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His eyes shone with mischief and amusement as the blond openly gaped at the raven haired teen in utter shock. Did he hear the teenager correctly?

"You want me...to be your boyfriend...for one day?" He asked in pure disbelief. What the hell did Vanitas eat that made him ask for such an insanely crazy request!

"Didn't I make myself clear?" the raven asked, smirk playfully resting on the young teen's lips. Oh how Ventus wanted to wipe the amusement off the raven teen's face. No way in hell would he do that! He wasn't going to be the boyfriend of that sorry excuse of a human being in this or any other lifetime!

"Exactly why do you want me to do that? Of all the people in this world why would you choose me to be your freaking bitch?"

Vanitas's smirked seemed to grow more as he took enjoyment out of the blond teen's anger and irritation. "Well technically, I asked you if you could be my boyfriend, not my bitch, but I guess if you really want to, bitch could work out just fine."

"Fuck you, you bastard!"

"Sure sweetie. Wanna do it now or after our date?" Ventus groaned. How did he end up in this situation? Oh right...he made a bet with Vanitas a few days ago didn't he. He remembered that if he scored higher in their final exams, Vanitas would finally leave him alone but if he didn't...well he'd have to do whatever the raven haired teen asked for. Seriously, why didn't anyone warn him the guy actually had a freaking brain! Dammit, a life without the black haired demon could have been so close. But no, fate just had to be a bitch and make the blond a point lower than the raven haired freak. Life is so cruel.

Ventus glared at the still smirking teen leaning on the school's entrance doorway. "So, out of all the things you could have asked for: 'be my servant for a month' or 'Do my homework and projects for the rest of the year or even 'go jump off a cliff and kill yourself' why would you ask me to go out on a date with you?" Yes, why didn't the teenage devil ask for any of those? At least if he did, the blond would totally understand and not think the world is actually coming to an end. Weren't the two supposed to be enemies or something?

A frown replaced the raven's smirk, his patience finally thinning. "God, can't you just say yes and give me a break. Sheesh, but just so you'd finally shut up I'll tell you the reason why, you see, a few friends of mine are going to crash at my place over the weekend and well, let's just say I kind of forgot to tell them that me and my last bitch broke up. Now, all of them are expecting to see me with someone this weekend when we hang out so now I need to find a certain someone to be my boyfriend for like a day."

The blond looked at him with uncertainty before asking, "Why didn't you just tell them that you broke up with your last lover?"

"Are you kidding me? Those assholes would bother me to death once they found out I'm single again. No way am I rerunning what happened last time they visited me and I was dateless."

"Ok fine, but why did you ask me to be your boyfriend when there's a lot of girls and guys drooling after you inside school and out."

"My last bitch was a guy."

Ventus rolled his eyes. "As I said, there are a lot of girls and guys drooling over you. I'm sure you can pick up some desperate ogling fanboy in the hallway here in school."

Vanitas scowled "You don't understand do you. If I chose someone who's actually after me, they'd think they'd have a chance of actually hooking up with me if I asked 'em out. This is a onetime deal and nothing more and as much as I love seeing people's hopes and dreams crush, broken-hearted fans are hard to deal with. So that's why I made that bet with you. I know you hated me and I know not much people knew I actually studied - hello kind of a scholar here, I gotta keep my grades up – so I thought winning a bet against you would be a much easier way to get a boyfriend than getting one in my fanclub."

Vanitas was a scholar? Well, that was an interesting new fact about the raven haired teen. Maybe that's why he hasn't killed anyone in school yet...anyways that's beside the point. Ventus silently thought about his options. He could say no and convince the ravenette to ask of him something else...though what he said about Vanitas asking him to go kill himself might actually happen, that was surely worse than going on a date with him. Though if he said yes, he wouldn't know what kind of torture he'd go through on their 'date'. Ventus inwardly groaned.

The blond heard the impatient tapping of the raven's foot on the tiled floor and silently glared daggers at the other teen. So, kill himself or be the devil's boyfriend for a single day...the blond sighed. Going out with the ravenette didn't sound so bad once he actually thought about it. It was just one date and he could have asked for something far worse than what he's asking for now. So...

"Fine, I'd...be your boyfriend this Saturday."

The blond felt his arm being pulled and the other's lips touching his own before his mind even processed what was happening. "Great, pick you up 12 tomorrow. Oh, and wear something nice alright? Don't want them to think I'm getting desperate and chasing after uglies now." The ravenette smirked before walking out of the school just as the school bell rang signaling the end of the day.

