I watched from behind a large tree as the girl walked down the path with her Minun. I watched her every move carefully and just wished I could move a little closer, but that would be too risky. I had been assigned the job of stalking this girl and making sure she didn't ruin anything. If she saw me walking the streets she would think nothing of it; I wear my own clothes on missions like this. I petted my Jolteon and motioned for it to follow me. I stood up from my crouched position and slowly continued on.

I wasn't entirely sure why my boss insisted on me keeping a close eye on her – she didn't seem harmful. Although she was snooping around the Radio Tower, and apparently another member had spotted someone matching her description around Slowpoke Well. She was just a kid in my eyes, but if my boss thought she was a threat then I wasn't going to ignore his orders.

Why she was so interested in us was beyond me. Kids like her shouldn't be getting caught up in these kinds of things. I was told I could approach her and talk to her if I felt need be, but for now I just wanted to see what she was up to. Hopefully the boss was mistaken, and she was just another trainer venturing around Johto.

These pathetic trainers amuse me actually, particularly this girl. They don't do anything more than collect gym badges and follow their unlikely dreams of being champions. With a weak Pokemon by her side, this girl was an absolute joke. In my opinion, kids should aim to achieve bigger and better dreams, such as what I am doing. Unlike her Minun and Ledyba, my Pokemon are something to look at. I may only have three, but they shouldn't be underestimated. They could beat her little Minun to a pulp.

Now that I think of her Ledyba, I still don't know what became of it. After I handed it over the boss looked at me like I was crazy, but I'm sure he kept it. Ledyba weren't worth our time, but would he throw away a free Pokemon? Come to think of it, I was pretty surprised when I saw the girl leave the city soon after, not even bothering to try and get it back.

Maybe she was a little bit like us after all...

I followed her all the way to Ecruteak City before I decided to stop hiding. I took my eyes off her for a few seconds and when I turned back she was nowhere in sight. Had she seen me following her? I wandered around the city before finally spotting her heading into the Pokemon Centre. I was hoping she would be staying there for a while.

Walking to a discreet part of the city, I took out my phone and dialled the boss' number. Jolteon sat by my feet and scanned the area, ready to let me know if anyone got too close.

"Boss, its Ryan," I said when he answered. "Ryan Hedrick."

I checked to make sure Jolteon was on the look out before I continued.

"Yes, I found the girl and I have been following her. Not much has happened and she is showing no signs of trou-"

I flinched and held my phone away from my ear as my boss screamed at me. If we ever dared to challenge him or disobey him he would go crazy at us. "Alright, I get it!"

I listened to what he had to say in disbelief. "You want me to do what? But wouldn't that be risky? What if she figures me out?"

When I heard a familiar beep I sighed. The boss had a habit of hanging up on me whenever I got on his nerves or didn't listen to him. He wasn't asking much, but I wasn't sure I could pull it off. All I had to do was be friendly to her and find out what she knew but that was easier said than done. Even though it had been dark when we came face to face, she still might have seen my face. If she recognises me then I've blown it. I zipped up my red hoodie – something I never do – and shoved a hat on my head that I kept in my bag for situations like these. I just hope she doesn't recognise me...

When I approached the girl – who was sitting in a booth in the Pokemon Centre – she gave me a weird look and I hesitated slightly. I cleared my throat and sat opposite her. She stared at me with a blank expression and looked around.

"There are plenty of free tables. Why did you feel the need to plonk yourself on my table?" she pointed out and asked rudely.

"Because I want to sit here, got a problem with that?"

Admittedly, I am a rude and straight forward person. I also have a bit of a temper which usually gets me into trouble with the boss, but I am just a seventeen year old. What teenager doesn't have hormonal issues? The girl smirked slightly.

"I like you," she said. "You remind me of me. But why on earth were you stalking me earlier?"

I need to be more careful, it seems. I had a feeling she would spot me but I was hoping she wouldn't. It would make this a lot easier if she hadn't caught on. Her Minun was staring at me carefully, as if it had a feeling I was the same guy who tried to kidnap it. I turned my attention back to the girl and smiled, trying to come across as friendly as possible. The last thing I needed was the Minun recognising me, especially since we're in a public place.

"I've heard about you and just wanted to know a few things."

Her eyes seemed to brighten up and she smiled widely. "What have you heard?"

I was actually hoping she wouldn't ask me that and would just get straight to the point. I really hadn't thought this through very well. How was I supposed to convince her I had heard things about her without seeming suspicious?

"Oh, not much. Just that you are chasing after a group... Team Rocket I think they are called?"

She narrowed her eyes at me sceptically. "Before I say anything, what's your name and why are you interested?"

Being an undercover Team Rocket member meant I hardly ever wore the typical uniform and I also had a codename. If I gave out my real name it would prove to be a mistake. I told her my name is 'Jet' and that I was interested because I was doing research on evil organisations. I even went to the trouble of telling her a bit about Team Aqua and Team Magma, two evil organisations that were starting up in the Hoenn region. She was still a bit wary but she nodded.

