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Naruto is walking close to where he senses many auras of power which he was wondering why they are in the human world. Naruto was once a captain of Soul Society but that was before he was turned into a Visored by the captain of 5th Division Aizen. How he hates him and wishes he could get his hands on him.

Aizen turned him into a Visored because Naruto was investigating what truly happened to Shinji and the others. But as he was about to tell the commander of Soul Society he got wounded saving Kaien Shiba and his wife Miyako, but that was after he recovered.

Naruto was laying on a bed as his body was in no sharp to fight which gave Aizen the perfect chance to turn him into a hallow but it backfired as he was turned into a Visored. Because of that he had run away from Soul society which was his home but he knows if he had stayed then he would be killed for becoming half hallow thanks to Aizen.

Naruto later found out that his 3th sit had took over for him which was Toshiro Hitsugaya. Naruto hopes that the little gaki can handle all the work that he needs to be for becoming captain of the 10th division.

But when he gets to where all the auras are coming from he then notices there are Shinigami's but he knows most of them. Some of them weren't Shinigami's as well but humans which there were two others them come from soul Society.

"How are you doing? Are you still the sexy Kukaku?" Once Kukaku heard someone say that she turns around which she was just in a red two piece bikini that was great on her. She couldn't believe her eyes as she stares at Naruto who everyone believes is died.

"How are you still alive?" Once she said that she ran at him then jumps on him causing him to fall on his back with her on top of him.

"Sis, what you doing to that poor guy..." Kaien shuts up once he sees who it is as he just stares at him shocked because Naruto was alive and in front of him.

"How are you still alive?" Naruto just smirks as he wraps his arms around Kukaku back then looks up at Kaien. He was glad to see two of his old childhood friends which sometimes he wonders if Kukaku would be happy with being more than friends. But right now he can't think of having love in his life because he has to fight Aizen right now. He has to keep forcing on taking down that asshole without needing to worry about keeping the ones he cares about safe.

"After I saved your ass, I was being hospitalized, do you remember?" Both of them nodded as he keeps going on with what he needs to tell them. "Aizen came in and tried to turn me into a fucking hallow but it failed I became a Visored just like Shinji and other guys we know that just disappeared. He also was the one that send that hallow to try to kill you and your wife." Hearing that pisses off Kaien because if Naruto didn't get there when he did his wife would have been died right now. But thanks to his old friend giving up his life to save his wife for that he will be always thankful.

"Let's go meet the others Naruto-kun." Kukaku gets off him as she keeps looking at him as he stands up which she was glad he was alive again. She had missed him all these years that everyone had though he was killed or just disappeared.

The first person they see is Retsu which when she sees Naruto she moves up to him as she puts a hand on his cheek to see if he's really here. Once she realizes that Naruto was real she starts to cry on his chest. Naruto wraps his arms around her lower back as he holds her.

A silver haired woman was staying there looking at her captain cry because she has never seen her captain done that before. In all the years that she has been working under her captain she has never seen her cry before but now she can't stop crying which she looks at the man that she crying on. She remembers seeing him in photos that her captain has in her room.

That when she remembers that this was the captain of the 10th division that was said to have disappeared or had been killed as he was resting in the 4th division after being badly wounded from saving Kaien and his wife. She realizes why her captain is crying now because she can't believe that he's still alive and right here in front of her.

"Retsu I never did get a chance to see you in a bikini till now? You really look great in that white bikini with flowers on it." He can hear her say "pervert" to him which he just smirks as he starts to run his hand through her hair. Kukaku just smiles because he knows there is other women that had crushes on him back when he was still in Soul Society. He was the last of his clan which is one of the royal families but he never acted like he was better than other people. That why him and her brother got along so well because they treat everyone the same as because no one is better than others in their eyes,

But because he was the last member of the clan he had to have more wives than just one but he never wanted to make someone share him so he only flirted with women. But she was one of them and also the one he was holding. Both of them flirted back with him but mostly Kukaku because Retsu was always someone that was calm and quiet but that was something Naruto liked about her.

Naruto looks down at Retsu because she always had a soft voice which he was glad that she was starting to stop crying. She looks up at him as he smiles to her and tells what happened and why he was gone. For the first time in his life he sees Retsu pissed off because she never gets mad at no one but she wants to kill Aizen right now. She calms down as Naruto rubs her back as she leans into his chest before walking over to her lieutenant.