The blond kept staring at nothing in particular until a finger tapped his shoulder. After the initial shock was gone, he felt his face heat up and his fingers touch his lips.

"Hey Ven, you alright?" Aqua asked seeing her best friend as red as a tomato.

Ventus involuntarily clenched his hands into a fist

"God damit you son of a bitch! What the hell did you do that for?" and to think...that was the teen's first kiss.

Ventus looked at himself thoroughly in front of the mirror. He was wearing a black tribal shirt, sleeves rolled up, topped by a white hooded vest with red outlines and dark colored cargo pants held up by two belts crossing on the loops; with his black converse resting patiently on his feet. He also wore his black and white checkered wristband and the green star-like good luck charm Aqua handmade for him and Terra. If anything were to happen, he wished the good luck charm would work.

Satisfied with how he looked, the blond grabbed his phone and ran down the stairs passing by his younger brother, Roxas, on his way down.

"Woah, what's up with the outfit Ven? Never seen you dressed impressively on a Saturday. You gonna go out on a date or something?" Roxas grinned teasingly.

"W-well, honestly I don't consider it a date but – " Roxas's jaw drop as he saw the light blush on his brothers fair cheeks. Immediately the younger blond ran up the stairs bashing on the eldest strife's door.

"Cloud! Did you hear? Ven's actually going out on a date today!" Ventus groaned at his brother's loud voice. Did he really have to make such a big deal out of this?

The blond heard Cloud's room creak open and close before he saw his older brother dragging himself down the stairs. He paused beside Ventus, crossing his arms and leaning on the wall nearest to his back; a blond eyebrow quirked upwards seeing the 15-year-old blond and his outfit.

"Who're you going out with?" Cloud asked with mild interest.

Ventus shifted his weight from one foot to another uncomfortably. He hated attention and currently, his brothers were giving him too much. "Um no one special..."

"Is it Aqua? Cause I wouldn't be surprised if it was her." Roxas stated joining his brothers on the stairs.

Ventus made a look of disgust before he continued walking down the stairs, hands now in his pockets. "Of course not, Aqua's like my sister and dating your sister sounds wrong in so many levels."

"Then Terra?"

"What the...no! Why, would you even think that?" Ventus gaped.

"Well they're the only ones I could think of since you are closest with them. Well besides Vanitas, but you're obviously close with that guy in a different kind of way. Like, I hate you; you're my enemy kind of way. Though I won't be surprise if it turns out you actually like each other, you know what they say, the more you hate the more you love." Roxas rambled earning a sweat drop from his two older brothers.

"Roxas, are you perhaps hanging out with Sora a lot recently. You're abnormally talking too much." The youngest blonde's eyes widened as realization hit him. He was talking too much wasn't he?

"Damit, the idiot's rubbing on me." He murmured, rubbing the back of his head embarrassingly.

Ventus laughed while Cloud merely smiled in amusement as he walked down the stairs and into the living room, dropping himself on the couch.

"So will you be telling us who you're going out with or are you going to make us wait until the girl or guy shows up on the front door carrying flowers and chocolates in hand." Cloud smirked.

Ventus unnoticeably bit his bottom lip in worry. He didn't exactly want his brothers to know he was going to go out with Vanitas of all people. He was a little worried of how they'd react if they knew.

Just as the blond thought of a safe answer, a loud ring echoed throughout their house catching the attention of the 3 blond boys. Ventus turned around at the same time Roxas walked towards their door and turned the knob revealing sun-tinted eyes and night-tainted hair.

A blond brow rose as Roxas stared Vanitas up and down. "Well…didn't expect you of all people to visit us Vanitas. What are you doing here?"

A wicked smile crept on Vanitas lips before he peeked inside the Strife's home. "Well, I'm here to pick Ventus up. Is he ready?"

Ventus saw Roxas eyes slightly widened and his jaw slack. The 15-year-old blond quickly pushed pass his younger brother before grabbing Vanitas hand and attempting to walk away with the ravenette before any more questions could be asked. Though 3 steps out of the door, the blond felt a hand grab his shoulder and pull him back inside.

He looked up seeing his older brother Cloud staring intently at Vanitas. The two held gazes for what seemed like hours before Clouds voice broke through the silence.

