The majority of the kids these days wanted nothing more than to be a 'Pokemon Master'. They had it all planned out: get the best Pokemon team ever, earn eight badges, and then defeat the Elite Four.

That had been my plan too. I was going to have a kick-ass team and defeat anyone who challenged me. I would be the one you saw on TV or on the front of a magazine. Everyone would know me as Johto's unbeatable champion.

So sure enough on my tenth birthday, I set out to conquer the world with my trusty Charmander by my side. Dad had bought him for me on a stall and he hadn't been cheap; he wasn't the normal Johto starter Pokemon after all. A Charizard would be an amazing addition to my team.

Too bad just three days into my journey some people dressed in black robbed me of my Charmander, sending me back home crying to my parents.

I went back to the Trainer School to study, but when my eleventh birthday came I didn't leave home with another Pokemon. I realised I had been a pushover and should have fought back instead of stand around like a lemon while my Pokemon was stolen from me.

By my fourteenth birthday, I had toughened up but I also had a new goal in life: become the world's best criminal.

I have to admit, those people dressed in black were quite cool.