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The next day they arrived at the panda restraint and the girls were already sat Tori seemed to be a totally different person joyful and happy,
"Yo come sit!" Myuto sat with her head in her phone. Amai sat eating an ice cream cone with a little smile and cute clothes. A baggy top with ruffles at the bottom and jeans. The top had a bow on it and a teddy bears face on it. To make her look even cuter she had a light yellow bow to match the top attached to a random peace of hair on the side of her head.

Tori had a long white top on with 'What the hell!' written in blood red. A massive red and black checkered black with a diamond skull and crossbones buckle. Beneath it was a pair of black skinny jeans. Myuto was wearing her short hair-dyed red today-in spiky ponytail. She was wearing a black top that read 'Beer, Drugs, Sex' in hot pink. A pair of black skinnies covered her legs too.

Toki moaned, "So what the hell do you girls want?" Tori moaned back,
"Oh burn alive and skin the body cheer up!"
"You're not going to start arguing already," Amai pouted. Tori smiled and ruffled her hair in response,
"No just a slight disagreement that we are trying to debate." Amai push her sister's arm away arguing back,
"Don't try baffling me with you intelligent words you pompous piss weed."

Myuto looked at them and wrote on her board,
'What the fuck is a piss weed?' Amai shrugged.
"Holy hell….the cute one swears!" Kazou gasped as the waitress left menus on their table.
"So boys, what you having?" Toriga asked.

They only ordered drinks and Amai randomly shouts out,
"I'll pay!" Toki replied,
"Hm ok..." Nobuto asked,
"What would you lady's want with that kind of money." Tori replied,
"Easy we want it because…. we just want it duh!"
Kazou asked trying to start a conversation, "would you like to start from last night with introducing each other and all… hm I'll start I'm Kazou Saitoh and I'm 17!" Tori looked up and replied,
"I'm Toriga Sentinel, 19."
Myuto write on her board, 'I'm Myuto Sentinel, 21'
Toki answered, "Toki Mishiba, 20."
Nobuto lit a cigarette and replied, "Nobuto Nakajyo, 22."
Amai smiled and joyfully responded, "Amai Sentinel, 16."
Kazou replied shocked, "Wow 16! You got to be kidding me!"
Nobuto also replied, "You look about 14 maybe 13."
"Hahaha don't be silly why would a 14 -13 year old be doing in the Biz Game" Amai looked at Nobuto smoking, "what a terrible habit you have there."
Tori snapped "you can't say anything remember high school?"
Amai said depressively, "yes how could I ever forget it?"

Myuto wrote, 'Easy, it's you!' Tori, Kazou and Amai laughed as Nobuto and Toki just hid a smile.
"My, oh my! Toki-sama and Nobuto-sama can smile!" Amai giggled.
"So you have a checkered past?" Nobuto asked dropping his smile.
"What interest is it to you?" Amai asked. Nobuto shrugged,
"Just making conversation," He shrugged.
"Smelling green apples and bananas help you lose weight," Amai said randomly then looked at her menu.
"What?" Kazou asked. Amai put it down and shrugged,
"Imma have ramen later."

Tori shrugged, "whatever." Amai randomly blurts out once again,
"At any given time, about 5,000 people around the world are having sex."
Nobuto gawped, shocked, "wow what?"
Amai bargained, "give me your necklace and I'll tell you!" Nobuto grunted, "No."

Amai smiled, "then I'm not telling you hehe!"
Toki asked, "What are girls doing in the biz game anyway?"
Tori growled "because then we can kick sexist bastards-like yourself-arses and have a money reword for doing it!"
Amai asked sweetly "pwease don't fight save it for the game!"

Toriga made a face, "Yeah sure…where is it tonight?" Myuto held up her board, 'that 3 stories high abandoned toy making factory a train ride from here. Can't remember the name though, sorry.'
"Oooo abandoned toy factory," Amai said in amusement. Tori rolled her eyes and called the waitress over,
"Hi, can we have six bowls of ramen?" she nodded and walked off. Nobuto stared at her,
"We may not have wanted that." Tori looked at him,
"And?" She smirked at his slight smile and looked at Toki who said,
"What happens if I'm allergic?" Toriga's smile broadened,
"More for Amai then." Toki's jaw dropped as she winked,
"I know you're not allergic so….shut up!" Toki laughed with her.
"Wait…do I get more noodles or what?" Amai asked the laughing duo. Toriga stopped instantly,
"No but you can have what I leave." Amai shrugged then paused,
"I'm not a dog but okay!"

Myuto held up her board again, 'if you want us to get there in time we better set off now' Amai says determinedly "okay!"

When they got there Amai said amazed "Ooooo this place is big hehe oh" her foot when through a Piece of floor bored she continued "not that sturdy though" she ragged her little foot back out.

"Careful now.." Tori whispered lightly as she looked around. "What team are we?" Toki leaned down to her,
"Home, Kazou has the disk."
"Here's the plan…" Amai grinned evilly.