A Magical Addition

Chapter 1: Introduction

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It was a dark evening, the small kitchen glowing orange as Calcifer's small flame flickered beneath a large damp log. Whilst reminiscing over the past few months, a silvery haired Sophie had fallen into a deep slumber on the sofa in front of the hearth. Her mind had travelled right back to the first day she met him in that narrow alley way when he rescued her from two men who knew their intentions for her all too well. She remembered how her heart fluttered uncontrollably as he laced her arm through his and whisked her high above the city. As they waltzed across the cloudless sky Sophie never imagined that her mysterious rescuer would in fact turn out to be her destined love. Then of course there was the first time she witnessed one of the temperamental wizard's many tantrums when he called in the spirits of darkness after she accidentally moved a few of his bath chemicals around resulting in ginger hair. But her favourite memory and one that will stick with her until the day she dies, which with Howl's powers she wasn't sure would ever come, was the day he showed her the meadow. The way the clear, cerulean blue water sparkled beneath the sun's strong rays, the way each carefully crafted flower blew gently in the breeze, a mixture of beautiful pastel colours across the hillside. Of course that was also the day the young made old hatter realised the wizard's intentions of leaving to protect his "family" from the war.

The sudden clunk of the portal changing caused Sophie to stir. Within seconds a pair of Columbia blue eyes watched her intently, her little twitches and murmurs as she dreamt causing a contented smile to spread across his perfectly sculpted face.

'Howl how was-' A dozy Calcifer began but was cut off as the wizard placed a long nimble finger gently over his lips, his eyes still glued to his beautiful girlfriend. However Sophie's dreams had led her from that beautiful meadow to the wastes where she first came upon Howl's castle, although this time the castle was nowhere to be seen. She was alone, and this time there was no cursed prince there to help. The harsh, icy wind wailed down the mountain side making Sophie a little unsteady. She grabbed a nearby branch for support but the wind seemed to blow straight through her. It began to get rapidly darker and suddenly the ground beneath her began consuming her body slowly. Her fingers clawed out frantically trying to find something to hold onto and surprisingly she was met by the hand of another. As her deep brown eyes glanced upwards away from her submerged bottom half they were met by…the blank face of a familiar black blob.

'No…no…NO!' She screeched, and she was awake. She sat bolt upright, the beads of sweat on her brow being swiped away by soft, gentle finger tips.

'Sssssh, there there sweetheart.' Howl's smooth tone cooed as he pushed her fringe back off her forehead his lips connecting with her moist skin as he attempted to calm her.

'Th-the blob men…' Sophie stuttered, her wide panic stricken eyes catching his loving gaze as he sat back a little letting his fingers graze lightly down her cheek.

'It was a dream darling, you're safe.'

After a few more moments of panting and glancing around cautiously, the hatter finally began to relax. She flung her arms around the wizard's neck as in his arms was the only place she ever felt truly protected and at peace. Several times Sophie wished she could stay there forever, and in Howl's world he probably found that idea perfectly practical.

'What time is it?' Sophie whispered trying to remember what she had been doing before she fell asleep and whether or not there were dishes or clothes lying around waiting to be washed.

'Hmm does it matter?' Howl replied with a smirk as Sophie released him glancing to the clock above the fire pit.

'Eleven thirty?' She gasped, a delicate hand making its way to her carnation pink lips as a yawn emerged. 'What time did you get…' She trailed off as she noticed that he had already fallen fast asleep in the five seconds it had taken her to check the clock. She smiled down at him sweetly, her hand stroking his raven black hair her mind pondering how their situation had swapped round so quickly. She understood how busy his days were wherever he disappeared off to through the black portal. After the war ended the black location had changed but he still wouldn't reveal where it led.

After bidding goodnight the extraordinarily quiet fire demon, she retired to her bedroom. She had spent many nights in Howl's bed amongst the many trinkets, spell books and chimes, however that particular night her body took her to her own, less cluttered, room were she fell into bed and was asleep again in seconds. At that moment in time she had no idea where Howl's apprentice Markl and the former witch of the waste actually where as she had no recollection of what she had been doing before she fell asleep or how long she was in fact asleep for, but her assumption was they too were asleep and to be honest she wasn't really worried. The bigger mystery was where her knew life was going to lead her and although it was a mystery to her, it wasn't for a certain fire demon who for some strange reason had come back to them after being freed of his curse.

Downstairs he watched his master sleep peacefully in front of him, much more peaceful than he'd ever seen him before. But how would the narcissistic wizard react when he found out? Calicfer rolled his eyes and simmered down into his bed of logs.

'You've done it this time Howl.' He muttered to himself before closing his eyes and returning to his slumber.

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