"This is Naruto Namikaze and Naruto this is my lieutenant Isane Kotetsu." Naruto shakes Isane hand which he notices that she was the same height has him. She was also wearing a gray and blown one piece like Retsu but her chest was showing because the bikini covered her nipples but the middle of her chest was showing.

"Man I just get back and see everything, it feels like heaven because everyone in bikinis." He sees someone he just smiles and yells. "Hello gaki! You are here to?" The said person looks at him with a pissed off face because only one could call him gaki and he was all died or so he though.

"You're still alive captain?" Toshiro couldn't believe his eyes as he walks over to his ex captain which Naruto just shrugs his shoulders. "It's been awhile gaki how have you been doing? You finally get her to do her paperwork because I could never do that."

"I can't get her to paperwork because she just wants to drink sake all day." Both Naruto and Toshiro just shake their heads. Because both of them failed to get Rangiku to do her damn paperwork and not drinking sake all the time sometimes it's a pain to deal with lieutenants.

"Who else is coming to this beach today?" Kukaku just looks at him as she thinks of everyone that was here today. "Rangiku, Rukia, Renji, Byakuya, Shunsui, Nanao and few other people are coming later but also there are few more that I forget." Naruto just rubs Kukaku head which she just gives him evil look.

"What is everyone doing at the beach anyway? I never heard of captains doing this kind of stuff before because I wish I did it long time ago with all these cuties.' Kukaku and Retsu blush little bit as Isane blushes more than the other two.

"We are in a war but also looking after the town as we help Ichigo stay safe." He nods his head as he walks over to the other groups as Naruto and his group gets to where everyone is. Rangiku was shocked just like everyone else has been when she sees him alive.

"Captain is that really you?" He sees her captain looking at her. "I mean ex captain you're still alive?" Naruto just smirks as he nods his head to her then sits down on the beach sand as he watches everyone act crazy.

"You're showing a lot with that bikini Rangiku" She just blushes as she looks away because if she had known Naruto was going to be here so would of put on something that showed less of her body.

"We still need to find a place to stay because Ichigo's house is full." He hears Toshiro say that to him as he comes up with an idea.

"You can stay with me, that if you guys want to." Retsu looks at him with a smile on because this way she will have a chance to talk to him after all this time of being away from him.

"Can you show us you place now and that way we can tell the others?" Retsu asked him in her nice and soft tone of voice which he just nods his head. He stands up as he dusts himself off because he just walks away from the beach.

Toshiro, Rangiku, Retsu, Kukaku and Isane start to fallow after him which once they do get to his place it was a bar. "Don't drinking all the drinks; I need them to sell to people." Rangiku just looks at him evilly but he just shrugs it off.

The bar was a hotel that had a bar inside of it and the hotel had at least sixty rooms so it had as many rooms as they needs. Retsu was wondering how he got this kind of place but she knows that if this was Naruto they are talking about then asking isn't a good thing.

"Just tell me what room you'll be taking so I can give you the key." All five of them nod their head to him as he sits down in one of the chairs which he just looks around. He can't believe himself that he was running this bar but he wishes he had someone that can give out drinks better than him.

"How things going against Aizen you handing it ok or is it going badly?" That when Toshiro sits down at the other side of the table that Naruto was sitting at. He had always missed his captain but he knows better to think about the past. But he was going to make Aizen pay for hurting his friend but now he has a new reason. His new reason is for forcing Naruto leave his home and division but which reason will he follow the most.

"Things are going ok, we have killed a few of his members but we haven't seen his strongest ones yet." Naruto knows all about the fighting that was going on because he was told by Shinji when he comes and visits him daily at the hotel.

"I'm planning on heading to take the fight to him soon, but that's only when he finally makes a move that is strong." They were now worried about losing Naruto but this time for good. But they do know that he's not a weakling but one of the strongest that they have seen in their life.

"It's time to turn in now or tell them where to go." Naruto puts some keys on the bar counter which they can tell that they are for them and the others.

Naruto slowly walks off to his room as he sees both Retsu and Isane following him. "You need something?" He asked both women.

"Which room is closer to yours?" Isane couldn't believe her captain was asking that but she sees Naruto smirking.

