Hello people this is my first story so I hope you like it. I just thought that everything going right back to normal after The final Battle was dumb, enjoy!

Chapter 1 Waking Up

Kevin was floating in the air, but Kevin couldn't see past the all the dust in the sky then the dust started to clear. It was his monster form! He had Gwen and Ben in his hand and he was smashing them into the ground! Kevin some how glided over "Hey, put them down!" he shouted. The monster turned his mutated head towards Kevin.

He started to speak "But Kevin, (he began to say he had a calm voice that sent shivers up Kevin's spine) Kevin, this was your decision you're a monster Kevin don't be upset, this is what monster's do."

He threw Ben and Gwen to the ground unconscious. He grinned evilly as he grabbed Kevin out of the air ,he began to pull Kevin toward him with his diamond head arm.

"Didn't you miss me Kevin, come on say hello to a friend" he said as pulled him toward him. "Here I'll just absorb you back and everything will be fine" he said. As the monster pulled Kevin Kevin's skin began to change he had a Jet Ray lip again, his hands began to change the closer he got to the monster. "NO! I'M NOT A MONSTER! LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE BEN AND GWEN ALONE!" Kevin shouted. Struggling in the monster's grasp.

"But Kevin this is what a monster does this is what I do this is what you do." the monster said as he continued to pull Kevin in "And this is what we're going to continue to do together."

"NO!" Kevin shouted. As he sat up in his bed. "Wait where am I?" he said he looked around and realized he was back in his bed. He also saw a few worried faces looking at him.

Gwen was the first to speak "Kevin are you alright? After you changed back and, well we… kissed and all (She blushed) you fainted." "You gave us quite a scare there son." Said Grandpa Max . Kevin was surrounded by Gwen, Ben, his mom, and Grandpa Max. "Yeah the fun's not over yet Kevin, besides your not gonna leave us that easy." said Ben he smiled.

"You think I can't handle that. Believe me, with my bravery I have suffered much worse." said Kevin.

Ben said "It's official he's back to his modest (obvious sarcasm) self wait, your right Kevin, you have suffered worse you and that, (He used a very sad voice sniffed and made puppy eyes) delicate stomach of yours have gone through so much, (His voice went back to normal) you can't even handle a ginger ale rutabaga smoothie!"

Kevin couldn't help smiling "Yeah yeah you and your smoothies take all the bravery." he said with sarcasm. Gwen smiled "Glad to know your feeling better Kevin." she said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm hungry (Kevin looked at Ben) but not for a smoothie Ben" he said. "Well let's go have some lunch then burgers on me." said Grandpa Max. "Sounds great!" said Mrs. Levin as she helped Kevin gently out of bed.

"But seriously I think smoothies would improve everyone's mood." said Ben as they went into the kitchen. "We know Ben." Gwen and Kevin said "We know."

A little while later In a frozen wasteland

"Oh yes Kevin as Ben said the fun's not over yet" said a smiling Charmcaster as she watched them through her magic ball. "You still have to destroy your girl friend with that monster form of yours" she said as she smiled. "How do you intend to do that my dear Charmcaster?" said Darkstar as he came out of the shadows.

Aren't those two cute together?

"Well Darkstar what we do (she said as she walked closer to him) is take Ben and Kevin, you drain some of their energy, (She said poking him) I'll take a blood sample from each and we'll combine the samples making that hideous monster form, (she said hugging Darkstar) Oh Darky this is really going to work!" "Of course it is Charmcaster my dear I , I mean we are going to finally get revenge on Kevin and Ben!" he said.

Charmcaster smiled evilly " And Gwen, that's going to be the best for me."