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Reactions and Namine

"You're talking with Zack again? Well isn't that awesome Cloud! Have you two made up?" Ventus rambled trying to change the subject.

Sadly, Cloud didn't seem to be buying it. "Tsk, no but anyway, that isn't the point here Ven. When exactly did you start dating Vanitas and why?" Cloud asked slightly scaring off his little brother.

"I-it was only a one time deal ok Cloud! I'm not dating him anymore, it was only last Saturday. It was either date him or kill myself or possibly live my life in servitude. So I'm really sorry, please don't get mad!" Ventus yelled in a single breath. Cloud looked at him oddly like the boy had grown two heads. "What exactly did you do to make Vanitas ask for such a thing?"

"I-I lost a bet..." he murmured in shame.

There was a short silent pause between the siblings before the oldest blond broke it. "Ok...First of all, damit Ventus, would you stop acting like I'm going to kill you if you said the wrong thing? Sheesh, sometimes I wonder if you remember I'm actually your older brother."

"If you stop looking so intimidating every time you're suspicious of something then Ven might actually loosen up a bit, Cloud. Learn to act like your little puppy a bit why don't you," Roxas sighed as he started cleaning the plates. Cloud turned away, hiding his flush from his little brother's comment before childishly answering.

"He's not my little puppy," He murmured. Ventus tried to stifle his laughter behind his hand while Roxas just snorted. Damn they were happy they met Zack, if they didn't, they wondered if they would have ever seen their brother act like this again after their hometown burned.

"Going back to our topic, Ven, next time something like this happens, don't hide it from us alright? We could probably help you in some way or another," Cloud said sitting across the younger blonde.

"Thanks Cloud," Ventus grinned.

"Sure thing kid," Cloud said as he ruffled his brother's blond spikes. "Anyways, why are you so scared of telling me about this bet with Vanitas?"

"Cause you hate him so much I'm afraid you're going to start a brothel with the guy once you see him again," Ventus admitted. "And I can imagine you bringing in Zack's buster sword into the fight and Vanitas turning more psychotic than he already is," The blond added as an afterthought.

Cloud sweat dropped. "Well, if I would have found that out last Saturday maybe that would have happened..." The blond thought. "Oh well, past is past. Anything more to say?"

Ventus was about to shake his head no but his little brother beat him to it. "Actually, here Cloud, catch," Roxas said after pulling out some papers from his bag. Cloud caught it easily and opened the folded paper curiously. Ventus's eyes widened as he realized what his little brother had handed to Cloud. Shit, he was trying to avoid informing the older blonde of his current situation! Why Roxas, why have you betrayed your older brother!

Ventus watched as Cloud's jaw drop in shock. Wait actually, shock was an understatement. The older blond had no idea what to feel or how to react. Ventus closed his eyes in fear of what he knew was about to come.

"What the hell is this?" Cloud practically screamed.

"Obviously, someone saw the two making out last Saturday and took a photo of them. They published it in our school newspaper thinking it would be the talk of the year, and I'm guessing it probably would," Roxas explained calmly sitting beside his older brother, Ven. Seriously, not once has Ventus thought he wanted to lock Roxas in a warehouse where he could not be seen or heard until now.

The oldest blond was silent for a few seconds before speaking. "You made out with Vanitas..." Ventus looked away, blushing. "And let him touch you..." Cloud continued making Ven turn even redder. "In front of our house..." Ventus felt like he was burning up by now.

"He started it ok! I was caught by surprise! I-I didn't know how to react!" Ventus shouted through his embarrassment. Did Cloud have to say it like that?

"You didn't know how to react so you just kissed him back..." Cloud asked staring at his brother.

"I'm a teenager Cloud! And I'm a guy! I have hormones! And, and the guy was experienced a-and w-well that was my first kiss with tongue! How would you have dealt with it?" Ventus screamed already a very deep scarlet. The 15-year old blond could hear his little brother snickering uncontrollably beside him. This is just one of the most embarrassing things he has ever gone through.

