Alanna opened her eyes; she was in a small, dark room with a single lamp burning in one of the corners. She sat up and looked around, she had been locked in a cage!
"Jon!" Alanna called. "Thayet! Raoul! George! Daine! Numair! Is anyone there?"
She got no answer accept for the whistling of the wind from outside and her own breathing and heartbeat. Alanna sighed and cupped her palms together in front of her chest. She concentrated, trying to create a ball of light so that she could see better, but her Gift would not work! Something was definitely wrong! Alanna leaned back in the cage and closed her eyes. In her mind, she saw Jon, Thayet, Thom, George, Raoul, Daine, Numair and Raoul all lying in the sand in their own pools of blood; they were all dead. Alanna opened her eyes; they couldn't all be dead, could they?
"Ah, the Lioness has finally woken up, I see." A voice said from somewhere in the darkness.
"Who's there?" Alanna demanded, reaching for her sword only to find that it, as well as all of her other weapons, was gone from her belt.
"Oh, Don't you remember me? I don't see how you could forget someone like me." The voice said.
A man stepped out of the shadows and into the lamplight. Alanna violet eyes widened; Duke Roger, her greatest enemy, stood in front of her. How could he be alive? Alanna had killed him twice! Once when Duke Roger had sent the Sweating Sickness to Tortall and tried to kill Jonathan so that he could be King and when Alanna's brother, Thom, has resurrected Duke Roger and he had killed Thom by stealing his Gift. How had Duke Roger been resurrected again? Who had brought him back for the third time?
"Oh, and don't worry about your friends, they're all alive and well." Roger said. "They are all in the dungeon waiting to be saved by their precious Lioness. I've taken all of their weapons and powers just as I've taken yours. They don't stand a chance. I've also called on every immortal with the ability to kill and your friends will meet them shortly. You will watch them all die a slow and painful death, you won't be able to help them without your Gift or any of your weapons. You'll be helpless and so will they."
Alanna spat at Roger's feet, her violet eyes blazing, angrily.
"Oh no, have I made you angry?" Roger sneered, smiling evilly at his captive.
Then Roger left the room. Alanna had to find a way out and she had to save her friends from being killed!

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