Here is my attempt at a Pearl Harbor fanfiction. Disclaimer: Pearl harbor and it's characters do not belong to me. Basically anything you recognize does not belong to me. Anything you don't is mine. In this story after the day that Rafe hit Dannys dad in the wood with that piece of wood he stopped drinking and started to treat Danny better. Dannys mom is alive.


A four year old Allison McCawley an through the front door as fast as her tiny legs could carry her.

"Rafe!" She yelled toward the barn. Her older brother by four years Rafe and his best friend Danny Walker were on top of the roof of the barn with makeshift wings strapped to Rafes back.

"Rafe you're going to get yourself killed."

"No I ain't. Danny made these himself. Now go back inside and leave us alone Allie." An eight year old Rafe rolled his eyes at his little sister. These were his wings, until he got his real ones at least, and no one especially his annoying little sister was going to take them away from him.

"I'm telling mama."

"You just do that." By the time mama got out here he would be flying. Allie turned around and ran as fast as she could through the fields back to her house.

"Mama? Daddy?" She yelled throwing the door open with as much force as she could muster. The screen door slammed into the yellow siding of the farm house as Allie raced through. She ran into the kitchen and around the inside of the house until she found her parents in the den.

"Mama. Daddy" She said as she gasped for breath from running so fast.

"Rafe. Barn. Roof. Kill himself." Was the only thing that she managed to get out while leaning on the chair trying to catch her breath.

"What's wrong sweetie." Her dad asked her with worried eyes.

"Rafe's jumping off the roof of the barn."

"What?" Her mother screamed as she processed what Allie was trying to say.

"That boy. I swear." Her dad picked her up as they all raced toward the barn.

"Rafe!" An eight year old Danny yelled with tears in his eyes as he looked at his best friend howling in pain after landing on the ground after his fall.

"Mr. McCawley I promise I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen to me."

"It's okay Danny. Let's just get him into the car and go to the hospital." Danny nodded his head rapidly hoping Rafe was okay.

Danny and Allie sat in the bed of the truck while Mr. and Mrs McCawley sat up front with Rafe.

"Do you think he'll be okay?" Danny said looking at Allie who was sitting next to him.

She had a thoughtful look on her face for a split second before she said.

"Rafe will be fine. He's strong." Danny nodded along and they rode in silence for the rest of the way.

When the hospital came into view Mr. McCawley stopped the truck, and helped Rafe out.

At the same time Danny jumped down and helped Allie do the same. They both looked at Rafe to see tears in his eyes, but not out of pain.

"Please daddy you can't take my wings away." Rafe was trying to convince his father that he was fine and the wings just needed minor adjustments and then they would work fine.

Allie and Danny had a feeling this was the way the entire ride here had went. They were suddenly thankful that they weren't in the front of the truck. Danny grabbed Allies hand as they walked behind her parents into the hospital.

Rafe and his parents were pulled into a room to get the proper things done to his leg while Danny and Allie sat in the waiting room.

About fifty minutes later it was decided that Rafes leg was broken and after they fixed it he was free to go home.

As they drove down the long country road back to the house Danny couldn't help but think about his Daddy and what he would say when Danny got home.

Danny knew that the McCawleys didn't tell him about the accident with Rafe and for that he was grateful. They weren't even mad at him.

Of course he got a talk in the waiting room from Rafes father, but Rafe was the one in trouble, mostly because his parents knew that the second they looked away he would be back on that roof with those wings preparing to jump off again.

The boys went up to Rafes room with help from Rafes dad while Allie stayed downstairs to help start making dinner.

"Danny I just called your dad and he said it was okay for you to stay over tonight."

"Thank you Mr. McCawley." He nodded his head and walked out closing the door to Rafes room.

"You need to make some adjustments to the wings." Rafe said nodding his head to the broken wings his mother had put in his room when they got home.

"Rafe you almost got yourself killed today. I've told you before and I'll tell you again you need an engine to fly."

"Just fix the wings Danny."

"It won't work Rafe."

"Then we'll take my daddies plane out." Danny sighed loudly, but got up and started repairing the wings.

The door suddenly banged opened causing Rafe to jump up groaning in pain as his leg hit the foot of his bed. Allie stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

"Are you crazy Rafe? You're going up there again?" By this point she was right next to Rafe.

"Allie be quiet this ain't none of your business. Now shut the door on your way out."

"Rafe!" Allie yelled stamping her foot.

"Go Allison!" Rafe shouted pointing toward the door.

"Fine." Allie said walking out making sure to slam the door behind her. Danny just looked at with best friend shaking his head and rolling his eyes. Allie and Rafe were both stubborn and neither had successfully won a fight with each other since the day she was born. They just called a silent tie waiting for the right time to tell on the other one.

"Why couldn't I have been an only child." Danny chuckled, but didn't answer his best friend.

Through the night Danny continued to work on the wings while Rafe watched him. The entire time listening to Rafe tell him about how he should have just taken his daddies crop duster out.

"Rafe you and I both know your daddy would have skinned us both alive." Danny said as he yawned loudly while glancing at the clock seeing it was 1 in the morning.

"Yeah but what a way to go." As Rafe said this Danny made the final adjustments to the wings before climbing into his vacant bed in Rafes room.

"Night Rafe."

"Night Danny." Danny cut the small lamp next to him off before settling underneath the covers.

"Danny." Danny felt the slight movement of the bed and the whisper of someones voice.

"Danny." Danny opened his eyes to see Allie standing there in her nightdress with her favorite Teddy bear staring at him with wide green eyes.

"Can I sleep with you? I would ask Rafe, but with his leg and all.."

Danny nodded and pulled the covers back letting Allie slide in.

This was nothing unusual. Allie normally slept with Rafe or Danny whenever he stayed over. She normally got scared and just climbed into bed with them.

No matter how mad Rafe was at her he would either let her get into bed with him or go sleep in her room with her.

Rafe loved his little sister more than anything in the whole world. So did Danny. To him the McCawleys were his family and nothing would ever change that.

So there it is. Hope you liked it. I'm already getting started on chapter 2 and I will try to update at least once a month.