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A Bleach & Rosario + Vampire Crossover


Part 1: Sable Foil

For the avenging angel who dies alone

I pray

For shadow's stare of parts unknown

Tis thee I waylay

The worst of it was the smoke. Everywhere around the fiery-haired boy was that omnipresent cloud of suffocation, stifling his lungs with a burning pain that was quickly becoming too familiar. Slowly, Ichigo trudged down the darkened dormitory hall, despite the growing urge to gag and cough. He knew that if he didn't find that one particular blue haired girl still trapped inside, and quickly, the growing blaze would claim both their lives.

"Damn it, why didn't I pay attention to that stupid succubus when she tried to tell me her dorm number!" Ichigo thought, chastising himself for ignoring the past flirtations of the blue haired beauty. While he felt it was sensible at the time to not listen to her advancements and get on with his day, knowing precisely where she lived would have been a helpful thing to know when trying to save her from a burning building.

It was an act of willing ignorance that the now powerless shinigami was becoming all too aware might be his own downfall.

"Can you hear me, Kurumu!" Ichigo shouted, his muffled voice barely carrying over the sound of smoldering mortar, wood, and stone.

"Ichigo...?" A voice answered, from beyond a nearby door to his left, barely audible behind the droning noise of dancing flames.

"Hang on, I'm coming to get you out!" Ichigo yelled back, just barely holding his body back from a violent fit of coughs it so desperately desired to partake in. Relying on his ears more than his eyes to guide him, the orange haired boy hobbled down the hallway to where he'd heard the voice, past a locked doorway marked 309a.

Swearing, the substitute shinigami decided on a different course of action. In a surge of motion, he lunged forward and planted his foot squarely on the door, just next to the knob. Obediently, the scorched portal gave way to the force of the blow, granting access to a demanding young warrior who was in no mood to wait. It was therein that he found her, tied roughly in simple ropes to a chair, with a single note attached that Ichigo immediately recognized as a magic power seal.

"Ichigo!" Kurumu called back in a hoarse voice, her bruised face caked in soot, and stained with dried tears. Wasting no time, her rescuer paced towards the trapped girl and started working to untie her. "It was so awful, I never saw him coming. He threatened to kill me if I screamed... he hit me so hard! I tried to fight him, I tried so hard..."

"It's okay now, I promise," Ichigo replied softly, struggling with the unyielding magic ropes. As if to demur his claim, a sudden tremor rocked the building. Sprawling prone on the floor, Ichigo barely saw it as a support beam crashed down through the ceiling where he'd just been in the hallway, through the floor below in a tidal wave of embers, ash, and sound. Slowly, the human rose to his feet. They were running out of time, and there was only one surefire way to get out left.

"Hold on, Kurumu, we're jumping," Ichigo said grimly, grabbing hold of the succubus, chair and all, and hoisting her up into his arms.

"But Ichigo, we're on the third floor, you can't!" She cried in protest, her voice barely above a whisper, "without your powers, you'll-"

"Don't worry," Ichigo said, his expression hardened in a veil of grim determination as he crossed over towards her bedroom window and unceremoniously kicked it open, "I'll be fine."

Thus, with his eyes closed tight, Ichigo leaped from the third story window, with nothing to catch his fall below except the cold, hard ground.

Prologue: A Stage Set in the Setting Sun.

Three months have passed since the events that made 'Ichigo Kurosaki' a name that would go down in the history of Soul Society as one of it's greatest martyrs. It was then, in that eleventh hour when hope seemed lost, that his might finally stopped the traitor Sosuke Aizen. That moment of triumph was not without its price, however, as the ultimate victory that saved the Soul Society came on the back of the warrior losing all of his shinigami powers. Knowing this would be the case, never once did Ichigo show a hint of hesitation while he did what had to be done.

Ongoing events of such significance do not simply stop with the defeat of one man, though. Weak from the losses incurred upon them during the war against Aizen, the Thirteen Court Guards have been slow to respond to hollows appearing in the world of the living. With several of their captain-class officers still in recovery from the wounds they received on the battlefield, the coordination of assets that would normally fall to them has become the responsibility of younger, more inexperienced members of their squads.

These substitutes have proven ill prepared and ill equipped to handle such trying times. After the systematic extermination of the majority of Hueco Mundo's most powerful hollows, the churning masses of mindless Gillians that make their home in the endless night of those desert realms have more and more frequently found their way into the living world. Indeed, without their Vasto Lorde masters to guide them, the endless hordes of hollows could pose a greater threat to Earth and the Soul Society than they ever have in the past. As a result, many of the human individuals who'd become heroes in their own right during the Hueco Mundo campaign, such as Sado Yasutora and Uryuu Ishida, have been drafted by the ailing Thirteen Court Guards in an effort to control the rising tide of hollows flowing into Japan, whether they like it or not.

With no ability to help his friends in any meaningful capacity in the labors brought on by Aizen's defeat, Ichigo has begun to slip deeper and deeper into depression. In an effort to cheer up his son, Isshin decided recently to take his family on vacation. After pulling some strings with certain influential parties in Soul Society, he was able to obtain an all expenses paid round trip to the islands of Hawaii, through winning a contest he never actually entered.

Meanwhile, oblivious to the events of epic scope happening in the world around him, Tsukune Aono returned to his family one month ago, after most of Yokai Academy was destroyed by Hitomi Ishigami. Separated from the girls pursuing his heart by order of the Monster World, Tsukune has grown more and more restless as he waits for the reconstruction and renovations of his school to finish. Hoping to maximize their memories of what could be the last opportunity they get to see Tsukune for a long time, his parents made the decision to go on a family vacation to Okinawa.

A week before the trip, Tsukune's father, Koji, received a phone call regarding a contest he'd entered days before he and his wife decided to go on vacation. Much to his surprise, his name had been drawn as one of the two winners of the contest's grand prize: An all expenses paid trip to the islands of Hawaii.

In a chance phone conversation, Tsukune let slip to the snow woman Mizore Shirayuki that he and his family were to be vacationing in Hawaii for the next ten days. Recognizing the chance for what it was, the snow woman inadvertently told her principal rivals, Moka Akashiya, Kurumu Kurono, and Yukari Sendo of the vacation. After only a few hours, the four began to hatch a daring escape plan that would let them see the target of their affections once again in the middle of a tropical paradise.

So, when the plane carrying Tsukune Aono, Ichigo Kurosaki, and their respective families flew out from Tokyo airport, neither could imagine the impending consequences of what seemed like an innocent vacation to a small island chain in the Pacific Ocean. Our story begins at sundown in the shadow of Mt. Ka'ala, as flight 402 arrives at the Honolulu International Airport.