"Ok, I think I understand," Cloud murmured thinking of how he would have reacted if someone did that to him at the age of 15, and then his mind drifted to Zack and thought of how he'd react if the puppy did that too him. Mentally shaking his head to rid of the embarrassing thought, Cloud concentrated on the crisis in hand.

"So by now the whole school knows of what happened last Saturday between the two of you am I right?" Ventus nodded at Cloud's question. "And a lot of people misunderstood it because of this article?" The blond nodded again."Ok, well by looks of your conversation earlier you've already thought of a plan on how to clear up the misunderstanding?" Cloud asked.

"Yup, actually, the only problem I'm having now is that Vanitas isn't denying or confirming the relationship we have and nobody believes me. Roxas thought that if Vani loosed interest in me then he'd finally tell everyone the truth that we are not in a relationship together and I can live happily ever after!" Ventus chided.

"Vani?" Cloud asked curiously. When did the blond start calling him that?

"W-well, Zack and Reno called him Vani so, um, it kinda rubbed on me as well." He said scratching the back of head embarrassingly. The oldest blond just nodded. "So you're gonna make him loose interest in you how?" he asked.

"Well Roxas thought if I ignored him and just stopped reacting to what he says then maybe it would work." Ventus heard a short stifle of laughter and glared at the older blond in front of him. "Good luck on that Ven, I don't think the freak and his statements are easy to ignore."

"Thanks a lot for the encouragement Cloud. Anyways another idea of Roxy here is that I pretend that I like like someone else," Ventus added earning a raised eyebrow from his brother.

"Just wanna confirm something." Roxas explained. Cloud seemed to understand his little brother and just nodded while Ventus looked at both of them confusingly. Was he the only one getting lost in this conversation?

"Ok, those are pretty good ideas but if none of them works then just tell me alright Ven? I can ask certain people to help you get rid of Vanitas." Cloud smirked as he stood up from the dining table.

"O-ok?" Ventus said not sure whether to be thankful or scared.

"...and you ask why we get scared of you..." Roxas muttered under his breath shrinking away from his older brother.

Just like yesterday, Ventus ended up being crowded by students and suffocated by questions about his and Vanitas's relationship. Luckily, he was saved yet again by his two best friends.

"I currently pity you Ven..." Terra said as he rubbed the blonde's back soothingly trying to relax his young companion.

"Thanks Terra..." Ventus murmured as he buried his face on his folded arms.

"I wonder what you could possibly do to get away from the crowd," Aqua said with sympathy as she thought of ways she could help Ven escape the torture he would be going through every day.

"Yeah, I'm working on that," The blond replied. The school bell rang signaling the start of classes for all year levels. Aqua and Terra bid goodbye to their younger friend while Ventus stayed put in his classroom. He sighed heavily as he thought of the long day he'd be going through. He could already hear the students walking towards him to ask him questions. Damn his homeroom teacher, why was she always late?

"Hey Ven, your boyfriend's late in class again isn't he." Lea chuckled as he sat beside his friend.

"He is not my boyfriend Lea. Please, could you just go away right now? I'm too tired to deal with you," Ven muttered burying his head deeper in his arms.

"Aaww you're no fun Ven," Lea huffed crossing his arm across his chest. The blond didn't even bother to reply knowing if he did, the red head would keep talking non-stop.

Ventus heard the classroom doors open and he looked up thinking their homeroom teacher has finally shown up. Alas, what met his eyes was golden orbs and black untamed hair. Damit, he should've kept his head down.

"Vanitas is here!" Someone announced. Seriously, the blond had to wonder why the class cared so much.

As Ventus saw the ravenette walking towards where the blond was seated, he looked to his right outside the window a few seats away from him. This was it, time to put his plan into action.

"Aw, is Ven angry with his boyfriend?" Lea snickered as he noticed the blond looking away from the ravenette when he started walking towards their direction.

