Forgive me, everyone.
You don't know why I'm saying that yet, but believe me, by the time I'm done you will.
I had to do something I already hate myself for, but there was no other choice.
Try not to judge me too quickly.

I don't know how long it's been since I last let you know what was going on, and honestly I don't actually care. But I've got to start somewhere.
Last time I stopped by, I told you I'd been put at the head of a new family of vampires that was trying to follow in my footsteps – avoiding it as much as possible, even trying to find a cure. They never did, incidentally.
The problem with this was that all the other feuding vampire families noticed that I was getting a much bigger portion of the vampires created when the Rite happened than they were, and decided I was getting too powerful. Naturally, they decided I had to be removed.
With the Master's demise, the plant werewolves call Wolfsbane, the only thing besides them that can kill a vampire, began to flourish again, and with it bloomed a new black-market trade among those werewolf packs that did not listen to Sora, the vampires who wanted to bump each other off for an easy way to climb the ranks, and those humans who hated either of our kinds and just wanted to be rid of us.
Sora did his best to keep the packs in line, but since the Rite had also turned Kairi into a werewolf too, he couldn't keep running around them all, especially not the distant ones. The packs nearest my vampire town were at least neutral when it came to us, though a few were more friendly. But most of them despite Sora's efforts retained the age old enmity between our two kinds.
With both werewolves and vampires trying to get rid of me, we had it hard. My vampires took great losses, more from insiders that came in under various guises and surreptitiously spread the poison that started killing us.
That same poison is just as effective on werewolves too. Remember that. Very important fact.
In an attempt to protect me and my family of vampires, Sora ordered three pack-leaders to follow him into my town to root out every last assassin that had snuck in, find every trace of Wolfsbane, follow every trail until it was no longer in my city.
He made a mistake in trusting the loyalty of one of those packs.
While they were all out in force, Sora came up to my own house – which against my wishes, the other vampires had insisted on being a central castle, just like the old Vampire Central. He and Kairi both came and stayed. It was a nice reunion, at least. They'd managed to get over what I am quite some time ago, so things were friendly between us again.
But one of the werewolves that had come along, instead of destroying the Wolfsbane he found, instead kept it, sneaked into the castle, and attempted to poison me. I still keep in the habit of eating normally even though it isn't necessary. But what I'd had brought up wasn't just for me – it was for Sora and Kairi too.
Kairi had eaten out that day, and so said she'd eat later. The best thing she ever did, believe me.
Since I didn't need to eat and Sora did, I sat back and let him tuck in. If you've ever seen him eat when he's really hungry, you know how he can eat a lot, really quick.
After a while he slows down, and when he did that he started complaining of stomach cramps. This isn't unusual, even Kairi just accused him of eating too quickly at first. When it didn't go away after an entire hour we started to worry.
Kairi was the first to suspect something was wrong, catching what she described as a 'rough, almost alien smell' to Sora's breath. I was absently reaching to the food still on the table when she realised where it was coming from and stopped me.
"Riku, no! That's what caused it!" she warned me. I took a wary sniff, then almost choked – the smell of the only deadly poison I had to worry about is very powerful to vampires.
"We need a cure and quickly," I thought out loud. "I don't know how quickly it works."
"I could ask Kathann. He'd know. But..."
"I've never had to do it without Sora, or at least another werewolf. I don't really like to fight, and if someone tries to get to me..."
"I could send some of my vampires with you," I offered, but she shook her head.
"He won't respond if you're around. He knows what you and Sora are trying to do, but he's a bit set in his ways."
"What about the werewolves that he brought here?"
"There's a werewolf overtone to this. Whoever planted it was a werewolf, and I'm guessing they were trying to get you, not Sora."
"We have to do something, Kairi!"
"I'm going to have to chance it. Don't let anyone eat from that table, Riku. Keep Sora safe until I get back."
Easier said than done. I had the food burnt, an order which surprised the vampire I got to see to it, but once he found out why he got right on it. I also insisted that he and anyone else who went near it took extreme care, especially with the smoke that would come from it. I had no idea if the smoke would be toxic, and I wasn't going to take any chances.
By nightfall, Sora's condition had worsened. His breathing was laboured, his temperature was so high it felt like being burned just to touch him, and he drifted in and out of painful consciousness sporadically. The mighty werewolf champion, my best friend, was deathly ill, and there wasn't anything we could do about it until Kairi came back.