"I have a problem with them." That was all she said. Plain and simple. I took a deep breath, not wanting to flip out on her and demand her to be more specific. I kindly asked her to continue. Being nice was hard.

"Four years ago Team Rocket stole my Charmander."

That's it? She hates us because she had a Pokemon stolen from her. I wouldn't remember because around that time I was just a rookie and didn't get the pleasure of stealing Pokemon or even knowing about the Pokemon we stole. All I would do back then was petty jobs like stealing small things. The first real assignment I was given was to steal a Pokemon from Pryce, the Mahogany town gym leader. I was originally going for his Piloswine but ended up with a Snorunt which I then raised myself; the boss said I needed a new Pokemon. She's a Glalie now and because she was only young when I stole her, she thinks I'm her original trainer. I was about to ask the girl more questions when she suddenly stood up.

"I don't think I trust you. You look kind of familiar and I don't know who you really are."

Minun nodded its head and its cheeks sparked. The girl looked down at her Pokemon.

"You think so too, don't you?"


She looked straight into my eyes. "I don't know who you are but I'll ask you kindly to stop following me." And with that she walked upstairs to where the rooms are.

I didn't want to blow my cover so I didn't follow her. I motioned for Jolteon to follow me out of the Pokemon Centre. I didn't know what my next move was. Would the boss be satisfied with what little information I had? Well, he would have to be because she wasn't going to tell me anything else.

"You know Jolteon, she is pretty cute - even though she looks a mess. And she seems friendly enough... more or less. Don't let me start crushing on her okay? She's the enemy in the boss' mind."

I had no choice but to go back to the boss with what little information I could offer. I had hung around the Pokemon Centre for hours in the hope that she would come back out and I could follow her some more, but she didn't. Of course, when the boss found out I hadn't done a good job he wasn't pleased.

"I asked you to do one little thing for me but that was clearly too hard for you! You are supposed to be my most trusted, worthy member but you have let me down – something which doesn't happen often."

I would never dream of letting someone put me down like that, but talking back to the boss was a big issue. He was possibly the most threatening man you could ever meet. He wasn't one to attack straight away, but he also didn't hold back. I didn't want to risk my position in the team so I had to bite my tongue once again.

"I'm sorry boss but she is a tough cookie. She wouldn't let her guard down and was highly suspicious. Boss, she didn't seem much of a threat to us though. She is only angry with us because she was a victim four years ago."

The boss shut me up and I knew arguing wasn't going to get me anywhere. I honestly thought she couldn't do much to disrupt our plans but I couldn't make the boss see from my perspective. If the boss deemed her a threat or an enemy, then I would treat her like one. I don't know anything about her so I wasn't prepared to risk losing my position or even my job for her.

I was always the first to be filled in on our next plan of action and I sometimes even got the opportunity to present my own ideas to the boss. He listened to me quite a bit and saw me as a valued member; it was amazing how far I had come in so little time. Some of the other members have been around for nearly seven years and I have a higher position than them!

I never went anywhere without my Jolteon; it was always by my side. The boss gave every single one of us a stern talk a few months back and he said we should never let our guard down and always have a Pokemon by our side. Jolteon was my fastest Pokemon to react in situations. Flygon is my favourite Pokemon, but it can be difficult for him to hide and his agility isn't the best.

To be quite honest, when I first joined Team Rocket I didn't really know what our goal was, and when I did find out I wasn't too keen any more. The lengths we were now going to in order to get what we wanted are brutal but I have learnt to get on with it. The first Pokemon I had to butcher was a small helpless Caterpie. I hadn't cut up too many Pokemon because my main part in this was to stay undercover and make sure the police weren't around when we were.

Apparently I had to start off small. It was a hard task but the more I did it, the more I found myself enjoying it. Jolteon was a big help because he didn't mind ripping the Pokemon apart if they put up a fight. It was inhumane, I know.

But it was part of my job.

I was told that we were to go back to Ecruteak City, but not until the girl had left. The boss didn't want her around when we were going to storm the city. That meant I had to go back to the city and keep an eye on her, and then rejoin the rest of the group when she had left.

The boss was keeping quiet about our reasons for going there – usually we just skip past towns and cities that have nothing of interest there, or if there are no worthy Pokemon in the area. My guess was that we were either going after the Kimono Girls, Bell Tower – or both.

It was said that the Kimono Girls held the key to get into the Bell Tower, but whether that was true or not was beyond me. I'm originally from Hoenn so I was still getting to know the ins and outs of Johto. According to legends and old books, Bell Tower is where Ho-oh is. Ho-oh is one of the many legendary Pokemon in Johto, but it being one of a kind I couldn't see the boss hurting it to the extent that we usually go to. Then again, I could be wrong. We may not even be going there.

I hopped on Flygon and flew back to Ecruteak City, and scanning the area from the air. There weren't many people around as it was starting to get dark but I couldn't see the girl. When we landed I put Flygon back in his ball and released Jolteon. I couldn't risk the girl seeing me by staying in the Pokemon Centre so I had no choice but to camp out not far from the centre.

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