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Hey guys. Sora here. Some of you were a little surprised when I brought my tale of becoming a Werewolf up to date-
Up to date? You call that up to date?
Shut up Riku. I'm getting there. Anyway, I brought it up to date, and left it at that. Well, a few things happened since then, and Riku's a part of them. He found the original copy – you know, the one I actually wrote down and you guys got to read – which let me talk to him about it, and now he's taken it into his blood-deprived mind to copy me. So I'm around to fill in what he misses, and generally have a laugh at his expense.

Are you done humiliating me now, Sora?
Go ahead, Riku. I'm sure they're waiting breathlessly to hear what stupid things you got into.

How kind of you.
What Sora's neglected to tell you is that once again, we've found ourselves on the opposite side to each other. Except this time, it's because he's a huge ball of fur-
Hey! Cut that out!

A huge ball of fur, like I was saying, and I'm a vampire. We're also probably the only ones of either of our kinds to stay friends even after it happened, even though we're meant to naturally be trying to kill each other. But c'mon, he's my friend – you can't ask me to go round killing off my friends.
Probably just as well, 'cause I'd beat you any day.

We're not going to find out though. Because it'd be a bit fatal for one of us, and coming down with a case of the dead isn't exactly my idea of a good time.
Anyway, my account picks up somewhere in the middle of his tale.
See, while he was busy playing the good pet dog up at Vampire central, I was trying to track him down to go Heartless hunting with him.
Good fun. They're not even hard to find. Then it's just a contest to see which of us can get the most.

Yeah, except that one time the Neo-shadow sneaked up behind you.
Not my fault. You could have said something.

I was busy at the time.
Get back to the story Riku.

You distracted me.
I picked up his trail in Wolford – that's the name of the Werewolf village. It's remains, anyway.
It was deserted except for a lot of charred wooden ruins. Since the entire place was made from wood, it's practically a fire waiting to happen.
Blame that on your friends.

They weren't my friends at the time, and most of them still aren't.
The hotel, easily the largest building of the lot, was about the only thing that wouldn't have fallen down if you sneezed at it. There was some evidence of people staying there very recently, as what wasn't toasted had been brought down into a sheltered part of the lobby's remains to make a kind of makeshift bedroom for three.
Three guesses who they were. Remember where I left the others when I went off looking for trouble?

At the time, I had no idea it was them. At least not until I poked about a bit. There must have been a scuffle of some kind, because Kairi would never leave behind her necklace, the one with the silver bead on it, and that's what I found.
I wondered why she didn't have it up at the vampire castle. What happened to it?

I'm not sure actually. It disappeared on me overnight some time after then.
Maybe it was returned to her when their memories were changed.

Probably, but you're getting us sidetracked again.
Besides this necklace of hers, I had no leads, and no direction. I knew they'd all come here to investigate something odd about it, and clearly there'd been mass fighting with the use of fire, but that was about all I know. Not really helpful.
As it turned out, I didn't need to go looking for her. I stayed the night, though I can't say about sleep. That place is creepy. The entire place creaks, and the wind through the ruins whistles. It sounds almost like dead people's voices.
Maybe it's the ghosts of the werewolves.

I don't believe in that sort of thing, Sora.
You don't have to believe. Stuff like that happens.

Oh yeah? How?
Just look at the Ritual. Four other werewolves show up – but I'm the only real, living one there.
That's different. Your Kathann brings them back for it
Doesn't mean they can't come back on their own.

Probably because I couldn't sleep, I noticed more. For one thing, I wasn't alone. Not ghosts, but people.
Hah. People? Them?

Stop that.
They wore dark stuff to blend in, but if you've ever been up at night you know your eyes start to adjust to the darkness and you can make stuff out. If you're wearing the wrong kind of dark clothes, you'll stick out like a sore thumb to someone who can see in the dark pretty good. Someone like me.
They looked like they were looking for something. I wasn't interested in picking a fight with them, not late at night anyway, so I kept to the shadows of the shelter and watched.
Some of them did search the remains of the hotel. I heard them talking while they did. I can't be certain I remember it right, but if I do the conversation went something like this.
"Didn't we already search this place?"
"You know what the Master's like. Do it right, or do it again."
"Yeah, then if you still don't, you don't get to keep on living," a third voice called.
"Keep it down!" the first snapped. "If there is someone here, you're going to wake them up."
As if he wasn't already. I don't think the idea of being subtle has ever occurred to vampires. Present company excepted, that is.

"There isn't going to be anyone else here," the second complained. "It's a burnt wreck."
"Humans have these things called 'legs' Vidan," the first explained slowly, as if to an idiot. "They use them to move around from place to place. And this is a place, you know."
In the darkness, I could see the one called Vidan. He scowled at someone I couldn't see, muttering something under his breath, then louder, "Who in their right mind would want to come here of all places?"
"Us?" the third voice called. "Gotta trail here boss."
Of course, as werewolves haven't invented stone streets yet, the dusty paths were littered with my footsteps.
We know about stone, Riku. It's just there isn't any around the town to use. Kinda hard to build with stone you don't have.

Don't you ever trade with others?
Werewolves don't like outsiders. They have to act human, which isn't easy for a lot of them. They also can't talk so openly about things because we're not allowed to discuss it, so it's always been avoided.

Where did you learn so much about the history of the werewolves, by the way? You didn't exactly spend long with them.
Kathann stops by from time to time. He likes to reminisce about the older times so he doesn't forget.

He's a God, Sora.

How can he forget if he's a God?
Hades is a God too, Riku. You'd think being a God he'd be all-powerful and all that, but he still lost out to me. Several times, at that.

Eh, guess you got a point there.

