This is a sequel, set in the same universe as "Control", not a direct follow-up to earlier events. Just to be clear. :)

Puck/Kurt, future!fic, established D/s-relationship. Includes sex toys, women's lingerie, and other fun stuff. Enjoy!


by overdosingonyou

Kurt was almost unbearably hot when he was pliant.

Puck didn't even know why. Maybe it was because it happened so rarely. Sure, Kurt was hot when he was bitchy and annoyed, snorting (although Kurt claimed he didn't snort, he sniffed) and muttering about what Puck chose to wear or eat. He was hot when he was laughing, too, that free laughter that would sometimes escape when he was watching some ridiculous Youtube video, or when he was talking to Mercedes over Skype and being regaled with a new "disaster date" story or something. Not to mention he was hot when he was flustered; flushing and showing just the slightest hint of vulnerability, which happened just about once in a blue moon and mainly when he was caught off guard or having a bad day.

There was just...something extra special about seeing Kurt being pliant. When he let go of his inhibitions and allowed Puck to rule over him without protest or complaint. When he smoothly slid to his knees, presenting his entire body for Puck to form, use and play with, allowing Puck to take complete control of both his pleasure and his pain.

Puck knew that Kurt liked it too, however twisted it might seem.

Once, when they had just started out experimenting, Puck had tied Kurt's hands to the headboard and teased him, just to the brink of orgasm, until Kurt, to the surprise of both of them, had started to let out breathy sobs from arousal and need.

So maybe Puck had freaked out a bit. He wasn't the most sensitive, he knew, but at least he wasn't enough of a douche to like seeing people cry. Especially not during sex because hell, that was just wrong.

So he had stopped, which had led to the first time Kurt had everbegged for something. To continue damn it, please.

In the end, that had been surprisingly hot. Watching Kurt cry had turned out to be oddly sexy and reminded Puck a bit of watching Kurt having an orgasm. Total release, although in different forms.

Another time he had seen Kurt cry was further into their weird-ass relationship when Kurt had been stressed out over an exam; in a bad mood and generally spouted hurtful things at him until Puck on a weird whim had taken him over his knee and given him a first real punishmentspanking.

Puck had been hesitant at first, his slaps harder than usual, and expecting to hear the safe-word any moment, but Kurt had kept surprisingly quiet so Puck had increased the force until Kurt had broken down and straight-out cried, sobbing and sniveling, but never saying no, never usingthat word.

Puck had already known that this was fucked up, but this was a whole new level of both hot and weird. When he had finally let Kurt off his lap, he had not been able to resist making Kurt give him a blowjob, but afterwards he had pulled Kurt into his arms and just held him until Kurt had stopped breathing heavily and (thankfully) wasn't producing snot anymore.

It was a full-out Titanic "king of the world" moment. Puck felt powerful, protective, proud and aroused, all at once. All in all, it was awesome.

Kurt had quietly pulled himself together and it sort of reminded Puck of a cat shrugging off water after accidentally falling into a lake, or something like that.

But that entire evening, Kurt had been oddly subdued. Almost a bit needy, and definitely not complaining when Puck was kind of touchy-feely with him. He simply let Puck have his way with him, pulling him close to snuggle without complaining about damaging clothes, ruining his hair or Puck smelling like sweat or whatever, like he usually did.

He was pliant, and it was absolutely hot.

As their relationship progressed, a spanking wouldn't be needed to bring out that part of Kurt. It took some figuring out, and it wasn't like things always worked or anything, but all in all, Puck was pretty happy with how things worked.

Especially when it brought on moments like these.

Kurt was kneeling in front of the bed, somehow making the position look elegant and submissive at the same time. Puck squatted before him.

For the moment he paid no attention to Kurt's cock, a stiff bulge in the cotton-candy pink panties he was wearing. Instead, he moved his hand over Kurt's hip, exploring the area where thigh became stomach with light, teasing fingers.

Kurt no longer protested when Puck told him to wear panties, but that didn't stop him from flushing whenever Puck felt like pointing out the fact that they were practically Kurt's regular type of underwear nowadays, perhaps with a leer, raised eyebrow or a pointed look. Perhaps he'd let his finger trails over the silky backside, or play with the hem... there were still so many easy ways to embarrass Kurt.

They had met up to have lunch together, walking the short distance to their favorite café (or the one that they both could agree on since it was deemed "fresh" by Kurt-whatever that meant-and could still provide Puck with hamburgers) when Puck had caught sight of something in the display window. He had grabbed hold of Kurt's elbow and nodded towards it. Kurt had flushed, then given him a look that said, "For real?" When Puck had given him a nudge he had simply rolled his eyes, still flushing, and entered the women's underwear shop with Puck trailing after him, knowing that Kurt would definitely find it even more humiliating to buy frilly pink underwear under the careful eye of his boyfriend, for the shopkeeper to see.

They weren't out about the nature of their relationship, exactly. They weren't in the closet about being together, at all, but neither of them really felt the need to announce the details of their sex life to the world at large. And if instances like these were kind of toeing the line, well, it didn't really matter because it wasn't like it involved anyone they knew.

When Puck traced a finger over Kurt's stomach, ghosting over the dark, wiry hair visible above the waist of the panties, Kurt let out a low, hitched breath that could almost be called a shudder.

Kurt hadn't been allowed to come for the better part of three weeks now. Not very long in the big scheme of things, but for the two of them it was impressive. And judging from the speed with which Kurt had grown hard, producing a wet stain of pre-cum at the front of his panties, he agreed whole-heartedly.