"I didn't think you worked that fast now Retsu-hime, did you miss me that much?" Retsu on the other hand was blushing as she looks at him. He moves close to her ear and whispers. "One in your hand is the one next to my room, maybe we can talk later tonight" Naruto starts walking off leaving a blushing Retsu behind him.

Later that night Retsu sees Naruto walk into a room but forget close the door behind him so she walks into the room to see Naruto trying to heal what looks like four women but right away she would tell their were hollows. Naruto looks back to see her as he lets out a smile because he couldn't just leave them not help them.

"What are you up to Retsu isn't it late? His voice was filled with his happiness and caring tone but she didn't want him to do something that may hurt him. "Why are you helping them? They could attack you?" Naruto frowns because he was being told this by Retsu a woman who though any living bring should be healed.

"I thought you understand better than anyone that you can't just leave someone to die no matter what. Aizen sent them to kill me which is a mission that only will bring death to them so I defeated them and now I'm healing them." Retsu smiles to him because he was still caring and kindred heart Naruto that she has always known. She moves over to the women as looks at the first woman who looks to be sleeping.

She has black hair to her jaw but her mask fragment that is in middle of her head was shaped has a horn that reminds her of a unicorn her clothes were a normal Arrancar outfit but she had a v neck that shows some of her chest that was around a b.

She moves over to the next one whom she looks at and keeps wondering why is all people he helps women. She had dark skin and has a well toned body which her outfit was made to look like an Amazon warrior but her big beasts showed a lot but her nipples were covered her outfit. Her mask is shaped like a crown on her head but she looks at the hollow hole between her belly button and beast. Her hair was long wave brown hair but she moves on to the 3rd woman in this room but she noticed that these three have beds close together but 4rd woman had bed far away from the three of them.

She had long dress like outfit with long green hair as she can tell out of the three of them she had the smallest chest size. Her hollow mask was like a three piece hairpin on the side of her head which she thought it was weird for the three of them have oddly shaped hollow masks. She moves to last woman in this room which Naruto was taking care of as she wonders of much and how long did he spent taking care of these hollow women.

The last woman had jacket that started from middle of her breasts and went to her nose which the top of jacket was open to her lower part of her neck. Her mask that was showing was covering her nose and doing down her neck and under her jacket. She had short blonde hair and green eyes. She has a really big chest that maybe same size as her own but she noticed there were no wounds on them. Their clothes were little cut but no wounds so she was guessing he has been taking care of them for awhile.

"I'm going go to my room but if you need help just let me know Naru-kun." He nods his head as he walks out and closes the door behind her. Naruto on the other hand just sees if he missed anything to heal on her but her eyes start to open.

When she opens her eyes and sees Naruto she was worried because he was one that she was told to kill. "Why am I still alive and where am I?" she asked scared for the first time in her life as she feels Naruto rub her arm with his hand trying to calm her down.

"Don't worry your at my place which I'm been healing you and your team mates over there." He points to the other beds as she moves her head to see them. "But I never did get your names." She didn't know why he was helping her and her team mates but she was glad that they are safe but worried what he was going to do to them.

"My name is Tia Harribel but why are you healing us and what you going do with us?" He looks into her eyes as she looks into his calming blue eyes that just start washing away her fear. "Because I don't like to kill when I don't have to but as for what I going do with you, I going do nothing. You are free leave once you're all healed up." He stands up and goes to gets a wet rag then moves back to her and puts it on her forehead.

She was now pure shocked that he was just going heal them and let them leave but they could just come back and attack him. She didn't understand what was wrong with this person in front of her but she was truly gratefully to him.

"I'm also sorry for hurting you." He gave her a sad smile that made her look away with little red blushing above her mask. She didn't know why he was saying sorry to her because she was the one that attacked him.

"Stop saying sorry! We were ones that attacked you. Yet you not only beat us but saved us so we are going follow you." Naruto looks at her because he's taken back by what she just said because that wasn't something he thought he was going to hear.

"Why would you want to follow me?" He keeps looking at her green breathtaking eyes which doing that is starting to earn him points to Tia for not staring at her chest like every other male she met. "Because you have beaten me in battle and you also saved my life by healing which must be taking a lot of power and time out of you."

"It did take a lot to heal you four for last six days. If I had done it all again I would in a heartbeat but that's just me being who I am." She just looks as she tries to sit up but falls down but Naruto catches her and helps her get into a sitting pose. "You shouldn't force yourself so soon."

