Little Red Riding Hood's POV

My daddy invited me on the boat. He didn't name it after me, which is too bad, because my name is awesome. I have a pet wolf. His name is Wolf. I was playing around on the flying whale, when one of the guys started freaking out, and threw Wolf off the ship. I mean, don't blame me if Wolf go's into your sleeping quarters for a midnight snack.

Anyways, back to the story. So now, I am like heart broken cause my Wolf has to fend for itself. Poor Wolf. Oh, look! Red head and Blondie are tying me up, and taking me somewhere. I bit red head! And guess what the best part is. I'm like half vampire or something, so my bite hurts! Ah, red head is sitting on me. I rush over to Blondie, and cry out "Help me mommy, daddy sat on my head!" Blondie is actually a girl, but everyone thinks she is a boy. People are so stupid.

Oh, look! They took me to my room. I will throw stuffies at them. What fun. But they better play dollies with me after.

Haha! I am still alive. Not dead. Sorry it took so long, but we haven't had much time (Me and my friend) Anyways, next chapter soon! (Ithinkā€¦)