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"That's bad for you," Rocket commented, sitting down next to Sinedd.

"Oh, it's you," Sinedd replied, taking another drag of his Smog-stick. "It's just the same as using the Smog and I use that all the time."

"It's still bad for you."

"What do you want Rocket? You always want something, and I imagine it's not to look out for my health."

Rocket shrugged, he was concerned but there was no point saying so, Sinedd never believed him when he said that he cared.

"It's not a hard question, there are only two things you ever want, a fight or…" Sinedd smirked whilst stubbing out the Smog-stick almost absentmindedly.

Rocket answered for him by lunging for his lips, not minding the taste of smoke that still lingered in Sinedd's mouth.


"You're bad for me," Rocket whispered to a sleeping Sinedd, sadly, before gathering his clothes and leaving. Somehow, even in sleep, Sinedd managed to look defensive and guarded; for all his trying, he'd never truly let Rocket in.

He kept telling himself that one day he'd stop this thing with Sinedd that messed everything up. But he never did, because now was never the right time.

He was addicted.

Author's note: In case it wasn't obvious, Smog-sticks were meant to be like a GF version of cigarettes. Also, I'm not supporting smoking; it was just one of those images I couldn't get out of my head. Review please!