We were succumbed into insane piles of crazy fangirls. Eventually we got into the mall and we went backstage and that's when Cody asked me if I would back up for him tonight. "Uh sure I guess, but I don't know the dances," I said unsure. "We have about an hour until the show starts and I know you pick up on things quickly so go learn from one of the other dancers and you just got yourself a paying job!" Cody said smiling towards me. I gave him a quick hug and ran off to learn the dances. After about 35 minutes I had them down and joined Cody to get ready to go onstage. "Nervous?" he asked grabbing my hand. "No, but I think I'm a mental bitch for doing this." I squeezed his hand and that's when he started walking out. I followed close behind him and when we got out he introduced me to everyone, and then we started. I eventually forgot about everyone and danced like no one was there. When the show was over and we all went backstage everyone told me it was great! After cleaning up we all went to the bus and headed to Mc. Donalds, and play COD. At first Cody and Greyson were winning and that's when Alli and I started whipping tail. We won 126547 to 200! "Chloe who taught you how to play so good?" Cody asked. My smile quickly faded and that's when i re[lied with ," Ryan, before he broke my heart and decided to forget me. I try to talk to him, but he just never replies." Tears started rolling down my cheeks. We pulled up to the hotel and everyone (Alli, Greyson and Bus driver) got off and let me and Cody bee. "I'm so sorry that happened," he said pulling me into his arms.

I stopped crying and got up. "Honestly I shouldn't care anymore, but he was my first boyfriend and I only dated him about a week. (I know doesn't seem like it) Then Justin came in, and I thought for sure I'd be fine, but then he just, well you were there." I said grabbing my stuff. Cody stood up, and grabbed his things, and we walked to the the hotel. "I wonder who's getting roomed together," Cody claimed as he dropped his stuff down next to Alli. "Hey, your manager just pulled up, and told us who we're roomed with," Alli said all giddy. "Well, spit it out already!" Cody said wanting to know. Well she said, Me and Greyson are roomed, and you and Chloe are roomed." "Okay, where's the keys?" I asked. Greyson came out of nowhere and handed us the keys. "Don't get too comfy together,"he said grinning real big. "Greyson, we should say the same about you ;)," I replied picking up my things, and heading to the room.


I sat all my stuff down on the bed next to the window, and walked to bathroom to wash my face. Not but maybe 2 minutes after I started to wash my face I heard a wild shriek. I ran out of the bathroom, with face wash all over my face. "CODY! WHY WERE YOU SCREAMING?" I asked freaking out. "I'm sorry, it's just I didn't realize you were in here and all I heard was running water," he explained looking upset. "Oh, well next time maybe you shouldn't scream like that," I said starting to laugh. "Scream like what?" "A little girl," I replied laughing harder. Just then I could hear a scream coming from the room next door. We both walked out to see a frantic Justin Bieber walk out of the room whilst a jar was thrown at him. I walked back in, and that's when it happened...

Sorry it's short guys, been busy. I'm not up on updating either. Hope you liked it,and I promise I'll get the other chapter up soon! - CJ3