Ok few facts I have to tell you guys, one is that this takes place little bit after first time they attack but before the 2nd attack and taking her away causing Ichigo to go to the hollow world.

In this story people that have died do remember their past because even in bleach they had been times that people did remember their past lives, Rukia sister remembers her baby sister and so did the boy that got turned into a bird remember his mom and ones that helped him.

Anyway hope you like this and tell me what you think.


Naruto wakes up as he remembers what happen yesterday as he smiles because it was filled with fun times. He doesn't know when the last time he had so much fun before because seeing Tia's three partners keep fighting with each other was just priceless.

He didn't know how Tia could always put up with it but he can see the fighting between each other was just they own way of showing that they care about each other. He also sees that Tia is a calm woman who barely talks unless someone talks to her but he hopes he can break her out of her cute shy self.

He knows that war is coming but he just doesn't know when and how hard will the fight hit be. So far it only had been few attacks barely noticeable at that. Naruto lookout his window as he closes his eyes to try to figure out what is that asshole planning.

He walks out of his room once he takes fast shower and puts new clothes on but he remembers today all of his workers get here. He now knows to make sure workers are here before grand opening but he was thankful he had friends to help him with that this time around.

Naruto makes his way to the front desk as he sees group of people with bags sitting in chairs as he looks at Hitsugaya. "Why are these people here gaki?" He looks up at his ex captain as he gives him a paper with list of jobs and names.

Naruto turns to the group and looks down at the paper. "You are ones who I gave jobs to?" They nod their heads and he looks down at the first job list. "I going by each group of jobs if I say your name tell me and you can get to working." He sees them all nodding again and he just looks back at the paper.

"Valet which is Kiba Inuzuka for daytime and nighttime is Shino Aburame which you both know the normal Valet work hours?" Kiba and Shino both nod showing that it was right as Kiba goes outside to do his job because it was morning and Shino leaves and will come back at night.

"For front desk clerk which is gaki over and Kakashi Hatake but it's up to you two want you guys want to do times." Kakashi who was a silver hair man nods his head and walks over to the person he called a gaki. "How old is he?" Naruto laughs as he looks at Kakashi face which he can see that he was shocked.

"Trust me he's older than he looks but he just didn't eat the right foods so he's the size of a 5th grade kid." Hitsugaya just looks at Naruto with a pissed off look as Naruto just smirks in return to that look.

"Now for the head chief and chiefs, Kurenai Yuuhi who is the head chief and other chiefs as fallowed you are Tsume Inuzuka, Shizune and Kurai. Your times will be different times each week so make sure to check them each week. If you don't mind going to work now and getting ready that be great. " They start walking as they are talking to each other as Naruto just rubs his head because this was going be a long day.

"Now on to the waitress are as fallowed Anko Mitarashi, Yuugao Uzuki, Samui, Hana Inuzuka and Tayuya and your times be changed each week as well. Please get to know your new area and each other." Tayuya was cussing about having to get to know each other as group walks to their new working area.

"People who will be working on the Spas which are Tsunade, Mei Terumii and Yugito Nii go to your place and get ready for people." They start leaving and like other groups talk with each other but he can see these women were nice to look at.

Anko is a nice looking purple hair woman who has breathtaking Amber eyes in his mind but he will like seeing her in a waitress outfit. She one many of the women he was going to be seeing around his hotel and he feels great about it. But he hasn't heard much about her but he skills she had wrote down got his eye.

Kurenai Yuuhi who truly does look like a goddess in his eyes that is because of her long black hair but her beautiful red eyes is what gets him the most. He had hired her because he had heard a lot of talk around places about how good her cooking was. She been to many hotels and places but the fact that people who helped Naruto get the money to make this hotel told him that they loved her cooking so he known he had to have her here.

Tayuya was ok beside that fact she keeps to like to swear a lot but she did look like a great red haired woman so he knows men will not mind her swearing. He also doesn't know much for her as well.

Hana and Tsume which he can guess are mother and daughter but he likes when families come together rand work together. Both look great in his eyes and he has heard how great they work together as chief and waitress but he hopes they will be as great here for him.