I ignored sleep that night to keep an eye on him, doing anything I could. Any vampire that knew anything to relieve Sora's conditions was sent for, anything that would make him even slightly better tried. But he's a werewolf, and natural remedies don't work too well on them. I even called in a vet, someone better suited to working with true wolves, and even they couldn't help.
Kairi did not return by morning, and with Sora rapidly slipping away from us, I was starting to worry. I send all three packs running on his behalf, borrowing his authority because he was so unwell. One pack was sent to find Kairi, the second Kathann, and the third to spread the word that I needed a cure and fast.
No responses came. No werewolves returned to my town, no vampires came in. Not even to try and get rid of me. News spread quickly that someone had managed to poison Sora, and the rumours went around like wildfire.
Naturally as a vampire, and his host, I was the chief suspect among the werewolves. Most vampires who were against me did everything they could to enforce that. Even my own vampires started to abandon me, going their own way.
So I did the only thing I could. The poison was in his bloodstream. Had he been human, had he not been my friend, I could have saved him simply by turning him. But he'd already been turned once, into a werewolf – who knew what would happen if I tried to do the opposite? Maybe it wouldn't matter, and if I tried it would kill him. But I had to do something.
I ordered everyone out, locked the door and then I bit him, drained him of his blood like I would have anyone else. What I was doing meant that the normally sweet taste of the blood felt come back foul instead.
I knew whatever the result, I'd need to wait before I'd know how it had gone. Thanks to the efforts of my own vampires, we knew this was about ten minutes. These ten minutes crawled past like an eternity. I counted them using my pulse – I'd just fed, so I had one for long enough to keep time with it, at least. I had to try not to think about just who it was I'd just bitten to get that pulse though.
With more apprehension than I've ever felt before, I put a hand on Sora's chest. He still had laboured breathing, but he was at least breathing, allowing me to sigh in relief. I hadn't killed him. What's more, I could already feel his temperature had dropped, and I could hear his breathing start to become more regular.
But that wasn't what I was worried about – no vampire has ever bitten a werewolf before. No one knew what to expect, what would come of it. Until now.
Using the strength I had from being a vampire, I pulled his teeth apart. I had to be sure of what I'd done. Sure enough, as soon as I got his mouth open enough, the fangs appeared. A check in the eyes confirmed it; Sora was a vampire. But was he a werewolf too? Had I taken one gift and replaced it with another?
I had no way to be sure. Either he was a vampire, or he was both. Until he recovered or the next full moon, I wouldn't be able to find out. But he couldn't stay here, not with both werewolf and vampire avoiding the place.
I had several vampires that were already leaving me take him with them and warned them of what I'd done. I insisted that they not tell anyone, not even Sora until they were certain of what he'd become.
Then I found the housekeeper for my castle and left him with separate notes for Kairi and Sora in case they ever turned up. I doubted it, but I figured it was better to take precautions.
With that seen to, I turned my back on the town and left it in the hands of those who remained there. I couldn't face Kairi after what I'd done, and I didn't want to be near Sora either – but I had to know what I'd done, so I followed the vampires I'd entrusted him to, keeping to a safe distance so they wouldn't notice me.
It was two days later when Sora came to. He recognised the company of the vampires, but true to form did not lash out at them, or even treat them badly. He asked what he was doing there, and they told him; he'd been poisoned and I'd done my best to cure him. They told him he might not be the same, but he gave me another sigh of relief when he turned into a wolf and back.
I haven't seen Sora since then. Who knows what he is now. Both a werewolf and a vampire... I don't know if he's discovered what I gave him or how he reacted to it. I dread to think what Kairi would say.
I don't know what I'm going to do now. I'm not trusted any more, not since both sides think I'm responsible for trying to poison Sora. Sora and Kairi... well, you've no doubt gathered my view there.
Right now, I'm laying low and trying not to attract attention to myself.
I hear rumours from time to time, suggesting that Sora seems to be going about his life as normal, but I also hear rumours that speak of an unknown vampire that's leaving both werewolf and human alike sucked dry with only a short note that reads 'sorry'.
I suspect a connection. But I don't want to go and verify it. It sounds like Sora is as reluctant to accept his vampiric gift as I was.
So for what I've created in him... I'm sorry.
And to Sora and Kairi... forgive me. I did what I felt I had to.
Guess I'm not everyone's favourite vampire anymore, huh?