So, I was sitting at home one day when I got a call from my dance instructor Mrs. Minx. She said that I needed to come to the studio right away. I grabbed my purple dance bad with my name prettily written on the side. I screamed down the stairs, "Mom I'm needed at the studio, love you bye." "Have fun Chloe, Love you too!." she replied. I started walking when a large red bus passed. They were turning into the parking lot of the studio, and out came a guy with shortish brown hair, and a purple hoodie, but that was all I could see. I kept walking eventually crossing the street not paying attention to the boy or anyone else, but me. I made it to the studio, and Mrs. Minx was waiting for me. She asked me if I could change into my dance clothes, and run my best routine. Without asking questions, I went and did what I was asked. Afterwards she asked me how I felt about myself. My reply was, "I feel like I never have before, it's nice to come and just dance." "Chloe you did more than just dance, you put your heart into and worked it." Mrs. Minx started waving her hand, and from the view room out came Usher and the one boy I saw earlier, with two other boys.

"Hi, I'm Usher," he said putting out his hand for me to shake it. "Hi, my name is Chloe." I replied shaking his hand. "This is one of my clients Justin." "Hi." I said starting to feel nervous. "Hey, dude when you call me a client that's weird." I started laughing and Justin introduced me to the other two boys. "This is Ryan, and Chaz, I'll let them say more if they want." he said. "Hello, I'm Ryan and right now I can see me and you tonight at the fancy restraunt down the road at 8," he said. "Well, I hate to disappoint you but-" he cut me off, "Aww man you have a boyfriend don't you." "No, but I don't have any time with rehearsals, and family." I said. "Oh, I see well then it'll happen one day." Okay it's true I started feeling my face get hot when my cheeks turned bright red. He started laughing and said, "Alright, I got a winner." I started laughing then and the boy named Chaz walked up to me. "Hello, I'm Chaz, and I think you're pretty." "Thanks," I said smiling. "Boys you're really going to have a hard time getting her she's been through way too much." said Mrs. Minx. "Anything she's been through, I probably been through worse." said Justin kind of stuck up like he was jealous. "I think someone is jelly," I said. "Mmmm jelly's good," he said with a smirk. "Well we'll get some later, lets talk business now JB," said Usher. "Okay, lets start this." "Don't get hyper now, it's not like you trying to impress anyone, but you look stupid," said Usher with slight amusement.

"Well, I don't know just about all of the guys have been hitting on me, maybe he just needs One Less Lonely Girl," I said with a slight smirk on my face and humor in my voice. "Haha yeah like I really need One Less Lonely Girl, maybe it's the opposite-" but I cut him off, "Eww, I'm not gay or lesbian dude that's gross." I said, with Ryan and Chaz laughing in the back. "Very funny, you know maybe we should hang out some time," he said with a serious look and precision. "Yeah, like I said before, I think you just need someone." Then my phone started going off singing: Baby Baby Baby Ohhh!

"Uh huh, I told you," said Justin. "You didn't say anything," said Ryan with a confused look. "Yeah well, you know." "Bieber I might like your music, but that means nothing." "Ha I win," said Ryan with pure pleasure on his face. "Well Ryan I may owe you, but she owes me so I win," said Justin. Confused I just walked away and turned on my ipod. The song Act A Fool, by Ludacris came on and I started dancing. "Just can't stop," said Justin smiling real big the most beautiful smile I've seen. My phone started vibrating and going off again. I checked the screen and it was my friend Terrie calling me. She seemed urgent when I called.

M- Hello

T- Hey, Chloe have you been down to the studio lately, because I just passed, and I saw Justin Bieber's tour bus!

M- Yeah I'm here nowT- OMG! Are you guys talking, tell me the details

M- Later, and yeah we did but now I'm rehearsing I got to go

T- Bye chicky but your telling me later.


