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The Boss leaned back in his chair (He must really love it) and laughed his cold metallic laugh. "This is going to be interesting. Two more have joined the party! That's some group they have going there! One can't help but wonder how this will all play out." Then he smirked. "But Riesling, Midori, and all of the others who are following me… We'll be unstoppable! Hahaha! And…" He sneered. "I have my new hidden weapon, Cointreau! Let's see what you have against my Organization!"


"Wha' da hell?" Heiji screamed. Well, actually, yelled, because boys aren't really supposed to scream.

"Heiji! Ya idiot! Wha' are ya doin' 'ere?" Kazuha screamed back.

"Hakuba-kun!" Aoko yelled. "What's going on?"

Saguru gulped. "Uh… Well, it's difficult to explain."

"Where's Kaito?" She demanded.

"At the moment, he's probably sleeping."


Conan, Agasa, Ai, Julia and I (Ha! I said 'I' twice!) were just standing there, watching in amusement. Heiji and Kazuha were screaming back and forth while Aoko was demanding Kaito from Saguru.

I sighed. Things weren't going to go well if this kept up. Time to intervene. "Aoko-neechan!"

Aoko instantly stopped and looked at me. Kazuha also stopped. "Oh, Miyuki-chan!"

"Sorry to interrupt, but… you might want to stop screaming. We have people resting, and they're exhausted. Also, it's kinda rude to Hakase." I gestured to Agasa.

"O-Oh!" Aoko immediately blushed, and so did Kazuha.

"We're very sorry!" They both bowed.

Agasa smiled and sweat-dropped. "It's alright."

"Heiji? Who is this?" Kazuha asked.

"Oh! I'm Edogawa Miyuki, Conan-kun's sister. Nice to meet you!" I introduced myself.

"Wow! Conan-kun's sister? I didn't know he had one! He's very smart!"

"I know." I grinned, shooting a glance at 'Conan-kun'. He dead-panned.

"My name is Toyama Kazuha." Then she frowned. "What happened to your hair?"

How many times am I going to be asked this? "I'll tell you later."

"Kazuha! And Aoko! Wow!" Julia screamed.

"Um… Who is this?" Aoko asked, sweat-dropping.

I slapped my hand on my head. "This is my friend visiting from America. Her name is Julia. She's very… hyper."


We stood awkwardly until Conan asked, "So, what are you doing here, Aoko-neechan, Kazuha-neechan?"

"Well," Kazuha said, glaring at Heiji, "I came ta find a certain hot-headed detective."

"I came because I knew Kaito couldn't be in America." Aoko explained.

"Why did you guess that?" Conan raised an eyebrow.

"A gut feeling. After being with Bakaito for so many years, you tend to figure things out."

Everyone besides Kazuha and Aoko sweat-dropped. How did Kaito get away as Kid so many times then?

"And it was a coincidence I found Hakuba-kun as well," She continued, glaring at the blonde. "I didn't think he was one to lie."

"It's very difficult to explain…"

"Wha' 'bout ya, Heiji?" Kazuha turned on her childhood friend.

Heiji gulped nervously. "Tha' case… It's very important."

"Really now? So wha' exactly is this 'case'?"


Before Conan could try and save Heiji, he was interrupted.

"What the hell is going on here?" Yawned Kaito, sleepily. "What's all the noise about?"

There was silence for a moment. Then Kaito realized who was in front of him. "W-WHAT-"


Well, this will be interesting to watch. Better go get a mop for Aoko. I quickly ran out of the room and found Agasa's closet. I grabbed his mop and dashed back towards the entrance. It took me less than 30 seconds to accomplish this.

By the time I came back in, Aoko was already starting to chase Kaito, but she didn't have her mop.

"Aoko-neechan!" I called. "Here!" I threw the mop at her. She caught it, and smirked at Kaito.

"Ch-Miyuki-chan! What are you doing?" Kaito yelped.

I smirked as well. "Revenge! What else? You did dye my hair blue!"

"I thought you liked it!"

"Revenge is still fun!"

"You're… THE ONE WHO DYED MIYUKI-CHAN'S HAIR?" Aoko's voice rose. "You do this to our classmates, but to Miyuki-chan? She's just an innocent girl!"

Kaito glared at me. "But she's-"

Before he could continue, he was being whacked at with Aoko's weapon. He starting running and dodging and before long, he was dashing though the house with Aoko on his tail.

Kazuha sweat-dropped. "Are they always like this?"

Everyone nodded. "Yep."

"So… What now?" Julia asked, grinning. Kaito and Aoko passed us and continued.

"I don't know." I answered back. Another time. "Hold on a sec." I grabbed Conan's arm and dragged him away from the others.

"What was that for?" Conan asked, confused.

I took a deep breath. "I think that it's time we told Ran and I guess Kazuha and Aoko."

"WHAT?" Conan hissed. "We would be putting them in too much danger, and-"

"Look," I said firmly. "Everyday Ran waits for you to return and always wondering. She cries about you, and patiently going through life. It hurts to see her like this."

"You think I don't know that?" Conan looked away. "I just don't want to put her in danger."

"I know. But when you get your body back you'll have to tell her anyway, right?"

"…I guess."

"She and the other girls… They're good allies. They all pretty much know how to fight."

"And Nakamori-san?"

"She has her mop."

"So that's why you gave it to her…"

I shrugged. "She always chases Kaito around using the mop."

"…I see."

"Anyways, Kazuha and Aoko are both asking why Heiji and Saguru came here and what the case was. They'd get involved either way. The same for Ran. We were kidnapped, and she'll want to know who."

"But… I just want her to be safe!"