Yeah, I know.
One of them was apparently smarter than the rest and notices the trails of dust on the remains of the carpet in the lobby that I'd left during my search, and naturally they found me.
That is to say, one of them dropped down from above unexpectedly, grabbed my by the shoulders and hauled me up into the air.
Bet you didn't know we could fly, Sora.
I heard it talked about a few times. I never actually saw it happen myself. I've often wondered why they didn't fly while they thought, until I realised that most aren't intelligent enough to hold two thoughts at once. If they'd tried to fly and fight, they'd probably get it wrong.

You're taking all the fun out of this. How am I meant to surprise you with what we can do if you already know?
Chalk it up to being stuck as their pet for all that time. Spend long enough around people and you're bound to pick up on things. Isn't that how you found out about what happened to me?

Yeah, but that's later on in the story.
Where was I?
The undead bloodsucker had just picked you up and had you hanging around in mid-air.

I struggled to get free of course, but I've since discovered that vampires are a little stronger than they look like they should be. He wasn't about to let go of me that easily.
"Look what I found," he called down to the others. There were only five of them, him included.
"See? I told you there'd be one here," the first said to Vidan, who muttered something. "What was that?"
"I said you were right, alright!" he snapped, scowling again. "Don't rub it in. It's bad enough as it is."
"Aren't we a little nasty today?"
"I'm not having a good week."
"It shows. Poor you. First you let that dog scare you into letting him loose, then the Master punishes you by taking away your mealtime today, and now you turn out to be completely wrong about here..."
"Shut up," Vidan cut him off. "You don't exactly have a glowing record either."
"At least I'm not afraid of the big bad wolf," he grinned back, causing the others to laugh nastily.
If you've read Sora's account of what happened, you know what they were talking about.
The one holding me had perched on the remains of a wall nearby during the banter, leaving me still hanging in front of it.
I gave it a good kick on one side, making it shake a fair bit. It made him lose balance slightly, but he didn't fall. The sound attracted the attention of the others again.
"So what should we do with it, boys?" the first asked.
"I'm feeling a little hungry," one of the others grinned, momentarily flashing a pair of sharper teeth.
They're called fangs.

I know what they are Sora, I didn't know at the time, remember?
"What do you reckon?" the first called up to the one holding me. "Think we should give it to Jake as a snack?"
"He smells like a good meal," I heard him say behind me. He drew me up slightly to sniff at my neck deeply, then went on, "But you know what we gotta do. Master's Orders."
"And there I was looking to a gourmet meal," Jake shook his head. "So who gets to do the honours?"
They looked to each other, and an argument quickly broke out between them over it.
I judged the distance to the floor, then glanced up to look at the one still holding me.
"You really should get out more," I told him. "You look like someone dipped you in white paint."
"You really shouldn't make such noise," he sneered at me. "You look like I could take care of this for them."
"So why haven't you?"
"I don't feel like getting in trouble with the Master for it... yet."
"Too bad for you, huh?"
"Don't push your luck. I might decide it's worth the risk."
Strong as he might have been, he wasn't expecting me to do anything to him. Much less grab his arms and yank forward. He completely lost balance, letting go of me in an attempt to try and stabilise himself. I dropped to the floor, only just managing to avoid harm, ignored the thud of him falling down beside me, and quickly headed round another wall. I could have fought them, but putting as much distance as I could between me and them seemed like a better plan.
I had hoped that their argument would keep them distracted for long enough to find somewhere I could get some rest for the night, but as I left I knew they'd stopped arguing the moment their friend had hit the floor.
There passed just a few moments where they contemplated what they saw, then I heard, "Don't let him get away!"
Why does everyone yell that when people run? You'd think they'd lead the chase instead of standing there telling everyone else to do it.

That's probably because they don't expect it to happen. I didn't expect to get caught again either, but it happened. I was near the edge of down when they finally caught up with me. Two of them came up behind, a rope between them, swooped low and tripped me up.
They'd have had me then, but I decided if they were going to play dirty, I was going to make them work to get their hands on me again. I drew out my own keyblade, sending one of the two – Jake, I think actually – flying back down the path and into one of the others.. The other tried to grab at me again, but stopped after he got my keyblade in his face.
Nice person, aren't you?

I didn't have any reason to be nice to him.
He vanished after that, and I've no idea what happened to him.
I was told about it once. Only me or something called Aconitum – or Wolfsbane if you prefer – can actually kill a vampire. Anything else if it would kill a normal human, makes them disappear and re-form somewhere else.

I guess that explains that. You're more useful than you look, for a hairball.
Don't mock it – the fur's good in all weather.

Except the rain.
...alright, yeah, except the rain.

Anyway, while Jake and the one he'd landed on were for some reason fighting each other, the last two came after me. I'd have struck out at them too, except one, the first one who seemed like he was leading them, he held out his hand as he approached, then swung it toward a wall nearby. I was picked up and thrown into it as he did so. Not just thrown onto it, but it seemed like for as long as he held his hand out at me, I was held against it as if a giant hand was crushing me against it.
"Should I do it?" Vidan asked him.
"Quickly. Before they finish fighting. Don't give them time to get jealous."
Vidan flashed him a quick grin, then turned to me, his fangs now in full display.
I was slid down the wall so I was just off the ground, and so Vidan could reach.
In my defence, I did try to hit him as well, but their leader noticed me trying and with his other hand delivered a crushing blow to my keyblade wielding hand, forcing me to drop it.
Vidan's eyes seemed to glint an evil red in the darkness as he drew close, then I felt it; the fangs puncture my neck.
I felt like I was being drained and weakened at the same time. Everything seemed to grow darker after a few moments, and I remember as Vidan let go, I was dropped to the floor. I couldn't get up enough strength to get up again.
Before I lost consciousness I heard Vidan lick his lips then say, "It's done. He's ours now."