Tsunade is maybe oldest woman here or maybe tied with Tsume but he has heard and felt her healing touch so he knows that she would be great for the job. But getting her to work for him was a pain to but in the end she agreed. He also learned a lot from her in using his hands for messages in spas.

Yugito and Mei he hasn't heard much about but he does want see how good there are for his own self because both of them look so hot in his eyes. Mei with her long hair and nice bust also she had nice legs on her. Samui had a nice bust as well and nice legs to. Sometimes he wonders how in the world he got so lucky to get this job.

Kurai and Samui seem to be close as he looks over at them talking near the tables but also he remembers seeing Kurai and Samui talking a lot with Yuugito so he guess they all know each other. Kurai was a red hair woman with nice eyes but didn't really have a chest which was ok for Naruto but her butt was something he loved it has a great shape to it.

Samui had one nice bust which was maybe same size as Mei or bigger but he can see it well with her waitress outfit that she was wearing. But he was shocked that they all had same outfit but he just figures they all went to the same selling place for them. It was a normal and common outfit for hotels a gray and white waitress outfit.

Last two people are Shizune who he knows from Tsunade and Yuugao which was one of the waitresses he personally asked to work here. Shizune had short black hair and Yuugao had long black hair and black eyes.

Reason he doesn't look at Shizune and Tsunade much is because he knows them and thinks of them as mother and sister than sexy. He has known them for few years now since he left his home but he was glad he met them and become somewhat like a family he never had.

Kakashi walks over to him as he was wondering something. "Who owns this place?" Naruto just looks at him because he didn't realize that he owns the place. "I own this place why do you ask?" Kakashi was shocked as he finds out someone so young was an owner of a rich hotel like this.

"How in the world did someone young like you get to be this good?" Naruto just smirks as he looks at Kakashi. "Just skills at cards and talking to people in order make deals." Naruto walks passed him and heads for the bar to see his favorite bartender who gives him a smile as she sees him walking towards her.

"How are you doing and man this place is busy again, you really must be doing one hell of a job." Tia blushes at the compliment but she goes back to forcing on making drinks and taking orders but Naruto smiles at the hint of her blush.

"I'm doing well I guess and what are you up to Naruto-sama?" She didn't look at him because she was to scared she will blush again. She never had put up with this kind of thing back where she used to be. The only ones that were nice to her were her three girls that fallow under her orders.

"I'm just hoping that this place goes well." He moves his hand to her chin and lifts it up causing her to look at him in the eyes. "Do you want me to show you around on your break?" She just gets lost in his deep blue eyes but she feels her head nod yes to him.

Naruto feels someone tapping on his back as he turns around to see Yoruichi with a grin on her face. He knows that this grin wasn't something he wanted to see this early in the morning but he notices that her eyes were looking deadly at him. "Yes what can I do for you Yoruichi-chan?"

"I just want to know why you didn't tell me you were alive and I find out after all these years." He just gives her a kind smile because he knows he should have told her but it wasn't something he was ready to do.

"I know I should have told you but I just wasn't ready to let people know I was still alive but I'm glad to see you again." But Yoruichi just looks away with a hint of a tiny blush on her face but she just looks back at him.

'I guess I can forgive you and you must be one of the girls he was taking care of." Tia looks at Yoruichi before nodding her head yes. "Yes my name is Tia and Naruto-sama did save me and keep me alive."

Yoruichi smirks when she hears her say Naruto-sama because this was too much to pass up on she just had to tease him. "Now I see your Naruto-sama now? Is she your pet now or something?" Naruto turns bright red as Tia does as well but she just images her being a pet as she blushes more.

"No no she's not my pet; she has her own freewill and life." Tia looks at him as she smiles because she's glad that he's nice like this but she does wonders how close these two are. "I know and can't a girl have some fun at teasing people?" Naruto just stares at her as she smirks and walks away.

"Sometimes I swear she teases people way too much but I know she means well in the end which I hope she does.' Tia lets out a little giggle as he turns his eyes back to her. He can't help but keep staring into her eyes but he notices her being asked for a drink and sees her make the drink.

"How close are you two?" He's taken back by surprise when he hears her ask him that because he and Yoruichi far as he knows are just close friends. "We are just close friend as far as I know but why do you ask Tia-chan?"