"Shut up Lea," He hissed. The blond was now currently questioning why he even became friends with the red headed teen.

Ventus suddenly felt his table move a bit as weight was added. He resisted the urge to turn around and glare at the teen who he knew was now casually sitting on his table. "Morning Ventus, missed me?" A voice whispered to his ear. There were a few girls who squealed at the proximity of the two while Ventus bit hard on his bottom lip to try and ignore the hot breath ghosting through his ear. The blond knew the ravenette was merely teasing and annoying him. He just had to pay no heed to the ravenette and hopefully he would leave.

Vanitas moved away from the blonde's ear glaring at him slightly. No blush? No stuttering? No pouts or angry comments? Well that was unsuspected. Vanitas smirked as he made another advance.

The ravenette leaned down on the blond and gave a quick peck on his cheek. He was delighted to see the blond turn his head around eyes wide in shock. With quick reflexes, the ravenette immediately pressed his lips against the blond. He heard shocked reactions and squeals from the crowd that took to watching them. The ravenette smirked as he held the back of the blonde's head and tilted it to deepen their kiss. He felt the blond grip his shoulders and thought it was all going the way he wanted it to be. That is until he felt himself breathing air and the absence of the other's lips against his own.

"Get. Off. My. Table," Ventus growled before kicking his own table as hard as he can, making the ravenette loose his balance. Vanitas quickly jumped off the table before it crashed on the floor. The room silenced in shock at what the blond just did. Did he just openly defy the raven-haired teen?

Vanitas eyes widened in shock before it narrowed and his lips curved into a smirk. "Getting feisty now aren't we Ventus?" he sneered.

"Look Vanitas, our deal was that I become your boyfriend for a day, not for the whole year so buzz off," Ventus exclaimed standing up and looking at the ravenette in the eye. The blond heard his classmates whisper to each other wondering what he was talking about. He knew they wouldn't understand; how would they? They weren't there when he made that bet with the ravenette.

The blond saw Vanitas take a step closer towards him making him step back cautiously. "I know, but that doesn't mean I would stop amusing myself now would it? Sure, you're not my boyfriend anymore but that doesn't mean I have to stop playing with you right?" Vanitas said in a low tone tilting the blonde's chin with his index finger and licking Ventus's upper lip.

Ok, now the blond can't stop the blood rushing to his cheeks. "T-this is sexual harassment Vanitas!" The blond yelled as the ravenette snaked his arm around the blonde's waist.

"You think I care Ventus?" He whispered seductively smirking at the flushing blond. Of all the bitches and fights he encountered, the most entertaining was Ventus. He couldn't put his finger on it but he just got the feeling of excitement whenever he and the blond conversed. The way the blonde's eyes would flare up when their fights got heated, the way he would show his embarrassment and discomfort whenever the ravenette got close, the rare smiles he received whenever he'd go out of his way to please the blond (though he seriously questions why he'd do that at times). Everything about the blond just amused him. It wasn't like how it was with his bitches where he got bored and tired of their clinginess or his fights where he saw immense fear on his opponents's eyes. No, the blond did not show any of these traits.

The classroom doors opened yet again revealing a woman in her mid 20s with a book and notebook in hand. "Morning class sorry I'm late," She giggled but then stopped when she saw the fallen table, the silent class and the two close teens that got everyone's attention. "Whoops, did I interrupt something?"

Ventus splashed his face with the cold water that ran from the sink. It has been hours since his first period class and news have spread rapidly about the conversation he had with Vanitas. People had started believing that they were not a couple because of what Vanitas said in class, but nevertheless, their date and relationship are still being questioned. This time, Ventus cannot honestly answer. He wasn't sure what their relationship was. He knew that he hated the teen but what did Vanitas feel about him? Did he hate him as well or was he just like a toy to the ravenette that would be discarded when he finally got bored or tired.

