Hey, everyone! This is my very first Grudge story. I've been thinking about making one for a while, and I've also been thinking about the plot line! And to tell the truth, I am SUPER excited! This story begins right where The Grudge 3 finished! I hope you guys likey


"Many people killed in the State Building. All these people were killed in strange incidents; however, the police keep quiet about how. Strangely, however, all of these people were killed in two ways; either drowned or other unknown varibles the police would rather not show. This incident relates to the same incident which happened a month before, to the people living in Apartment 305. Reporters say-"

"Oh, wow. That must really suck." A voice said behind me, interrupting the news anchor.

I did the natural thing. I jumped.

"Josh!" I smacked the back of his head. He mock winced, and then grinned. I sighed. He was never going to learn.

"Whaaat?" He play-whined. "I'm sorry Rhiannon, I didn't mean to talk…"

I smirked. "Next time, you shouldn't' talk at all."

He rolled his eyes, and plopped on the couch next to me. "So, what are you watching?"

"Some news story on that haunted building."

"Oh, that again?"

"I know right? It's so weird. First Jake's family." She swallowed. The poor boy. Her cousin. "And then all these people." She caught a glimpse of the T.V screen, and her eyes narrowed.

"Yeah, it's like-"

"Shh." I said, putting a hand up to silence him.

There were two survivors, however. Lisa and Rose, the remaining people living on that floor, were both taken to an institution soon after Lisa started screaming, reporting a sight of a dead looking Japanese woman. This brings us back to the story of Jake Kimble's death; he had reported as well, seeing this woman, as well as a small Japanese boy. This shows us, however, that-

I shut the T.V off. This stuff was starting to freak me out.

Josh snickered beside me. "The unknown variables must have been stupidity. Psh… I went to that building and there's nothing there."

My heart dropped to my knees. "What?"

"Oh, it was for this dare. I just wanted to have some fun, right? Hey, don't worry! There's nothing there. I can promise that."

My head was spinning to fast. My boyfriend; went into that building? What if there really WAS something?

"Hey." He said again, taking my face in his hands. "Nothing's going to happen. I'll be fine." He said, and kissed me once.

"Anyways, I have to go to school; I have my biology exam today." He winced.

"Wait- who did you take with you?" I croaked.

"Ashley, Samara, Jake, and Tom." I widened my eyes, but he was already gone.

I was having a nagging, creeping feeling about this.

And I was going to check out that building.

How was it? Was it good? I've ALWAYS wanted to do this! :D Anyways, R and you can ALWAYS give me ideas if you want!