A fun Ignitionshipping fic about Volkner's pants.

"Volkner" Flint began "You do know how tight your pants are, right?"

"They're a reasonable tightness" Volkner replied.

Roark stifled a laugh.

"Volkner, you have an image" Riley said "An image you'd like to sustain. And all of us here have been understanding of you hiding your homosexuality, but when you wear pants that tight, leather no less, you'd much better be seen at a gay bar"

Volkner laughed.

"Tight leather pants are in style!" He defended.

"In the gay community you are trying to hide" Flint replied.

"You really think that?" Volkner asked.

All three of them nodded.

"But I love my tight leather pants!"

"But you love your reputation even more" Roark added.

"Sometimes even more than me" Flint said sadly.

Volkner stroked the offending pair of pants.

"But I win ever battle in there pants"

"You could win every battle in your underwear" Riley said.

"The opponent would die of blood loss" Roark joked.

"Ignore those idiots" Flint said.

Said idiots, protested angrily in the corner.

"You know I love you, right?" Flint said.

Volkner nodded.

"And that I care about you"

Volkner nodded again.

"And that I care so much to leave our relationship in the shadows so you could sustain your image, which anybody else would have said goodbye already"

"Get to the point Flint!" Volkner snapped.

"If you are going to trash your reputation on your own, then I should be able to bring our relationship public"

Riley and Roark gasped for dramatic effect.

"So it's the leather pants or my reputation?" Volkner said, simplifying the conversation.


"Fine. I'll stop wearing the pants" Volkner said "In public"

Flint sighed, but kissed Volkner anyway.

"Good you see it our way"