The blond sighed tiredly as he wiped his face with a handkerchief and preceded to the canteen, well actually, a more appropriate word was dash. He ignored the people calling out his name until he reached the table where his brother and his friends were currently eating.

"Hi Ven!" Xion greeted happily at the panting blond who sat between her and Roxas. The other people sitting on the table greeted the blond as well one after the other.

"So, how'd not reacting to Vanitas go?" Roxas asked taking a bite off his sandwich.

"Didn't go as planned. God, the guy just won't stop harassing me!" Ventus whined as he took some of the fries on his brother's plate.

"Don't worry Ven, we're talking about Vanitas here. We understand how hard it is to ignore the guy," Xion said patting the blonde's back in a sisterly way.

"Xion's right. Vanitas just has this power to annoy the living daylights out of a person. He was born with pure evil and darkness in his heart! Seriously, if you look close enough, you could see the little horns on his head," Sora exclaimed using his two index fingers as fake horns to show what he meant. The table ended up laughing at how Sora looked while imitating a devil. God, the boy can't just stop looking adorable.

"You know I think I can see horns on you as well Sora, I mean you are related. Here it is." Roxas joked tugging on two brown spikes on the brunette's head.

"Ow Roxy, that hurts you know." Sora complained tugging on blond spikes as well.

"Hey guys, stop pulling each other's hair or both of you just might end up bald," Kairi giggled beside Sora.

Ventus chuckled as he watched the whole scene flash through his eyes. He still couldn't believe Sora and Vanitas were related. They were complete opposites! Sora was kind, selfless, innocent, cute, a little dense, and totally fun to be with whilst Vanitas was evil, selfish, perverted, sly and sexy. Hey, the blond was not about to lie here and say the ravenette was ugly, cause obviously, he wasn't.

Suddenly the image of the ravenette sleeping on the rooftop yesterday flashed through his mind. Ok, he stands corrected, the ravenette could look cute; does that mean Sora could look sexy as well?

Anyways, that wasn't the point. The blond mentally sighed, he wondered what would happen if Vanitas was more like his younger cousin. He couldn't imagine but he was sure they'd actually be good friends, I mean, c'mon, he and Sora was pretty close.

"Hey Ventus, where's Aqua and Terra?" Roxas asked curiously.

"They're busy studying in the library. They have research to do I think," Ventus thought thinking of what his best friends told him on the way out of his classroom.

"So that's why you're not with them," Kairi thought.

"Anyways, Ven, what was that I heard about you and Vani not actually being a couple?" Xion asked nudging the blond. Ventus inwardly groaned. He wished he could have avoided that question this lunch time.

"Their relationship is complicated Xion so just leave it," Roxas informed still tugging at the brunette's locks whilst the other does the same. "Stop tugging on my hair Sora and I'll stop tugging on yours!"

"You stop first since you started it!" Sora exclaimed tugging on the other's hair harder. Ventus chuckled; Sora was the only one who could make Roxas act childishly, just like how it was only Zack that could make his older brother act like how Roxas was currently acting.

Unknown to all of them, Kairi and Namine started to whisper to each other quietly.

"C'mon Nami, this is your chance, it's official that those two aren't a couple," Kairi whispered to the shy unconfident girl.

"B-but I'm not even sure if he likes me," Namine stuttered. Kairi merely rolled her eyes before abruptly standing up on the table catching everyone's attention.

"Hey Xion, can you go with me to the bathroom for a second please?" Kairi pleaded her cerulean eyes gleaming.

"Um ok?" Xion said unsurely.

Sora felt a kick on his shin as Kairi and Xion started walking off.

"Ouch, what was that for Kairi?" Sora practically shouted earning a glare from the red head. It was then that the brunette remembered what the girl had asked of him to do. Looking back at the red head unsurely, Sora tugged on Roxas's uniform.

"Um Roxy, I think you pulled too hard on this spot in my head cause it really hurts. Can we go to the nurse's office?" The brunette said hoping the blond would buy it.

