Dr. Barlow's POV

"Ahhhh, get her off the ship!" Dr. Barlow yelled. Little Red Riding hood was chasing a hydrogen sniffer all around the Captains chamber. "But she s my daughter!" the Captain yelled back. "I don't care! She is hurting everyone with her pet wolf!"

Dylan and Alek slammed through the door. They tackled the child, and put bindings around her wrists. "Officer's orders." Dylan muttered. Then he and Alek dragged the screaming girl out of the room.

"I told you so," cried "At least her wolf was tossed off the flying airship!" The Captain grumbled, and excused her from his quarters. "How rude!" she muttered, but said to Tazza "Come along."

Alek's POV

The little girl bit Dylan. He was prancing around, hollering "You Bum-rag! You bit me!" Alek sat down on top of Red. The girl squirmed, but he had it under control. She opened her jaw, and clamped it on his wrist. She rushed over to Dylan, and cried out "Save me Mommy! Daddy sat on my head."

Alek groaned. Now she thought that Dylan was her mommy, and he was her daddy. It was going to be a long day.

So sorry it is short. Crazy idea from a friend, wrote it together. I apologize for it being crazy. Hope you enjoyed it!