"Where exactly are you taking my brother?" Cloud asked. Ventus thought he heard a protective edge on what his brother said but it was too imperceptible to really determine.

"Just to meet some of my friends." Vanitas smirked and Ventus just knew this conversation wasn't ending the way he'd want it to.

"What makes you think I'd let you take Ven away let alone allow him to meet your demonic minions." Ventus inwardly cheered his brother on. If Cloud continued to be this overprotective then he'd surely be able to avoid going out with the ravenette this Saturday, though there would surely be consequences afterwards but he'd worry about that when it happens.

The blonde's thoughts were abruptly disrupted as he felt a hand grab his wrist and arms circle around his waist. He felt the subtle vibration on the raventte's chest as Vanitas spoke, a cocky edge in his voice.

"As your brother's lover, I think I have the right to take him out on a date from time to time don't I?"

Wait, did Vanitas just…oh no. Ventus felt his cheeks redden as his blood rose to his face. Why the hell did he blurt that out? Dammit, his brothers didn't need to know the ravenette's plans. Why did he have to tell his brothers? Gah, how would he explain this was all a one-time thing!

"Wait, when did you two – "

"Don't worry daddy, I'll give him back before 10. Also, you don't have to worry about my friends doing anything to Ventus here; after all, one of them is a protective puppy you probably know and love. Doubt he'll let anything happen to the brother of his little chocobohead."

The last thing Ventus heard from his brother was a few chosen curses directed to whoever that little 'puppy' was and a bang from their front door. Though even with the closed door, he could still hear the shouts of his brother coming from the inside of their house. Roxas probably asked what happened because he heard Cloud yell something like 'the guy didn't even tell me he was coming back!'

Ventus looked curiously at Vanitas who just shrugged with a smirk. "Long story."

The ravenette turned to face the opposite direction of the blonde's house and started walking away. Ventus hesitantly followed still not sure where they were going.

"So, where are we meeting your friends?" Ventus asked uncertainly.

"You'll see, just hop on." The raven said as they stood in front of a black and red motorcycle. The blonde's jaw slacked as he stared at the polished vehicle parked in front of their gate.

"What; never rode a bike before?" Vanitas teased before slinging his left foot over his bike.

"Of course I had, Cloud does own a bike." He retorted. "But seriously, you? Why are you allowed to ride that thing when you're only 15?"

Vanitas shrugged before answering, "I have connections and I look old enough to own a car so it's fine. Now are you hopping on or not?"

Ventus saw Vanitas roll his eyes as he bit his bottom lip. "Don't worry, I never get caught so just trust me and sit your ass down. We're gonna be late, though I don't actually mind but still."

Ventus sighed knowing he had no other choice. The blond knew he was going to ride that thing even if he'd want to or not.

Ventus took a few more deep breaths before slinging his foot over the bike and sitting down behind the ravenette. Hearing the engine turn on, he wrapped his arms around Vanitas's waist and pressed his body a little closer to the other teen for security.

"You gotta hold onto me tighter if you don't want to fall off." Vanitas warned.

"No helmets?"

"You kidding me, of course not!" Vanitas laughed before speeding off towards their destination.

Ventus squealed before hugging the ravenette tighter. God, at the speed they were going, the blond wouldn't question the reason a police car would ask them to pull over.

"Relax idiot." Vanitas said softly yet loud enough for the blond to hear.

Ventus nodded willing himself to relax. Weird, the blond thought the raven's tone was calming instead of teasing, though he could've just imagined it.

It wasn't long before Ventus's eyes felt heavy. The wind silently brushing through his hair and Vanitas's smooth turns on each curve was making him sleepy. He unconsciously rested his head on the ravenette's back before slowly drifting to sleep. The last thing he remembered was the strong scent of natural spice mixed with cologne. Weirdly, he thought it smelled nice…

Ventus felt himself being nudged awake. Baby blues slowly opened and a yawn escaped the blonde's lips. His arms removed itself from its previous position around the ravenette's waist, and stretched a little before rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"Where are we?" Ventus asked sleep still evident in his voice.

"The mall idiot." Vanitas replied getting off his bike. He ran a hand through his tousled hair attempting to tame it a bit.

"Pfft, your hair's still as wild as it was before." Ventus smirked at Vanitas's failure before he himself got off the bike.

The raven haired teen scowled before walking out of the parking area. "Like you're one to talk. Your hair's practically as wild as mine."