"Who was that?" I jumped and turned around. "Eavesdropping I see." "No, but can't a guy be curious about what his new backup dancer is up to?" he asked with puppy dog eyes. "Privacy," I said and started again. I danced my little heart out in the words of Mrs. Minx. Justin watched carefully then whispered something to the guys. Mrs. Minx was showing me a new routine when Justin started walking this way. Once again my phone went off, but it sang Woah Oh (Me vs. Everyone) by: FTSK. It was my mom.

M- Hello

Mom- Hey honey, I'm letting you know that I have to go in for work tonight and probably won't be back until tomorrow afternoon.

M- Okay thats fine, I'll make dinner and have leftovers for lunch tomorrow and if there isn't anything left I'll make you lunch, and have fun at work, I have to go.

The call was cut short, due to her having to go, and me practicing. "So Chloe, will you be able to maybe go for a concert tonight with me, you don't have to preform just yet, but look at what the routine is?" asked Justin obviously flirting with me. "Sure but that means I get to hang in the back with the boys right?" I asked stupidly. "YES!" screamed Ryan from the back. "Slow your hormnes," Chaz yelled to Ryan in that back. I started to laugh and you could tell that the boys were having a competition. "Well sorry to have to say bye, but I have to go home and make dinner then i gues the concert cause I'm home till noon tomorrow then my mom comes home, and I have dance." I said heading towards the locker room. I changed and was just about to leave the building when Justin came up to me and handed me my phone. "I think you're going to be needing this," he said handing me my phone. "Smooth move, I know what you did, I'm not stupid." Hysterical laughter came out of the back where I was headed to leave. When I was halfway home Justin's bus stopped and he came out and said," I'll meet you at the dance studio at 7:30 so we can go to the concert."

I rushed home after that last run-in with him. I plugged in my Ipod and listened to a few songs then realized it was 5:45 I had an hour to get ready then a little ways of a walk to get to the studio. I started by changing into this .com/cgi/set?id=28626758 and curled my hair and set off. I was at the studio around 7:25 so I started singing. Then Justin pulled up. "Wow you look good." "Thanks, a girl knows how to clean up after a long day." "Where have you been my whole life?" "I'm sorry what was that?" I asked but no reply. "Where's Ryan?" I asked. "He's on his bunk in the back." "Thanks, and if you wanna know the truth you aint bad," I said walking towards the bakc. Yes it was true I like Jusin, But Ryan on the other hand I liked more. So I walked to the back and I found Ryan. "Hey sleeping beauty, wake up." "Give me five more minutes Justin, I got to see if I kiss her." "Who? Kiss wko?" I asked messing with him. "Chloe, remeber I told you, oh," he said waking up and looking at me. "Hi," I said. "Hey, how long have you exactly been standing there?" he asked with Justin laughing behind me. "Long enough, and can you sit up maybe I want to sit with you," I said sitting next to him. He looked at me funny, and then said," Oh so now you choose to like me." "Maybe, and since when have you cared?" "Since I first met you." "So sweet now get up and get a move on it." I walked over to the table and sat next to Justin. "Hey gorgeous." "What's up with all you guys liking me, I used to be the most unpopular person ever, and now out of the blue I'm cool." "I'm sure it wasn't that bad." "Okay, well then you skate?" "Yeah some what, you?" "Yes I have a new board in my room," I said excited.

