Author's Note:

OK, as you all have noticed, I've sorta dropped this story, because as time goes on, I believe (and I'm just assuming) that a lot of you may have switched sides to Valduggery. At least, I hope. Ever since book 6… Anyway, I assume that most of you reading this have most probably forgotten the existence of this story, and could really care less about it.

No offense, but I do to.

Nonetheless, I continue to get reviews to this day.

And there's a shout out to someone very special to me. Mind you, their name escapes me, because they didn't have the balls to actually sign in to their ever-so-apparent account, and just tell me who they are. Anyway, this is a message from o.o

"o.o:The fact that you are getting to publish a book is a sin as your Fanfiction is terrible and very clique. You sound like some silly fangirl."

Now, although I always take into account to people's opinions, and I usually don't say this to strangers, but you can suck it. In truth, at this point, I don't care if your true identity is the daughter of Obama. You just messed with the wrong girl. And when you grow up in the South, a lotta hell comes way to those who mess with us.

And, by the way, o.o, did you ever think that what you say may hurt people? Now, if you were actually a writer, that you would've been more discreet. And what I mean by that, is that you would've thought things through before you said something just downwright rude.

And lastly, if I'm some "silly fangirl" as you say, then how did I write a 385 page book amidst all the swooning that I had over my great love and devotion to Skulduggery Pleasant?

Anyway, present yourself as lucky. You happened to insult just a teenager. But, unlike you, I know enough science, and philosophy that the natural reaction to something you aint got is jealousy.

Back to the story at hand, I just wanted to tell you all that I am now writing on a joint-account with two of my mates, one abroad, and the other one who lives here in the U. account's name is Dakotah Rowan, so…. Yeah, please check it out!

I love y'all!