Ventus merely shrugged before following his 'boyfriend' into the mall. Vanitas led the blond to the arcade in the second floor. Just as the blond opened his mouth to ask what they were doing in the arcade a loud call caught the two teens' attention.

"Yo, Vani! Long time no see!" A teen that looked as if he was a few years older than them shouted. His hair was as black as Vanitas though spiked in a different way. Ventus thought the teen looked familiar.

The black haired teen draped his arms around Vanitas's shoulder before ruffling the golden eyed boy's hair.

"Vani? That's cute." Ventus teased, covering his mouth to hide his chuckles. This was the first time he saw the teenager being treated like a kid and he was rather amused by it.

"Shut up Ventus." He hissed. "And as for you, get the hell off me!" He said, removing the arm around his shoulder.

The older teen made a face of mock hurt as he held a hand in front of his chest. "Ah you're words hurt me so Vani. Oh and who may this little cute blondie be." Vanitas's friend questioned, giving all of his attention to the embarrassed blonde.

"Ah, well, names Ventus, Ventus Strife. But you can call me Ven." He smiled offering a hand to the older teen.

"Wait, Ventus Strife? As in Cloudy's little brother?" the other said, jaw dropping. Cloudy...Ventus knew only one person who dared call his brother that nickname, and then it hit him.

"Zack is that you?" he asked taken back.

Cheerful laughter filled the arcade as Zack happily draped his arm around the blonde's shoulder. "Wow, I'm honored you still remembered me Ven." He said happily

Ventus merely chuckled. "How can I not? You practically went to our house everyday a few years back, though it was a jerk of you for leaving without telling any of us where you were going."

Zack scratched the back of his head, an old habit he never got rid of. "Sorry, a lot of things just happened. Anyways, how'd your brother take it? You know, about me leaving?"

Ventus laughed at that. "He's totally mad at you buddy."

"Damn I could imagine." A short cough got the two childhood friend's attention. The two turned their attention at a now-looking pissed-off Vanitas.

"Can you two stop bickering like I'm not around? And Zack, I'd appreciate it if you remove your fucking arm off my boyfriend." Vanitas said irritated, tapping his foot impatiently on the ground.

Zack chuckled as he let go of the blonde's shoulder. "As vulgar as I remember, Vanitas. You haven't changed at all." Then it hit the ravenette. "Wait, boyfriend? You're fucking Cloud's little bro?"

At that moment, Ventus thought he just choked on his own saliva.

"Not yet but soon." The ravenette smirked before continuing. "Anyways, where're the others? Didn't we plan on meeting here?"

"They got tired of waiting so they went up to the movie theatre first." He replied, facing the exit of the arcade. "So shall we go?" he asked.

Vanitas nodded and walked towards the arcade's exit, Ventus strolling beside him.

As they rode the escalator to the 4th floor, Ventus heard a whisper from his right.

"Psst, are you seriously Vanitas's new bitch?" Zack whispered.

Ventus's eyes twitch. Bitch? Really? Is all Vanitas's lover only for his fucking pleasure? He wouldn't be surprised.

"No I am not his bitch as you oh so kindly put it." Ventus whispered back.

Zack raised an eyebrow in curiosity. Did Vanitas finally decided to go steady with someone? He mentally shrugged leaving it as that for now since they already reached the movie theatre.

Ventus saw a red haired teen standing with a few more people beside the popcorn stall happily waving a few tickets in the air.

"Hey Zack, Vani, I got the tickets!" the red hair shouted running up to them.

The blond teenager thought he saw a vein pop out on the raven's head as he snatched 2 tickets off the red hair's hand.

"Seriously, if one of you calls me Vani one more time, I am breaking his neck." Vanitas scowled.

"Vani..." Ventus muttered testing how the nickname rolled out of his tongue. Unfortunately it earned a glare from the raventte.

"Want to die early sweety?" He asked through gritted teeth.

"Just go ahead and try Vani. I bet you can't even lay a finger on your precious boyfriend." Ventus smirked. The red head who stood beside them laughed boisterously at the blonde's daring attitude.

"I like this little blondie. He's got guts. What's your name?" he asked as more of the ravenette's friends started walking towards them.

"Name's Ventus. But you can call me Ven." He said with the same innocent smile he usually gave when introducing himself. He didn't notice the glare he received from a certain golden orb teen beside him.

