The Shocking Discovery Chapter 14

Previously on NCIS...

A doctor comes rushing out into the waiting room and you could hear commotion in the hallway behind the doors.

"Is Agent Gibbs here?"

The team stood up and Gibbs walks over to the doctor.

"How's Abby?"


Abby was lying on the hospital bed clutching her stomach and groaning from the pain.

A nurse named Fran Fine; 25 walks into the room with an ultrasound machine. First she hooks the machine up and then she uses the call button to ask for the doctor.

A few minutes later...

A tall skinny doctor with black hair and hazel eyes walks into the room with a clipboard.

"Hello my name is Dr. Sheffield. What seems to be the problem?" Asked the doctor with an British accent

"The patient's stomach is hurting really bad and its getting worse" Answered Nurse Fran

"What would you rate the pain from 1 to 10?"

"Its more like a 20... Ow!" Said Abby, holding her stomach as a sharp pain came

Dr. Sheffield walks over to the side of the bed; lifts up Abby's shirt and starts to feel her stomach. After a few minutes, Dr. Sheffield looks at the nurse with a very confused expression.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm not sure. Bring the ultrasound machine over here." Replied Dr. Sheffield

So, Nurse Fran brings the machine over to the bed; plugs it into the wall and turns it on. Then Dr. Sheffield grabs the wand; puts the gel onto it and slowly puts the want on Abby's stomach. While Dr. Sheffield moves the wand around; he didn't see anything at first, but when he moved the wand to the side, you could hear a tiny heartbeat.

"oh dear god" Exclaimed Dr. Sheffield

"Is that what I think it is?" Asked Abby with her eyes wide open in disbelief

Dr. Sheffield was too shocked to say anything at first, but then he looked at the ultrasound.

"Looks like you're... 38 weeks." Said Dr. Sheffield as he got closer to the screen

"What?! But that's 9 months. That can't be right" Exclaimed Abby as she looked at the screen

Sure enough, you could see the head, arms, legs, and the rest of the body.

Abby's head was spinning with millions of questions at once.

"I'm gonna have a baby! I'm gonna be a mom!"

Then all of a sudden, she went into panic mode.

"I'm not ready for this! I can't do this!", "No I'm not ready! Where's Gibbs?"

She's scared that Gibbs would leave her and she knows he won't, but she just needs to hear it from him. How's the team going to react to this sudden news? Everything in her life will change for her. Her apartment isn't made for children and the child can't sleep in the coffin.

While all of these worries and questions were spinning around in her head, Abby asked the nurse to go into the waiting room to get Gibbs.

In the waiting room, everyone was sitting down except for Gibbs. Instead of sitting down like the rest of the team, he was pacing back and forth worrying about what's wrong with Abby. The team knew how special Abby was to Gibbs and if something was to happen to her, he would probably end up like how would Ziva put it? A grizzly bear or maybe even worse.

Nurse Fran walks down the hallway and into the waiting room.

"Agent Gibbs, come with me, please."

Gibbs follows the nurse to Abby's room. When they get to her room, Gibbs wants to rush right to her and hug her, but she looks so distressed, he just stands by her side. She looks up at him and tries to talk, but she stops herself. He sits down and takes her hand and tells her to relax cause it's just him. Then she'd bit her lip.

"Remember about 9 months ago?"


"I'm not sick. Not at all... But we're going to be parents."

Gibbs is shocked


True or False: A baby can smile within the womb



"I'm pregnant, Gibbs. You're going to be a dad again."

Then he's quite because he starts having flashbacks of Shannon, Kelly, and everything.

Abby wonder's if he's okay.

"I didn't know until today... I was as shocked as you."

"When is the baby due?"

All of a sudden, Abby starts to get an contraction.

"Soon. Really soon!"

Gibbs hugs and kisses her

"I'll be here. Every step of the way. We're doing this together."

"Are you really happy?"

"Still can't believe this is happening, but yes. Of course I am."

She smiles and she's relieved that he's happy.

Then another contraction hits and nurse Fran comes in.

"We must get you to the other room. You're almost ready now."

Abby's still breathing heavily, Gibbs stroking her head.

"Congratulations! It's a girl!" Said Dr. Sheffield


Gibbs walks into the waiting room and goes to where the team is.

"How is she?! Is everything okay?" Asked Tony

Gibbs sighs and looks very happy

"Yes. They're both okay."

"Both?" Asked McGee, confused

Gibbs can't stop smiling

"It's along story. Come and see her yourself!"

The team looked puzzled, looking at each other. They hurry after Gibbs.

Once they got to Abby's room; the team couldn't believe their eyes at what Abby was holding.

"Whose baby is it?" Asked Tony, after he got over the shock

"Ours." Replied Abby as she looks up at Gibbs by her side


Ziva points between Gibbs and Abby

"Ours? As in the two of you? … As in you and Gibbs?"


"So, Abs, you're gonna become Mrs. Gibbs now? As they say, fifth time's a charm, right, Boss? Don't think about ever getting a divorce though. This one might just kill you. And without leaving any forensic evidence."

Everyone still can't quite believe that Abby and Gibbs now have a baby. Tony was happy. Ziva was thrilled once the shock was gone. Ducky was just jolly happy for them. On the other hand, McGee wasn't too thrilled nor happy so he was just uncomfortable, but he told them congratulations.

"Don't worry about divorces, Tony. We're not even married. Yet. Besides, if he'd ever mention it, I'd just cuff him to the bed." Replied Abby

"Too much information, Abs." Whispered Gibbs

Abby giggles

"Eh right" Said Tony, totally dumbstruck

Everybody else laughs

"So, what's the baby's name?" Asked Tony

Gibbs and Abby look at each other and smiles.

"Isabella Caitlin Gibbs."


The team leaves when nurse Fran practically pushes them out. Gibbs and Abby looks at the baby in her arms. Abby yawns and he tells her to get some sleep.

"Yeah." Said Abby as she gives the baby to Gibbs "Baby girl, time to go to daddy."

Gibbs gives her a quick kiss. She goes to sleep almost instantly and he walks to the window looking at the baby, smiling and thinking. He's feeling so grateful for having her.

Later, he sits with the baby and looks over at Abby, thinking how grateful he is for her too.

Well this is the last chapter to the story. I hoped you enjoyed it. There's gonna be an Epilogue soon. So please stay tuned...

P.S. My next story is going to be about (drum roll please)... Tony and Ziva:)