"...Alright..." Roxas said suspiciously before the brunette grinned and dragged him out of the cafeteria. That left only Namine and Ventus on the lunch table.

"Hey, so Nami, watcha sketching over there?" Ventus asked in curiosity. He scooted closer to the other blond making the teenage girl blush a light shade of pink.

"N-nothing," She stuttered bringing her sketchbook near her chest.

"Aw c'mon we're friends right?" Ventus grinned now sitting beside the blond girl.

"It's nothing special really," Namine said again looking at anything other than the cute older blond beside her. Ventus pouted a bit at the blonde's reluctance to show her artwork. Ven knew the girl had talent in arts and he'd love to see her sketches, though she mostly hid it from everyone except a few chosen people. Sometimes he wished he was one of them. The blond really liked Namine; she was sweet and a good friend. He wondered why she would sometimes distance herself from him.

"So, I'm not exactly that close with you yet that you wouldn't trust me with your art?" Ventus asked shocking the other blond. Namine immediately shook her head and saw Ven's hurt expression. Sighing, she hesitantly gave her sketchpad to the older blond.

"Here," She said shyly while Ventus grinned. On the page the young blond was sketching on earlier was a picture of him laughing heartedly which he assumed was when his brother and the brunette started pulling on each other's hair. Ventus slightly blushed knowing the younger blond was actually sketching him a few minutes ago.

"I'm sorry. Maybe I should've asked if I could have sketched you before I actually started," Namine said blushing scarlet.

Ventus only chuckled before patting the blonde girl's head. "Don't worry, I don't mind. I actually like it very much. You think it's alright if I could keep this picture of me?" Ventus asked ghosting his fingers on the page.

"S-sure!" Namine said oh-so quickly making herself put a hand on her mouth.

Ventus merely laughed at how adorable the girl looked. "Awesome," He said before ripping off the page from her sketch book. The blond grabbed Namine's hand and took it off her mouth making the 14-year old teen blush like a tomato. He handed her back her sketch pad before ruffling her hair once again.

"You know, you don't have to be shy around me Nami. I mean we are good friends right? Though I have to say, it is cute seeing you blush like that," Ventus teased. Namine felt herself burning up. There was a small voice in Ventus's head that asked him if he was actually flirting with the blond. Well she is cute and sweet. I wouldn't mind it if she asked me out.

Are you sure Namine is who you really want to go out with? The small voice asked making the blond mentally raise an eyebrow. Well, if what he was feeling now wasn't attraction; then he wondered what the hell it could have been. Gah, whatever, the little voice in his mind was confusing him so he was just going to kick it aside for now.

The school bell rang signaling the end of lunch break. Students from all over the cafeteria started to stand, throw their unfinished lunch on the trash can and walk off towards the canteen's doors. Ventus followed the crowd and stood up, nudging his blond companion to stand up as well.

"C'mon Nami, before we both arrive late in class," Ventus grinned holding out a hand towards the girl.

"Y-yeah," The blue eyed freshman said taking the hand shyly while blushing a light shade of pink. Maybe I do have a shot with Ven…Namine thought as the two walked out of the cafeteria side-by-side.

Ventus heard the bell ring signaling the end of classes once more. The rest of the day turned out better than Ven expected, but that didn't mean it was all rainbows and sunshine with sugar and honey on top. Quite the opposite really, it was as bitter as hell. People still kept asking what his relationship with Vanitas really is while some still continued to believe they were a couple who were madly in love and their little argument from this morning was only because of a lover's quarrel they have yet to resolve. Idiots

Not only that, but Ven had just encountered a new problem. Seeing that the blond became very popular and well-known all over the school for dating Vanitas, people started paying attention to him, who he was and how he looked. He heard from Lea and some of his other friends that he was getting a lot of attention from both girls and guys but they were too afraid to approach him because they thought he was in a relationship with Vanitas, though because of their little episode this morning, guys started thinking he was finally available. Numerous teens began to make some moves. Whenever the blond walked from one class to another he wouldn't, couldn't miss the hungry lustful gazes of some of his schoolmates. There were some who even dared to tap him from behind, wolf whistle and ask him out. He was surprised that he hasn't died from burning yet because he totally felt like his face was on fire whenever the guys made advances.