"Well my name's Reno, nice to meet ya." He said with a grin, offering a hand to the blond who gladly shook it.

"You know," he continued. "You're pretty cute, are you taken?" Reno smirked as he held the blonde's chin up with his unoccupied hand.

Ventus blushed at how close the red hair was. Personal space please?

Ventus saw the red hair backing away as his right arm was twisted behind his back in what seem like a very painful position. "Lay off idiot. If you didn't hear earlier, the blonde's mine." Vanitas hissed.

"Okay understood. Seriously, ouch ouch ouch, bone breaking. Let the hell go already Vanitas!" With a satisfied smirk the ravenette released his hold on the red head.

Reno rubbed his arm to ease the pain before muttering under his breath. Zack along with some of Vanitas's other friend started to chuckle.

"Here." Vanitas said offering the ticket to Ventus.

Ventus thankfully took it with a nod of his head. There was still a light blush on his cheek that Ven couldn't exactly will to go away. He was thankful that Vanitas moved the red hair away from him, not that he was going to say it out loud. He wasn't that comfortable with people getting close to him unless it was one of his close friends.

What about Vanitas? A small voice from the back of his mind asked. You seemed completely comfortable when you rode with him on his bike. The blond mentally scowled kicking the small voice out of his head. He wasn't comfortable with the ride earlier...

"Anyways, meet the rest of the gang Ven. This purple haired book worm is named Ienzo." Zack introduced as he tousled the slate haired teen earning a glare from the teen.

"Please to make your acquaintance." The teen muttered monotonously.

"And this is Braig." Zack continued, pointing to a scarred man beside the purple haired teen. Ven couldn't help the involuntary shiver that ran down his spine. That man just gave him the creeps. The very creepy grin the man flashed him did not help ease his mind.

Zack introduced 2 more people, blond twins in fact. They all seemed like decent people and also the type who really would tease Vanitas if he didn't have a date, well, except for that Ienzo guy. He seemed like the quiet type. The only guy he was totally uncomfortable with was Braig. He just gives off a bad vibe.

Though with all the friends Vanitas have, it kind of made Ventus wonder how he got all of them. They seemed like nice people, maybe even fun – the total opposite of the raven haired teen. He guessed Vanitas just got lucky he found friends who could tolerate his demonic tendencies.

He smiled at the laughing group of friends as they teased each other. He kind of felt out of place in the beginning, that is until Vanitas spoke to him.

"You seem unusually quiet. In school I'd see you bicker with my cousin Sora and his other idiotic friends frequently." Vanitas said, raising an eyebrow.

"Just a lot in my mind." He replied honestly with a smile.

"Hey blondie, just saying, if you ever got dumped by this bastard, you can always come to me. I'll take you up with open arms anytime." Reno exclaimed, winking at the blond.

"Like hell Cloud will let you lay a finger on his brother." Zack laughed.

"Hey, if this little devil could convince Cloud into allowing him to date blondie here, then I'm sure I can too." The red hair grinned cockily.

Ventus slightly blushed. He wasn't used to getting this kind of attention from people.

"In your dreams Reno. This blonde's all mine." Vanitas said grabbing the blonde by his waist before nipping the blonde's ear with his teeth to show his point.

Ventus felt his blood rush up to his face in the form of a scarlet red blush as the ravenette played with his ear. "Oi, s-stop it you bastard!" The blond yelled as he struggled out of the teen's hold.

He sighed in relief as the raven haired teen stopped biting and licking his ear when Zack spoke in an exaggerating tone. "God Vanitas, go get a room if you want to do it so badly. But if you could possibly hold your urges for a few more hours then shall we enter the theatre?"

He heard the ravenette behind him chuckle evilly before letting the blond go.

"What movie are we watching anyway?" Ienzo spoke up for what the blond thought was the first time after their little introduction earlier.

There was a mischievous grin plastered on the red head's face before leading the group inside the theatre house. "Only the most horrifying movie of the year." And Ventus gulped.

"Sheesh, look at my freaking arm Ventus. You left a fucking bruise! I can't believe you were that scared." Vanitas hissed as they reached his black and red motorcycle.

"I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight." He groaned riding on the bike after the raven got on.

"Pussy." Vanitas muttered as he started the engine. They just finished the movie and bid goodbye to the ravenette's friend. Honestly, Ventus found the whole day fun, if you didn't add in the horrifying film they watched earlier.

