Well, this is a bit strange. I already have a bit of experience on this type of story's, you know, with ghost, strange things happening... basically, Psychic Detective Yakumo and Ghost Hunt are almost the same. The two boys protagonist are handsome, the two girls protagonist are a bit clumsy and end up in problems and the people helping them are funny, a bit stupid and loud, really loud. So for those that read Ghost Hunt and Psychic Detective Yakumo, please, if you have any idea contact me and tell me about it~! Thanks for reading this and enjoy your reading time~! .

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Chapter 1: I need your help

The Movie Research Club room was almost in silence. Only the sound of a soft breath could be heard, and anyone could have said that there was a sleeping person. There were a lot of rumors about that place, but only some of them were true and only some people knew about it. The 'president' of that club was one of those people, but it was false. The Movie Research Club didn't exist from the start; it was only a lie so that the 'president' could have a room for him. His name, Saito Yakumo.

The door opened and a girl appeared. It wasn't her first time entering in the club and it wouldn't be her last time, she knew who was inside. She had her hair bunched at her sides and her bangs would fell to her face. She looked around the room and didn't see the person she was searching for, but she knew that he was inside; after all, the door was open. She walked to the table, where she found out the sofa where the person she was looking for was.

She sighed and went to Yakumo's side. She stared at the sleepy face and when she was going to poke his sides, a hand stopped her.

"What do you think you are doing?" came the sleepy question of Yakumo. Ozawa Haruka blushed at that question and glared at Yakumo, who just opened his left eye, the red one.

"Nothing, seeing that you don't let me." she answered noticing that he wasn't letting go her hand. He didn't say anything, he only stared at her and then let go of her hand. She stepped aside, letting him sit comfortably so that they could talk.

"What do you want now?" Yakumo asked Haruka who was already sat in the chair in front of him. She almost smiled at that, almost.

"I have a name, you know." Haruka told him. He ruffled his hair.

"I know." He answered after yawning. Then she did smile and Yakumo saw her smiling. "What's so funny?" he asked. Haruka stopped smiling and laughed.

"Nothing, nothing..." she said waving her hand in front of her face. He continued to stare at her while she laughed and when he was about to say something...

"Never though that a young couple would be so lively." said a voice cutting Yakumo by the way. Haruka and Yakumo looked at the door, where was the person who talked.

"Gotou-san!" Haruka greeted and complained at the same time.

"I thought that i wouldn't see you again, Bear-Gotou." Yakumo said while smirking at Gotou-san, who showed his teeths.

"Who are you calling Bear? !" Gotou-san yelled while walking to desk.

"Yakumo-kun! At least you could deny that!" Haruka also yelled while blushing.

"There's no way to take seriously this bear." Yakumo answered like nothing bad happened. Gotou-san stared at Yakumo some seconds and then looked at Haruka.

"Haruka-chan, you should stop seeing this guy. You will end alone." he told her, that was still blushing.

"That's not my problem. If she doesn't get a guy that can understand her it's because of her bad temperament." Yakumo answered while walking to the mini-fridge.

"Stop!" Haruka yelled from her seat, but they weren't listening to her.

"Bad temperament? Where do you see her bad temperament?" Gotou-san asked Yakumo who was drinking something that seemed water.

"Just wait some seconds." Yakumo answered. But at that time Haruka was really pissed off.

"I told you to stop!" Haruka yelled. She was pouting because no one was thinking of her and were only teasing her. The two men looked at her and Yakumo looked at Gotou-san, who looked back.

"Told you so." Yakumo told him. Gotou-san and Haruka were going to say something to him, but Yakumo talked again, making the two of them to stop. "So, why did you two come here?" he asked. Haruka didn't answer, she just came to greet and nothing more.

"Oh, right. We found out a corpse." Gotou-san said. He was already sat in the chair next to Haruka and Yakumo was listening really interested. "Hirano Akemi, 22 years old. The cause of the death seems to be strangulation." He said. Yakumo had his right hand under his chin and seemed to be thinking something.

"And? Why are you telling me this?" Yakumo asked and Haruka wished he was more sensible. She glared at him, but he just ignored her and stared at Gotou-san waiting for his answer.

"Because the friend of Hirano Akemi said that she was feeling the presence of someone. She also told me that it happened after her friends disappeared. I thought that the ghost of Hirano Akemi was going after her, but I'm not really sure… so I need your help." Gotou-san explained. Haruka was looking down. It had been a while since she started to follow on these cases but she still feel bad for the people that ended up being the target. Yakumo was also looking down, but he was thinking.

"Okay. Where do we have to go?" Yakumo asked while standing up. Gotou-san smiled.

"It's not very far, if you are thinking that." Gotou-san answered him. Haruka just stayed where she was, she didn't move nor seemed to be thinking of doing so. Yakumo and Gotou-san reached the door but weren't hearing more foot-steps, so they looked back.

"What are you doing? You're going to stay here if you don't move." Yakumo called Haruka. Haruka stared back to find the two of them smiling at her, really smiling. She also smiled and got up, ready to go to the ghost and all the problems that came with them.

Yakumo opened the door and there appeared a boy with brownish hair and brown eyes. He seemed to be nervous, and if he was there for what Haruka was thinking, it would be normal for him to be that way. He stared at Yakumo's eyes and saw the red eye. The boy tensed and Yakumo knew why, but didn't give much importance to that. Then, they boy looked at Gotou-san.

"Umm, are you Saito Yakumo?" he asked to Gotou-san.

Gotou-san looked around and pointed at himself. "Me?" he asked almost screaming. The boy seemed to be more nervous than before.

"You aren't Saito Yakumo?" the boy asked. Yakumo looked like he was about to burst into laughing, if he was that type of person. Haruka, that was between them, pointed at Yakumo.

"He is the person you are looking for." Haruka told him smiling warmly. They boy looked at Yakumo and seemed to be more nervous, if it was possible.

"I'm Arita Kyou and I need your help." Kyou said, this time looking serious.