"What would you ask me to do?" He looks at her because he really didn't have anything for them to do for him. "Are you good at giving people drinks? Only thing I need is people to work at the bar." She looks at him as her eyes she was smirk but can't show it because of her mask.

"I did work at a bar before I become a hollow so I guess that means I'm good at doing that." He smiles her then shakes her hand, but he comes up with an idea. "How about I get you four human bodies so you don't have to worry about people finding you?"

She looks at him shocked because how can he just keep helping them like this. It truly was something she wasn't used to but she just hope she can get used to it. "How can you do that but also does this mean we don't have to always show our masks?" She moves her hand to her face as thinks of having a normal face like she almost has in her released form.

"Yes you don't have to show your mask anymore but you can do other things which I'll you find out on your own." He just gives her a smile as she just looks away because how can he do this for her but she wants to find a way to truly repay him for his kindness.

"Why are you doing so much for us? We attacked you and tired to kill you so why are you doing all this!" Naruto just looks at her than moves his hand to her cheek which was covered her mask as he rubs the part of the mask. "I do it because it's the right thing to do and that what I do no matter what." She just stares into his deep blue eyes as he moves her back into a lying pose.

"Now you get some sleep and I have the gigai's for you and them once you four wake up later." She looks at him than closes her eyes but he was now hoping he can get fool to create him some gigai's. He knows that making a gigai isn't easy but he does know fool knows how make them good and fast.

Naruto leaves the door quietly not to wake them up and closes the door without making a sound. He leaves the hotel and heads for Urahara place which he hasn't seen Kisuke Urahara in a long time now.

Only reason he knows about him being in human world and in this city is thanks to Shinji for telling him few weeks ago. Naruto has been on good terms with Urahara so he hopes that he will help him with this request for gigai's.

When Naruto gets to the shop he walks in as a man with a green and white hat looks at him with a shocked face. 'I thought you were died." Naruto just sits down next to him as he sees a dark skin woman come which causes him to smirk at her shocked face.

"It's good to see you two again and I'm not died but I'll tell you my story." Naruto tells them what happened to him and about four women he's taking care of but Yoruichi just hits him on the head for being too kindred heart then gives him a kiss on the cheek.

"You really are way too kindred heart for your own good Naruto-kun." He just smirks to her because he knows but that as just who he was. "So you need me to make four gigai's and fast?" Naruto nods his head as Kisuke just gives him a smile creeping Naruto out.

"I get them done which is going be my new ones as just sit and talk to Yoruichi or something." He gets up and goes into the back. Yoruichi just smirks to him as she looks at him but Naruto knows that she is crazy.

"Why are you helping these people?" Naruto just looks at her because she knows why so then why she is asking him. He's helping them because it's the right thing to do and that's end of the story but he knows other people can't see the world as he does.

"Because it's the right thing to do and I'm going to do it." She just shakes her head because she knows this heart of his is the thing that's going to get him killed in the long run. "I know you may not understand my reasons and I'm sorry for that." She just hits him over the head as he just looks at her wondering why she just hit him again.

The two of them talked for a few hours about the past but once Kisuke gave him new faster way to move Gigais he starts walking back home. The new gigai's were just like pills that helped you leave your body so he hopes that it works on them but knowing Kisuke he's not too sure.

When Naruto gets back to the room with the women he noticed all four of them are awake and talking with each other more three of them are fighting each other with their words. "Can I ask Tia-hime do they always act like this?" She blushes at the hime part but her thankful that her mask is hiding her face.

"Yes they do but the three of them truly care for each other." They stop fighting as they look to Naruto who just smiles at them. "Hey girls, tell me your names, but also you have two paths to take, one go back to your home or you can stay here." They are shocked what Tia said about what had happened was true.

"You really are going to help us thank you and my name is Sung-Sun but if Tia-sama is staying then so am I." The one with the hairpin looking mask was the first to talk but then he sees the one next to her who is the one with darker skin looking at him.

"Thank you for letting us live and my name is Mila Rose but I'm also going to stay here with Tia-sama." He nods his head than looks at the last one of the three who just evils him an anger look but he just shrugs it off.

"My name is Apacci and I'm only staying because of Tia-sama. Do you understand that?" He just shrugs it off as he hands Tia a pill. "So this is what a gigai looks like?" He nods his head as goes into her released form causing Naruto to stare at her but she puts the pill in her mouth Naruto come close to passing her.

