Only One GoodAn Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Tale

Summary: Doctor Parnassus knows his mistakes and attempts to reconcile them every day. Even when all hope is lost, he still fights; because only one good has come of his life, and he is not about to give it away.

I don't own The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

I've been listening to the soundtrack of the movie stated above and I can't seem to shake an idea that one song is giving me. So, here goes!

I am learning to hate the nature of the circumstances in which I am living.

Oh, surely someone must think me a fool. Not only was I once immortal, and therefore infinitely intelligent, but I have the power to command people to make the ultimate choice; good or evil. My mind is a chasm filled with people's wildest dreams, their guilty pleasures… and their most sinful desires.

While I have, in fact, traded nearly everything I had for such a power, it came with a desperately devious price. I rented out a piece of my mind to the Devil himself, and now he plagues me, tricking me into every little game, making me fight for everything a man should already be entitled to—including my only daughter.

She is beautiful. Fiery red locks of hair bounce in magnificent waves as she jumps about, her lovely voice happily chirping about things she shows great joy in partaking, her lovely smile beaming as she rises in the morning without a care in the world. Why I ever bargained to give her away, I couldn't understand.

A part of me weeps at my own impudence; another part rages incessantly at the audacity of the Devil to challenge me. I can't seem to reconcile the two, and calming them both can only be achieved my winning my daughter.

I've only a few days to do it. Her birthday, and her due date, is nearing, and I can't waste any time in trying to reclaim what is rightfully mine; my lovely daughter, and her exquisite soul. Why would I give away the one thing in this world that I still love is still a mystery to me, a maddening mystery that haunts me to this day. She is my everything, and I owe her everything, everything I do have and everything I will, just for putting her through this horrific ordeal.

It is all my fault, and I chose to ignore it up until now; but, like all mistakes, these are not so easy in leaving my conscience. They have been buried there, waiting for the ripe moment in which I would uncover them, try to reconcile my past; a past so far and long ago that I cannot recall half of it. I can only recall the day, the day in which I made the grave mistake.

I know I am a fool; a fool for ever doing these things, for not seeing the inevitable consequences of my rash actions. But I am a fool that will fight until the end to keep safe what is mine. Only one good has come of this mess, and I am not about to give it away.

Valentina, my love, you will not be taken from me without a fight.