"Just wondering because of how close you two acted just now, it was nice seeing that kind of thing." Naruto gives her a smile as she blushes little bit but he just close his eyes because he knows that he's close to Yoruichi. He had known her before she left and he known her really well at that.

"Did you have anyone back at the place you lived before coming here with your team?" She looks away little sad as he takes that as a no. he lifts her chin up again and moves her face so she was looking at him in the eye. "Now you do so don't be sad ok Tia-chan?" She starts to smile as she sees other three partners coming back to her.

Naruto looks at the three women coming then back at Tia; he lifts her chin up one more time. "I'll see you at break, but you better stay beautiful till then." He slowly walks away as her partners were wondering what was going on with the two of them.

"What's going on with you two Tia-sama?" Tia just stares at her partners and shrugs her shoulders to them. She didn't know herself what was going on but she did enjoy the warmth of his hand. She didn't really know warmth before or after she died but she wants to feel more of it now.

She has a chance to finally live a life she always wanted and she wasn't going to throw it away without trying to have it. She looks around and smiles because she was finally happy but also that their partners can live a life as well. Knowing all this truly brings her joy in her heart that beating.

Naruto starts to think of where to take Tia once her break was starting but he couldn't really think of a good place for her. He didn't really know what she liked but he knows she did look like a shark hollow. Maybe she would like to go see a place with water and maybe fish like a tank of fishes or sharks or something along the lines of this.

He looks back at Tia talking to her three friends which causes him to smile at the view of it. He doesn't know but he was truly glad he saved them from dying; he now can see them being happy. He does wonder what will happen in the future to come but he knows that no one can see into the future so he just has do things as it comes.

Seeing so many faces that he hasn't seen in so many years has truly made him happy but at the same time worried, he doesn't want anyone of them to get hurt in the coming war. He knows he can't tell them not to fight because they are ordered to by their leader.

He also knows even if he told them not to fight they would still fight because they know he would fight. They would always say they will keep him safe if they have to but thing is he doesn't want people helping him; he wants to be the one that helps everyone else.

He goes to his room and takes his two Zanpakutos and puts them down on his lap as he sits down to start doing Jinzen. Naruto normal does this everyday for two reasons. The first reason was because he enjoys talking to the both of them; other reason is because it makes him stronger by talking with them and growing closer to his Zanpakutos.

When he gets inside of his inner world he sees a woman with fiery hair wearing a long crimson dress, she had to beautiful ruby eyes with lovely ruby lips. She had one hell of a body and chest but Naruto just smirks.

"How are you today shounetsujigoku? (Burning hell)" She just smirks back and sits down in a chair inside what looks to be a bar. Naruto goes to his normal sit which was the grand piano he just wonders how his inner world was like this.

"I'm doing well and I can tell that you're doing great?" She teased him at the end as he just shakes his head to her. "Where is Gachigachi at? (Frozen solid)" He feels a hand but when he looks back he sees her.

Gachigachi looked like Shounetsujigoku when came to looks because they are twins, she had icy blue hair and eyes. Naruto doesn't know how he puts up with not one but two women inside his head.

"How come you're visiting us and not having fun with that Tia woman?" Naruto just stares at Shounetsujigoku because he wonders why she always has to tease him like that or be perverted all the time.

"I'm here to train; I don't have time for fun like you are talking about." He looks at them with a serious face. They both know now wasn't time to joke but they also know he can't always be too serious or forced on killing that asshole or he will go insane with revenge.

"We know you want to make him pay but this isn't the right way of doing it, we will help you train but you must be like the old you." Shounetsujigoku soften when she looks at Naruto. 'Shounetsujigoku is right so please go back to that kind self of yours, we don't want you to go down the path of revenge and hate that you been struggling with." Naruto looks away because he has been struggling to keep his kindness but he wants to make that asshole pay.

"I can't, he needs to be stopped." Both women just sit on each side of him but they take turns slapping his head once each. "You don't need use hate and anger to stop him, you have people that can help." Naruto just looks at the two of them and wonders if he could really let others help him.

"You two know I suck at asking people for help, I don't know how I can ask anyone for help. This is my battle, my war and only I can end it." He gets double slapped again but he gets a hand over his mouth to shut him up.

