I am

I am black and jacked
I wonder what it would be like to kill RAAM
I hear kryll in the distance
I see locust coming out of emergence holes
I want to kill the locust queen
I am black and jacked

I pretend I still play Thrasher Ball
I feel my chainsaw ripping through a locust's body
I touch the trigger on my lancer when I know it's time
I worry that the war will be over soon
I cry tears of joy when I get a headshot
I am black and jacked

I understand that it is easy to kill a locust
I say "Cole Train Baby! Number 83!"
I dream about killing locust
I try to keep count of my kills but its too much
I hope that the war continues forever
I am black and jacked

I am Augustus Cole from Gears of War

This is a poem written by one of my friends. And when he read it to me I almost cried from laughter. I decided to keep it on file, in public.
It's 150 words, exact.

So I don't Cole, of GOW, nor this poem. I thought it'd be a good poem to share.