." A thought crossed her mind, and Emily was suddenly reminded of her own part in Spencer's harsh 'rejection'. "Spencer..."

"So here is the plan, my lovelies!"

"Plan?" The pair exclaimed in unison, staring at Penelope

"Yes, plan. If our darling Derek can't see what he's missing out on, we'll have to make him see..."


"Hush, Baby Genius, and listen. My plan will succeed in one of two things: Making Derek Morgan fall hopelessly in love with you or realise his love for you, or help you to move on and find someone to be happy with."


"But? Can you see fault in my plan? Trust me, Spencer, you're something special and you deserve to be happy. 5 steps, that's all, and if after 5 steps my plan hasn't worked, you can back out."


"Besides- wait... what?"

"Ok." Penelope smiled and looked to Emily, who nodded her agreement. Together, these girls were going to change Spencer's life. They just didn't know how big the change would be just yet.

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