"Justin! Come on man, time to get dressed," said an unfarmiliar voice. "Okay Kenny, be back beautiful," he said, and my face turned a bright shade of pink. "I'll be here." "That's a good thing." "Hello, I'm Chloe," I said to Kenny. "What's up." "Nothing man just trying to get these boys off me," I said in a voice that sounded like a strangers. "Yeah they get like that around pretty girls," he said really friendly. Justin came back in this .com/cgi/set?id=28631766. We were off Ryan and Chaz were doing who knows what but they had outfits similar to Justin's on but different colors. Ryan's was purple, and Chaz's was red. They looked good and we sat down on a couch that was in the bus. We made it to the place where he was preforming. We walked out and we ran into the building. There was a table,couch, and such in the back and we all sat down except Justin who had to get ready. "So I like the purple you have going on," said Ryan. "Well I try, and like your shirt." I got up and walked to the nearest bathroom. When I came out Ryan was standing at the door. He was making really funny faces, he quickly pushed me aside and ran in. "What was that all about?" "When he has to use the bathroom, but holds it for a long time he gets that way," said Chaz sounding amused. Well I've gone a few hours I guess it couldn't hurt to find something to eat. Before I left I asked everyone else, and Ryan and Chaz tagged along with me. To blend in with fans we had to wear wristbands, but ours were purple indicating that we were V.I.P.

We walked down to the concession stands and got some cheeseburgers. We walked back to the back, and started to eat when Justin said something about dancing. Then he came backstage and pulled me on stage. I was practically running with him to center stage. He said,"This is my new back-up dancer Chloe." I walked closer to the mic and said,"Hi." I was starting to become shy. "She's gonna be preforming at my next concert, but I gotta let her go so he can wrap thid thig up" he said, with alot of girls chatter in the air. I started for backstage again, and sadly did the WORST thing ever. I tripped and fell on my face, and everyone but Justin (who didn't see), and the giys backstage. Justin turned around and freaked out. He rushed to me and all I said was, "I'm fine just get someone to look at it." He did and I was rushed to the hospital, the rest of Justin's concert was canceled so he could support a teammate. The paramedics in the back of the truck were checking my face asking if certain parts hurt, then they touched my nose and I screamed real loud. "Yep, well son her nose is broken," said one of them to Justin. "Okay how can I help her?" he asked. I closed my eyes and missed the rest of the conversation. Next thing you know I'm awake and in a hospital bed. "So how bad is it?" I asked in a sort of drugged-up voice. "It's broken." "WHAT'S BROKEN!" "You fell, and broke your nose," said Justin in a very caring voice. "Well that's great I'm going to look stupid dancing in front of your fans now after that," I said. "I'll talk to them," he said. "Thanks, you know you're a pretty cool guy." "Thanks, and your not so bad yourself," he said smiling. I smiled back, but thought this shouldn't be happening, I'm his back-up it's wrong. "Well the doc said you get out when you want." "Well, I should spend the night," I said. "Are you serious, all you did was break your nose, and it shouldn't be that sore tomorrowl just spend the night on the bus with us," he said kind of cocky.

"Okay, I mean it's just one night, and you're like my only friends." "Wait, what do you mean only friends?" asked Justin. "Well, when I auditioned for the dance team, my friends were so excited because they were auditioning too, and out of all my friends and me I was the only one who made it. They disliked me for awhile then we started talking again, and dance got in the way of some stuff because of competions for the freshman, and they just gave up." "That's wrong their supposed to stick up for you no matter what!" said Justin. "Yeah well, its a hard thing to talk about-" Justin cut me off. "You need this, it'll boost you, and besides you'll be surprised what we do," said Justin starting to laugh. "Okay, well lets get going, oh and we need to stop at my house so I can get some clothes," I said. "Yeah, that'd be a good idea" We left and headed to my house. The bus was amazingly awesome. There was one bedroom, and 2 couches, a table, and AN XBOX 360. Sadly, I would get excited about that, but I've never had an oppritunity to play one. Anyways we made it to my house, and it took me 5-10 minutes to grab my clothes, my glasses, and all my extra stuff. "So, if you want you can take a shower back there, and you can change in the bedroom," said Justin sounding kind of tired. "Okay thanks, and you better get some sleep," I said sitting him down on one of the couches. I got in the shower, and then out on my pj's. I went out to the couched area, and Ryan and Chaz were playing COD: Black Ops. I joined in and we practically had a party. Poor Justin though, he was so tired, that he fell asleep on the couch. Throwing on my hoodie, I walked to the back and laid down on the bed.