The bulge was sweet to look at, but however tempting it was to touch and tease it, Puck decided to focus on Kurt's nipples for now. They were pink and stiff even without stimulation. He looked at Kurt's face when he kneaded them between his thumbs and index fingers; sometimes pinching and enjoying Kurt's surprised wince and sharp intake of breath.

"I have something for you." Puck continued to knead one of Kurt's nipples with one hand, reaching out to the table with the other to grab the bag he had placed there earlier. "There's something I want you to wear."

Kurt gave him a dubious look. The expression smoothed into something neutral when Puck held up the nipple clamps, a smooth silver chain holding them together.

Puck gave Kurt's nipple one final squeeze, hard enough to make Kurt yelp, before letting go. He grinned. "I think they'll look really pretty along with the panties. Don't you?"

Kurt seemed to try for bitchy skepticism, but the flush on his face and obvious arousal rather ruined the attempt. "I'm sure," was all he said, tartly, and was promptly punished for his insubordination when Puck attached the first clamp; he hissed lowly before biting down to keep quiet.

Puck attached the second clamp carefully before leaning back on his heels to get a good look at his work.

It was sweet. Kurt was still kneeling obediently, his erection an obvious bulge in the pale pink panties. The silver chain attached to his nipples hung loosely down his stomach in a smooth, silver arch. Kurt's flush completed the image nicely.

Maybe it wasn't a composition Kurt's practiced eye would approve of, when it came down to color coordination, cut and all that, but as far as Puck was concerned, it was pretty damn awesome.

He leaned forward to capture Kurt's lips in a kiss, tugging at one of the clamps lightly. Kurt moaned into his mouth.

"So sweet," Puck murmured into his ear. He finally reached around Kurt's body to pull down his panties with one hand. Kurt's erection bobbed up, finally free of its prison. Puck encircled it with his hand, loosely stroking up and down a few times. He enjoyed Kurt's obvious embarrassment at the words. "So sweet and obedient for me."

He grabbed hold of the silver chain then, pulling it forward and down, backing up to make room for Kurt, who was forced to follow the chain until he was on all fours.

"You'd do anything for me, wouldn't you?" Puck walked around him, grabbing the lube and condoms from the table as he went, to position himself behind Kurt. He patted his backside condescendingly. "You'd do anything for a chance to come."

Kurt wiggled his ass, but without seeing his face, Puck wasn't sure if it was his version of flipping him off, an attempt to entice, or begging. It could have been any of them.

The black butt-plug, which had been pushed into Kurt that very morning, was definitely enticing, however. Puck tapped it experimentally with a finger a few times before he started to pull it out slowly.

It resisted at first, then moved slowly until it was past its thickest point. After that, it slid out easily, and Kurt let out a whimper as it left his ass completely empty. One part of Puck wanted to linger even more, but another part (mainly his dick) was telling him he couldn't wait any longer.

He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his thighs, giving his own erection a few strokes before putting a condom on himself and making himself slick with lube. He allowed himself a few moments of letting his dick brush against Kurt's waiting hole, leaning his entire body over Kurt's own and feeling the body under him shudder in expectation. He inhaled Kurt's scent, a sharp mix of warmth, arousal and sweat. He didn't allow Kurt to wear cologne around the house anymore.

Finally, he pushed himself inside. The plug has loosened Kurt enough to let Puck push himself in relatively easily. The heat and tightness was still enough for Puck to almost lose his ability to think. Unable to refrain himself, he pulled out again quickly, Kurt groaned at the immediate loss, and Puck pushed himself in again, quick and harsh. He started to fuck Kurt in steady motions.

Kurt was bucking his hips uselessly into the air with each of Puck's thrusts, moaning helplessly. Puck kept his hands over Kurt's own, pressing them into the carpet.

When he once again pushed himself in all the way, he was startled when Kurt suddenly let out a high-pitched gasp; his entire body twitching and bucking. His hole clenched around Puck's cock tight enough to bring Puck to his own orgasm. He came with a shudder, pushing his hips forward to ram into Kurt the best he could and was allowed a few short second of intensity before the wave subsided. He collapsed over Kurt's body, panting.

It took a few moments before his mind started working enough to let him acknowledge the fact that Kurt had most probably just come,with no stimulation at all except Puck's dick in his ass.

His chest swelled with pride. He rolled off Kurt's body, falling onto his back on the carpet. Kurt, still on all fours beside him, gave him a breathless look; his eyes somehow glazed over. His panties were still bunched around his thighs and his cheeks were still flushed. The silver chain attached to his nipples was brushing the floor.

One part of Puck wanted to pet and soothe him, praise him for being such a good boy that could come from Puck's dick alone. Another part of him reminded him of their most basic rule.

Kurt was eyeing him carefully.

Puck's eyes caught on the stains on the carpet where Kurt had spurted his come. He dragged a finger lazily through the biggest one, holding it up for Kurt to lick. Kurt did so, obediently.

"What a mess you made," Puck mumbled, leaning his head against one arm as he watched Kurt take his fingers into his mouth. Kurt's eyes met his, his face somewhat abashed, and Puck couldn't help but grin. "I never gave you permission to come, though."

He slipped his fingers out of Kurt's mouth to allow the other man to say, "I'm sorry."

Puck reached out to remove the clamps from Kurt's nipples. Kurt bit back on a groan when the blood was allowed to rush back into his nipples, bringing stinging pain to replace the numbness.

Puck traced through the cum stains again to allow Kurt to lick his fingers. "Yeah, I'm sure you will be."

He grinned at the grimace Kurt made.

the end