The Shocking Discovery

Set after Season 8 Episode 7: Broken Arrow

Down in the lab...

Abigail Scuito was pacing up and down the lab with her favorite drink called Caf Pow! in her hand. Why was she pacing up and down in her lab? Well the reason why is because the other day when Abby walked up the stairs that lead to MTAC to tell her boss, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs that she found something. After that, this is why she's pacing up and down her lab... He kissed her on the cheek but it wasn't like the other kisses he gave her on the cheek over the years because this kiss on the cheek had an effect on her.

Abby has known Gibbs since she started working for NCIS and ever since then she thought of Gibbs as her father because he is always there for her when she needs someone to talk to and she's always there for him. But lately, she's been feeling that he's more than just a father figure to her so she's going down to autopsy where Doctor Donald 'Ducky' Mallard is to talk to him about it.


When she stepped into autopsy, Ducky was beginning to cut some organs out of their latest victim that was found dead a couple of hours ago.

"Hey, Duckman?" Said Abby as she walked over to the table where Ducky was

Ducky puts the cutting tool that he uses to cut into the bodies with down and he looked up "Yes, my dear?"

"I've got a problem and no its not another stalker if that's what you're thinking." Said Abby

They walked over to his desk and he brought two cups of tea one for her and one for him. He sat down next to her.

"What seems to be the problem?" Said Ducky as he took a drink of the tea

"Well I... uh" Said Abby because she was nervous

"Abigail, what is it?" Said Ducky

"Oh alright. I think I may have feelings for uh Jethro." Said Abby as she looked down into her cup of tea

"Oh my." said Ducky and he starts to carefully wipe his glasses

At that moment Gibbs is entering autopsy...

"Oh god. I hope he didn't hear what I said to Ducky about him" Said Abby talking to herself and then she took her last drink of tea. "I'mma go back to my lab and see if we have a match yet" Said Abby to Ducky as she walked out of the autopsy

"What do we got Duck?" Said Jethro as he walked over to the table with the lifeless body on it

"Sign of head trumra. There's bruises along the knuckles that are aleast a week old." Said Ducky as he put the victim's hand back down on the table

"Then she was abused" Said Jethro

"I'm afraid so." Said Ducky as he looked down at the victim

"Thanks Duck" Said Jethro as he walked out of the room

Up in the Squad Room...

The three agents: Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo Jr, Ziva David, and Timothy 'Tim' McGee are standing by the big screen looking at the victim's profile.

"Her name is Petty Officer Jessica Shankman, been in the Navy for 3 1/2 years, lives on base, not married, and no kids." Said DiNozzo

"Before the Navy, she worked as a waitress at a restaurant called 'Firefly' and her parents died when she was 10." Said Ziva

"She has a older brother named Zachary Evans, married, and 1 kid. He lives in Virgina and owns a car dealer ship." Said McGee

By that time, Gibbs walks into the bullpen

"DiNozzo, you and David go to the restaurant and find out if she was seeing anybody before she left for the Navy." Said Gibbs as he walked over to his desk

"On it, Boss!" Said Tony as he grabbed his badge and his gun and Ziva followed him to the elevator

"McGee, go down to the lab and see if Abby needs help." Said Gibbs

"Yes, Boss." Said McGee as he got up from his desk and walked over to the elevator

For somewhat minutes later, Tony and Ziva arrived at the restaurant where Jessica was working at before she joined the Navy.

Inside the restaurant, there was about 20 to 30 people sitting at the tables or booths that has white table cloths on it completed with silver ware wrapped in black napkins. The walls were pained sky blue and at the top there are carvings that Gibbs would find interesting. In the middle of the walls, there are a lot of paintings like 'The Starry Night' painted by the famous Vincent Van Gogh.

Tony and Ziva walk up to the cashier

"I'm Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo and this is Officer David" Said Tony as they both showed their NCIS badges to the cashier "We wanna talk to your boss."

The cashier was in his late 30s, Caucasian, light brown hair, little bit shorter than Tony, and had green eyes.


Gibbs walks into the lab with Caf Pow in his hand

"Whattda got Abs?" Said Gibbs as he puts the Caf Pow on the desk where the computer is.

Abby picked up the container that held the bullet inside "40' Caliber, Gibbs. Also the fibers on Jessica's clothes have traces of pcp."

"She took it orderly. McGee?" Said Gibbs as he took the container that held the bullet from Abby to examine it.

McGee was searching through Jessica's phone and credit card records.

"Uh, Boss? I found something." Said McGee as he highlighted the most calls from the same number.

Gibbs and Abby walk over to the computer where McGee is.

"In the phone records, this number has shown up several times." Said McGee as he began to being up the credit card info next. "And I checked to see if any activity has been happening.."

"Get to the point, McGee." Said Gibbs as he took a drink of his coffee

"Right, anyways someone named Robert Pattinson has been taking money out." Said McGee

"Address?" Said Gibbs

"Right here Boss." Said McGee as he waved a green stickienote with the address in the air

"With me" Said Gibbs as he and McGee walked out of the lab.

Back with Tony and Ziva...

They are sitting in the Manager's office talking to the Boss to get some information about Jessica.

"Was Jessica seeing anybody while she was working here?" Said Ziva as she just finished writing information about Jessica that the Manager gave her on a notepad.

The Manager was in his 30s, had hazel eyes, about 5' 6" , and had brown hair.

"She didn't mention anyone. But she did bring a couple of guys in here, maybe they were friends from high school." Said the Manager

"Did she say anything about them?" Said Tony

"Um, no. But I remember some of the names who she brought in here." Said the Manager

The Manager tells Tony and Ziva some of the names and a description of what the guys look like.

Tony and Ziva stood up from their seats

"If you can think of anything else, please give me a call." Said Tony as he pulled out a business card and gave it to the Manager

"Alright, no problem." Said the Manager

Tony and Ziva walked out of the Manager's office; walks out of the restaurant, goes over to the NCIS issued car, gets in, and drove off.

To Be Continued...

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