Hey, all! I just want you to know something!

First off, thank you everyone for reading all my stories! If you think that I'm not updating because I'm not interested, or I don't have anymore ideas, thent that's not it. See, I have exams and my grades are really, really dropping. I really have to get them up. So, until the Thursday of next week, I won't be able to update! But once exams are over, I'll be able to spend a lot more time on writing my stories! No, really, I actually have a plan.

So please wait until next Thursday so I can properly update! :D

Oh, and a few notices for some of my stories...

The Red Butterfly (My Fruits Basket Fanfic)- Yes, I am continuing it! Though, it is difficult without many reviews. So please read and review! It encourages me! :d

The Grudge 4- I am continuing this too! Too avoid confusion, please read this notice. I am changing the main character's name to Sienna. I just realized something... awkward. So, please regard the main characters name as Sienna! :D It's just a name change!

After Crescendo: Tempest- Of course, I am continuing this! It has a lot more chapters to go before I'm don! So please continue to read this! :D Thank you! You guys are all the greatest!

Thank you to everyone that has reviewed for each one of my stories! I really, really, really appreciate the feedback! No, really! :D Thank you so much for all the support!

Wish me luck on my exams!