She no longer had her mask but she no longer had anything on as the gigai burned all her clothes leaving her naked in front of Naruto. "Damn that fool, I'm going to hurt him later. We need you come with me to gift shop so we can get you clothes." Tia looks down noticing what he's talking about and blushes a deep crimson on her face as Naruto smiles to her.

"Please show me the way Naruto-sama." Naruto was causing his luck he though he got out of being called that. 'Come this way Tia-hime." Tia blushes a little but by the four of them fallow Naruto a gift shop that tons of gifts and clothes for quests to buy.

"How come no one is here?" Naruto looks at Sung-Sun before telling her why. "That's because in a few hours is the grand opening of the place." Naruto watches Tia walk around naked as she finds out clothes to wear. He can see that she has a great butt also breasts so he hopes that he will not be killed for looking at her areas.

"Stop eyeing her pervert!" Apacci yelled as Naruto just laughs as hands them pills for the gigai's then he waits outside the gift shop for them to get done. Tia on the other hand was blushing harder as she heard what Apacci said to him.

Tia was first to get done but when he looked he seen her in a bartender outfit as he just smiles because he knows that bar is going be packed all the time because of her she looked in the outfit. "You look beautiful in that outfit." Tia blushes as he smirks at that but he also sees the three other women come out.

He can see that Tia got them to wear cocktail dresses as he just smirks again as he looks at her who just smiles. "Now you have a bartender and three cocktail waitresses." He could tell one liked wearing it but other two didn't but Apacci was one he could tell hates the idea of wearing this kind of outfit and Mile was just ok with it.

Around one in the afternoon the place was getting packed as he sees Tia making drinks at the bar but he smiles to her because she was doing a great job. She must have had been one hell of a drink maker before she died and become a hollow.

Tia watches Naruto head over to the grand piano as he sits down and takes a deep breath.

(This song is called bless the broken road rascal flatts)

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through

Tia and her girls looked at Naruto because they didn't know he had such an angelic like voice as he was singing as he played the grand piano. Tia just keeps on staring as everyone who didn't know Naruto just moved their eyes over to him.

Hitsugaya just smiles because he was glad his old captain still played the piano but 10th group still has the same piano Naruto used to play still in the barracks. No one has dared to touch it because it was all they had left of their beloved captain and he just takes a spit of his drink as he watches his captain play once more.

I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you
Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

Naruto smiles to himself because he truly smiles this feeling that he gets when he plays a piano or sings as he's playing because it just brings back the past as he just smiles. He looks around with his eyes to see what other people are doing but he was shocked everyone in the room was watching him so he goes back to doing what he does best.

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand
You've been there you understand
It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true

Now Tia just plainly couldn't move her eyes from him as she listens to the song but she wonders what makes him want to sing like this. What was the thing that gave him the passion to sing or play this good? She thinks about to her she used to be at a bar and her passion for making drinks and is glad that she met Naruto.

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road

That led me straight to you

Naruto just keeps playing as he plays his heart out but he wonders what he would be singing if he was still back in his old life but right now he just has to move on and not think about it. So he looks at Tia who is watching him so he just smiles as he plays on.

Now I'm just rolling home.

Into my lover's arms

Tia just smiles as she listens to him.

This much I know is true.
That God blessed the broken road.
That led me straight to you.

That God blessed the broken road.
That led me straight to you.

Once he gets done he can hear everyone clapping their hands to him as he just smiles and rubs the back of his head. He walks over to Tia who just goes back to making drinks but Naruto eyes never leave her eyes. "How is it coming along Tia-hime?" his voice was filled caring as she just smiles to him.

"I'm doing well and thank you for giving me a chance do something that I always loved to do in the past." He just smiles to her as he moves over to his the gaki who was just look at him. "It was good to hear you sing again." He just nods his head as he thinks of the old days. "It's nice to sing again as well."

Naruto looks around and smiles as he sees that his hotel is having a big hit as he sees so many people at the grand opening but also he has a lot of helpers. Retsu and Yoruichi even are helping out as he just orders a drink from Tia who just smiles as she makes him his drink.

Once he starts to drink it he looks at her as he wonders what his life going be like as the days go by and war comes closer to starting but he knows he has to keep the ones he cares about safe. Keeping them safe was something he had to do no matter what and wasn't going to fail at doing that.