~Six Months Later~
Kel held her new-born baby daughter, Hannah, in her arms. Cleon smiled at his wife and they cooed over their child.
"You did good work, Lady Alanna." Ilane of Mindelan, Kel's mother, said to Alanna.
"Thank you, Lady Ilane." Alanna replied as she washed her hands free of blood.
Alanna had delivered Kel and Cleon's baby for them just minutes before.
"Lady Alanna, can I talk to you?" Jonathan asked from the doorway.
Alanna nodded and walked over to her King.
"What is it, Jon?" Alanna asked as she wiped her hands on her breeches.
"Thayet wishes to speak with you." Jonathan replied. "I'm not sure what about."
Alanna nodded and followed Jonathan into his study where Thayet was waiting. Jonathan left the two women alone and Alanna closed the door behind him.
"What is it, Thayet?" Alanna asked, sitting down next to her friend at the table.
"I was wondering, do you know if you're going to be free for a while?" Thayet replied.
"Why? Is there something that you wanted me to do, my lady?"
"Yes, actually there is." Thayet said. "Alanna, I really wish you wouldn't be so formal with me."
Then Thayet stood up and walked over to the door that connected Jonathan's study with Jonathan and Thayet's chambers. A young girl entered the room. The girl bowed to Thayet and Alanna, gracefully.
"Alanna, this is Gabriella of Stone Mountain. She is Joren of Stone Mountain's sister." Thayet explained after seeing Alanna's confused expression. "I was wondering if you would train her to become a knight?"
"Me?" Alanna cried, standing up. "Why can't Padraig HaMinch train her?"
"Alanna, please, don't get upset." Thayet pleaded. "It was just a suggestion."
Alanna looked down at the girl. She was a head shorter than Alanna and she had blonde hair that went to the middle of her back and she had blue eyes. Gabriella was well-built for her size and her blue eyes were full of determination.
"I will bring honor to the Crown." Gabriella said. "I will not let you down, Lioness."
Then Gabriella left the room, bowing to both of the women once more. Once she had left the room and closed the door, Alanna turned to look at Thayet, her eyes wide.
"You want ME to train her?" Alanna asked, again. "Why me?"
"You will know how to train her properly." Thayet replied. "She possesses the Healer's Gift, Alanna. You will know how to train her better than anyone else."
"I still don't understand, Thayet. The palace has teachers for the Gift. They will teach her how to use her Gift and Padraig HaMinch will train her to become a knight. Why do you want me to train her? Be honest with me, there's something you're not telling me, Thayet."
Thayet sighed. "Alanna, she will be ridiculed. Her brother was not well-respected after his trial for capturing Lalasa Isran and her family was not well-respected after Joren was killed in the Chamber of the Ordeal because Burchard of Stone Mountain showed so much hate toward Keladry of Mindelan. If you train her, no one will say anything bad about her because you are so well-respected here in Tortall."
"Oh, Thayet, all right, I'll train her." Alanna said.
Thayet smiled and hugged her friend. Then Alanna left the room and went back into Kel and Cleon's chambers. Kel and Hannah were asleep and Cleon was reading.

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