He only thought the afternoon was better than he expected because he had not once seen the ravenette the whole time after lunch. He figured the teen was skipping his classes again, staying somewhere where he can isolate himself from human society. Ah yes, the joys of life when the ravenette was not here. No teasing, no bullying, no annoying face to glare at and no sexual harassment, well other than that of his schoolmates of course, but he can handle those. A glare and a few barks and threats usually drove them off.

Ventus waved at his brother as he saw the younger blond waiting for him in the hallway with his other friends. He ran up to them and greeted the bunch like he usually did.

"So Ven, how was the rest of your day?" Kairi asked with mild interest observing the blond was a little more relaxed than he was when they met him at lunch.

"Surprisingly, a little better. Vanitas wasn't at class the whole afternoon," Ventus grinned, walking with the group as they walked towards the building's exit.

"Lucky you then," Kairi giggled.

"Vani should really go to his afternoon classes though…he's gonna get in trouble with his teachers," Sora sighed.

"You're too nice Sora. Why would you care 'bout the guy anyway," Roxas asked glaring slightly. He wasn't too happy that the brunette cared about the ravenette so much, probably even a little bit more than him, his best friend! The guy was pure evil, he disliked the idea that Sora would care for someone who doesn't even seem human.

"Jealous much Roxy," Xion giggled teasingly earning an elbow on her side from the blond next to her making her yelp surprisingly from the pain.

"No matter how much of an ass munching son of a bitch, mind fucking bastard he is, he's still my cousin Roxas so of course I'll care 'bout him!" Sora exclaim grinning.

Ventus saw the irritated look on his brother's eyes and grinned slyly, patting the younger blond on the shoulder. "Relax Roxy; I don't think Vanitas or any other person could steal little ol' Sora there away from you." Ven whispered teasingly on the blonde's ear earning a glare from his younger brother.

"What's that even suppose to mean?" Roxas hissed making Ven laugh. The brunette of the bunch looked at Ventus questioningly with Kairi and Namine while Xion joined in the laughter being the only one near enough to hear the conversation of the siblings. They all walked the road towards their houses chatting lightly, before each going their own way when they reached a certain intersection. Ten minutes later and the two blondes were alone walking on the empty street towards their house.

"So, how are you gonna deal with Vanitas tomorrow? You said you couldn't actually ignore the guy right?" Roxas asked curiously looking at his older brother intensely.

"I'm still gonna try to ignore him, well hopefully I can. The guy's a molester as well as a bastard so I know it's really hard but damn I can't think of any other way he'd lose interest in me," Ventus sighed, his head lowering down in dismay.

Roxas looked at his brother with sympathy. "If you really want you could always ask Cloud for help, he'll probably find a way to get rid of Vanitas for you," the younger blond explained trying to cheer his brother up.

"I want Vanitas to leave me alone, not dead so maybe I'll just use that as a last resort or something," Ventus laughed awkwardly.

"If you say so," Roxas shrugged. Another person who was also tremendously kind at heart, the younger teen thought. Or maybe he has another reason of why he doesn't want Vanitas to be killed. Roxas smirked, laughing at the possibility of his brother liking the ravenette. He knew it was far-fetched and impossible but it doesn't hurt to imagine right. He chuckled as he continued to think of how the two upperclassman would act if they were together making Ventus look at him strangely.

"What're you laughing 'bout Rox?" Ventus asked curiously watching his brother shake his head as if to rid something off his mind.

"Nothing I think you wanna know," Roxas continued to smirk creeping his brother out. Yeah, he probably didn't want to know what the younger blond was thinking.

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