No place for jokes.

John Sheppard.

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Tag to "Common Ground".

Spoilers: None.

Rating: K.

Warnings: none.

Summary: Thoughts of a prisoner.

"Chose the way you want to die!"

"Well, i prefer to die of old age."

Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard smiled wryly at old memory and with a grunt shifted position on cold, hard floor. His back hurt. Those were good old times – young boy with eyes glued to TV, giggling at back-and-forth between cockily grinning hero and pompous, blustering villain. He was a hero, right? And he would love to use this one-liner some day. Of course if he did, his current captor would be extatic to oblige – and he certainly had means for was fairly sure none of script authors met...heck, imagined a Wraith. These creatures really drained fun out of old joke. Life in Pegasus just sucked this way. He couldn't even hope for leggy, shapely formed blonde falling for him and slipping cell key into his hand. Sheppard snickered quietly imagining reaction of typical femme fatale laying eyes on wrinkled ruin of USAF Colonel he became. He also really hoped that such thoughts were result of enzyme buzz, and not dementia prematurely settling in his brain. Though senility would explain his lack of success with planning a daring escape, dang it. Oh well, stiff joints and atrophied muscles weak like overcooked pasta didn't bode well for such activities anyway. Another thing no action hero had to deal with. And of course his co-prisoner was of absolutely no use. John shot distasteful glare towards dark window connecting two cells. Nothing, not even gleam of hungry eyes. Meeting such passive, broken Wraith would be nice in every other circumstances – now it was annoying and disappointing.

"You will be the death of me."

Damn. Damndamndamn.

He HAD to do something. Escape. Rob Kolya of victory by forcing his lackeys to kill him. Anything. Before his friends become desperate enough to try to save his life by doing something stupid. Or before Wraith will drain last spark of his life in front of Elizabeth and his team. He didn't even want to think what Ronon would do to any Genii in his reach then. And what Rodney would react. Deaths of Gall and Abrams still haunted scientists dreams – he heard enough during many nights in camps offworld. Teyla would certainly blame herself for taking them to Genii world all these months ago. Elizabeth...she already blamed herself for everything. Every injury, death and mishap only added to her burden. He hated to think that his death could be this last straw to break her strenght and resolve. She would do the right thing, he was sure of this one thing – but at what price?

Echo carried clatter of keys opening the doors in the distance. Sheppard hung his head groaning softly.

"Faster guys. Im not getting any younger."

Yup, it was official now: Pegasus Galaxy was SO not the place to make such jokes.

The End.