"If she finds out that 'Conan' is in danger, she'll rush in thinking that you're just a little boy that's in trouble and needs her help. However, if she knows you're Kudo Shinichi, she'll listen to you better."

"…I think that we should talk to Hattori, Hakuba and Kuroba first."

"Agreed. Let's go."

The chibi detective nodded, deep in thought. We walked back towards the entrance. Heiji and Kazuha were arguing, Ai and Saguru were talking, and Agasa was just standing there, sweat-dropping. It's amazing that Jodie hadn't woken up yet. Aoko had finally stopped chasing Kaito, and they were bickering. Julia was marveling at all the characters in front of her.

"Heiji-niichan, Kaito-niichan, and Saguru-niichan?" Conan chirped. Everyone turned their attention the shrunken detective.

"What?" The trio of boys chorused.

"Can we ask you something?" I gestured to the living room.

They all nodded, and we headed towards the next room over.


"Wha' was tha' all 'bout?" Kazuha looked confused.

"Yeah…" Aoko wondered aloud.

"Don't worry." Ai cut in. "They'll be back soon."

"Oh?" Aoko bent down. "Who is this?"

"This is Haibara Ai." Agasa introduced. "She's a distant relative of mine, and staying with me."

"She's so cute! Nice to meet you!" Aoko squealed.

"Like-wise." Ai responded, crossing her arms.

"So… Do you always chase Kaito with a mop?" Julia asked Aoko, grinning.

"Yep. Though, I wish I had my regular mop from school… I couldn't bring it." Everyone sweat-dropped except for Julia.

"That's so cool!" She exclaimed. "I love Kaito! He's so awesome!"

Aoko frowned. "'Kaito'? That's very rude."

Julia was confused. "Huh?"

"You should add a suffix." Agasa explained.

"Oh. I didn't know. Sorry."

"Well, ya're American." Kazuha said.

"I don't really know much about the Japanese culture."

"Really? You speak perfect Japanese." Aoko told her.

"I do?" Julia frowned.

"That's because Miyuki-neechan and the others taught her!" Ai quickly said childishly. She didn't want to blow the secret.

"Huh?" Julia was even more confused. Ai glared at her. Then she caught on. "O-Oh, yeah! That's right!"

"Well, they're very good teachers then." Aoko smiled.

"Yeah… And Ch-, I mean Miyuki, is one of my best friends." Julia corrected herself.

"That's nice." Kazuha grinned.

"I have a question."

"Yes, Julia-chan?"

"You like Kaito, and Kazuha likes Heiji, right?"

"W-WHAT?" They both sputtered, blushing. Ai rolled her eyes and Agasa sweat-dropped again.

"You do, don't you?" Julia persisted.

"M-Maybe…" Kazuha grabbed her lucky charm and blushed even deeper. "Tha' idiot is so dense, though!"

"Bakaito is such a jerk! Why would I like him?"

Julia grinned. "The more you deny it, the more it means you like him!"

Aoko turned completely red. "…Fine. Maybe I like him. A little."

Julia looked triumphant, while Ai stood there indifferently and Agasa continued to sweat-drop.


"Wha' is it, Kudo?" Heiji asked.

"Chelsea wants to tell them." Conan replied grimly.

"WHAT?" They all shouted again.

"Calm down! Just listen to me. They're all great at fighting-"

"Does a mop really count?" Saguru asked.

Kaito shuddered. "Yes…"

"And it will be easier just to tell them." I continued. "I mean, trying to hide this huge secret is getting tiresome. And to be honest with you guys, I can't stand it to see how dense you are!"

"Wha' do ya mean?" Heiji demanded.

"Exactly what I said. Well, Shinichi does know, and then Saguru has Ai… Kaito realizes… Actually, I correct myself. Heiji, you're the only dense one here."


"What do you mean by 'Saguru has Ai'?" Saguru questioned.

"Please SHUT UP." They shut up. "Do I have to spell it all out? Shinichi has Ran, Kaito has Aoko, Saguru has Ai and Heiji has Kazuha! You guys all like each other so why don't you just admit it?"

" I did admit it." Conan protested.

"Ahoko? Why would I like her?"

"Ai is just my friend."


"… Never mind. You shouldn't keep denying it, but… It can't be helped. Anyways, we should just tell them. We need all the help we can get, and it will make everything easier. They have a right to know. Aren't you sick of lying?" That was directed at Conan and Kaito.

All of them were silent.

"Anyone agree?"

"I think we should." Conan spoke. "The truth is, I am sick of it. I hate seeing Ran cry all the time…"

"It's just… Aoko hates Kaitou Kid." Kaito kept up his Poker Face with a sad smile.

"I think the decision belongs to Kudo-kun and Kuroba-kun."

"I agree with Hakuba." Heiji added.

Another moment of silence. "So?"

"Okay." Kaito agreed.

I smiled with relief. "Then it's settled."

"Are we going to inform everyone else?" Saguru asked.

"I think we should just call Ran over and explain everything now. Shinichi? Will you do it?"

Conan nodded, and took out the 'Conan' cell phone. He dialed the number. After a few rings, it was picked up.


"Ran." Conan said seriously.

"Conan-kun?" She sounded confused.

"Ran, it's urgent. Come to Hakase's house immediately. I need to tell you something important." Then he hung up. Then he glanced up at us. "Well, here we go."


Ran was puzzled. "What was that all about?"

"Something wrong, Ran?" Sonoko asked, as she looked through all the clothes.

"I'm sorry, Sonoko, but I have to go."


"It's important. I'll see you later! Then Ran quickly left.

"Huh?" Now Sonoko was confused.

Ran thought as she dashed to Hakase's house. What's going on?

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