This is slash, if you don't like it why are you here

Author's note: This takes place exactly one year after the destruction of the ring and exactly one year before Sam's daughter is born. It isn't quite canon, but never mind; myths never exist in just the one version.

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me and although I'm not using them for exactly their intended purpose I don't think it'll do them any damage.

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25th March 1420

"Good morning, Frodo, and happy New Year as well I suppose."

Frodo rolled over sleepily, looking for the owner of the voice. Sam was not beside him as he had expected, but was sitting curled in the wicker chair by the window and his side of the bed was cold, so he must have been up for a while.

"New Year?"

"Don't you remember? Strider said that today would be the start of the New Year because of…"

"Yes, I do remember. I just forgot about it being New Year, especially as it hardly seems any time at all since Yule."

Frodo looked at Sam concernedly, he hadn't turned round at all and there was no emotion in his voice. He looked so still staring out of the half of the window that had the curtain pulled back that Frodo was sure he couldn't be blinking, but it was stillness without peace.

"Are you alright?"

"What? Yes, of course I am, I was just thinking." Sam turned round and started to get up from the chair. "What am I doing sitting here like this feeling sorry for myself? It should be me asking you that. You are alright, aren't you Frodo?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Apart from worrying about you, that is."

"You don't need to, really."

"No, Sam, I do. The last few days were hardest on you, I can't remember them properly, but you do, and, and…"

"And nothing, you know wild horses couldn't have dragged me the other way when I had my mind set on it. I had the choice to make and I chose to go with you of my own free will and I wouldn't take it back, not even now."

Frodo walked slowly across the room to where Sam was now standing with his back to the window. "Do you honestly understand what you mean by that?"

"Now, Frodo, I'm not nearly as daft as my Gaffer makes out, you know I understand what I meant by it. If I hadn't gone with you Gollum would've had his hands round your neck one night and gone off with his precious and the rest of us would be dead or even worse." He pulled Frodo into his arms. "We both did what had to be done and it all worked out in the end, although I don't mind admitting there were times when I thought it wouldn't."

Frodo looked at Sam again. "I don't know what I'd do without you, but sometimes I just wish that you didn't have to bother with me."

"And I wish you wouldn't keep saying things like that. Didn't we say we'd stay together? Well, I'm not going back on my word now, and I hope you aren't going to either." Frodo shook his head, finally dislodging the tears in the corners of his eyes. "Don't cry, Frodo, you know you'll only start me off…"

But it was too late to stop either of them, so Sam gently guided them back towards the bed where they lay down in each other's arms, crying until they fell asleep again.