As Vanitas maneuvered through the highway, Ventus relaxed. He took comfort in the gentle breeze of the night and the warmth of the teen in front of him.

"I'm hungry..." he muttered to himself. That was when he realized he hasn't exactly eaten dinner yet. After the movie, the guys immediately went to the arcade and then the bookstore (courtesy of Ienzo). They also went to the game store and checked out the latest games that were released. They didn't exactly have time to eat with all the things they've done.

Ventus felt the motorcycle screech to a halt. Looking up, he came face to face with a fast food restaurant. He looked at the ravenette who got off the bike and started walking towards the food store.

Ventus grinned; he was truly seeing another side of the ravenette. Today, he learned Vanitas could actually care, though he hid it impressively behind his barks and crude comments and actions. Also, the boy was very possessive, not that that came much of a surprise to him.

"Hey Vani, you paying for us?" Ventus asked as he looked over the menu.

"Call me Vani again and I'm not even gonna take you home." Vanitas muttered before ordering a burger and fries.

"But Vani's such a cute nickname." Ventus teased laughing a bit when the ravenette shot him a glare.

"Just shut up and order before I forget you're my boyfriend for today."

Ventus raised an eyebrow. "So what, you actually treat your bitches nicely when you go out?" he asked after he finished ordering some food.

Vanitas shrugged. "Depends" was all he said before taking out his wallet and paying for the bill. It wasn't long before they received their order and finished their food. Not an hour passed and they were back on the street.

Vanitas drove the teen back to his house a minute before 9. The blond saw the ravenette smirked to himself proudly. "Told him we'd be back before 10."

Ventus merely rolled his eyes before getting off Vanitas's motorcycle.

"Guess this is goodbye. Yeah, um, thanks for today...I guess it wasn't that bad." Ventus grinned scratching the back of his head shyly. "We'll go back to how we used to treat each other right? Nothing will change?" Ventus asked curiously.

"Obviously." The ravenette answered with a sly grin. For some reason, Ventus felt a slight pang on his heart. Why was that?

"K, well night Vanitas." He waved as he started walking inside their house.

However, a hand gripped his wrist halting him on the middle of his step. Ventus raised an eyebrow as he looked back at the ravenette. Bad idea.

He was immediately pulled by the teen into a teeth crashing kiss. The blonde's eyes widened as he felt lips connect with his own and a hand tangle itself onto his blond sun-kissed hair.


A tongue found its way licking on the blonde's bottom lip making him gasp in shock. Taking advantage, Vanitas slid his tongue into the hot wet cavern that belonged to the blond. He pulled the blond more, deepening the kiss as he explored every inch and centimeter of the blonde's mouth. God it felt so good.


Ventus heard himself moan before he could stop himself. He felt the ravenette's sinful tongue coaxing his own into playing with it. Unknowingly, play he did. Their tongues dance into an unknown rhythm neither caring about domination. All they care about was the feel of the other's mouth on their own and the pleasure it gave them.

The blond felt the other release his wrist instead placing his hand under the blonde's shirt. The ravenette moved his hand slowly up, down and in circles on the blonde's chest earning more pleasure-filled moans from the blond.


Ventus had to hold on to the raven's shoulder to keep himself balance. God why is he letting this ass take advantage of him? He needed to resist! But damit how the hell can he when it felt so damn good.

Vanitas pulled away first only to start sucking on the blonde's tongue. After the raven finished, both parted breathing heavily, faces merely a few inches apart.


The teens remained still as they tried regaining their breathing. The night was silent, the only indication of sound and life was the heavy breathing of the two teenage boys.

"Get your hand off my shirt bastard..." The blond breathed his cheeks flushed red.

Vanitas smirked kissing the blonde one last time before removing his hands off the blonde's shirt.

"See you on Monday Ventus." He smirked starting the engine of his motorcycle before speeding off towards the direction of his house.

Ventus walked inside his house and went straight to his bedroom, eyes downcast, ignoring his brother's greeting. The blond threw himself on his bed before staring at his white painted ceiling lost in thought. His hand reached up to touch his lips unconsciously. He could still taste the burger Vanitas ate at dinner and the fries that came along with it. Most importantly, he could still taste Vanitas himself. He could still vividly remember how he felt as Vanitas ran his hand up and down his chest in an arousing way.

"What...just happened?" He muttured hoping for an answer.

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