"This isn't just your war; everyone has a reason to fight him. You can ask and they will help you once you do." The hand goes off his mouth but he stares at the two of them because he doesn't' know why they try so hard.

"Thank you, I don't know where I would be right now without the help of you two." They just smile to him before pull him up to start training.

Little awhile later the door to his room opens as Tia and her three friends walk in to see him still like that. They are now wonder what the hell he was doing but Apacci was about hit him by was stopped by new comer in the room. Hitsugaya looks at them and back at his ex captain and wonders how long he has been doing this.

"It's not good to do that when someone is doing Jinzen." Tia calmly speaks up to the young captain. "What is this Jinzen?" Hitsugaya looks at her then back at his captain because he is used to seeing Naruto because he does this a lot.

"Jinzen is something you do to talk to your sword, you go into your inner world to speak and train with him or her which ever your sword's spirit is." Tia looks at Naruto with her two beautiful green eyes.

"I have seen him do this for a week without food, water or sleep." They look at the young captain like he was crazy. "You can train but if you get hurt or cut then it hurts your body, it's not safe to train too much in there, at the same time it makes you stronger when you do that." Tia just stares at Naruto because she wonders how strong he truly was.

"Is there something on my face beautiful?" Tia snaps out of her train of thought but at the same time she blushes then looks away. She didn't know that he was done doing that but she feels a hand on her arm. "I guess it's time for me to show you around now?" She nods her head but she watches him leave his room before fallowing him out.

When he gets close to the eating area he hears Kurenai talking to a little kid but he walks over to the two of them. "Sir I don't know what to do, he tired stealing food but I don't want to do anything about it."

Naruto goes on his knee and looks at the kid who looks like he's around seven or eight. "How come you are trying to steal? Is there a reason behind it little guy?" The look boy looks at him but Naruto notices that his clothes aren't in good shape.

"Everyone doesn't have food at the orphanage so I'm trying to get them some." Naruto heart was moved because he knows what it is like to not have any family; he turns his head up to Kurenai as he comes up with a good idea.

He looks back to the boy. "What your name and how many people are at this orphanage?" The boy looks at him as he starts to court on his fingers as Naruto just looks at him because he really wished that this kid didn't have to go through all this.

Everyone else that was looking at him was wondering what he was going to do about the kid, Hitsugaya slowly walks over but once he sees he knows Naruto wasn't just going sit and do nothing.

"There're nine with I add myself in and the person that takes care of us, my name is Seigi." Naruto smiles because Seigi means justice. "You really are justice when comes to helping them, Kurenai-chan can you please make enough food for ten people?"

Kurenai smiles before going back and telling the other cooks what they had to do, Tia also has a happy smile on her face because that was truly a nice thing to do for them. She looks at Naruto but Naruto just keeps looking at the little boy with a great heart that he has.

"How is the place you guys live at?" The boy looks at Naruto with a happy smile because he's happy that he was getting help for them. "It's not bad, it is old but at least we all are happy together." Naruto heart sinks because he knows he has to find a way to help them more than just give them a meal to eat.

Once the food was done Naruto gets up and looks at Hitsugaya. "Gaki how about you help me bring these to the place?" Hitsugaya nods his head yes before taking a food-cart over to him as they put the food on the cart but Naruto looks down to Seigi again.

"Can you show us where the orphanage?" He nods his head and starts to walk, Naruto, Hitsugaya along with Tia and her three partners fallow the boy out of the hotel with the food. When they finally get to the orphanage they see that it was old, it was something that may not last long as it hits their hearts to think people have to live like this.

Naruto sees a woman looking at them she was wondering what was going on and hopes Seigi didn't do something wrong again. She knows that he means well when he does things to help everyone but he does it the wrong way sometimes.

The woman was beautiful in so many ways, she has green eyes that were so just beautiful, her hair was a light grayish pulled back into a bum with two bangs that fall one on each side of her face.

"My name is Mabui and did Seigi do something wrong?" Naruto looks at her and shakes her head no; he tells her why he was there which she was shocked that he was doing that for them. She wasn't going tell him no as they walk in and give out the food but Naruto asked Mabui to talk away from everyone.

'Can I ask you something? Is there anyway that I can help you and them?" She looks at him because she didn't know what to say because he had already helped them so much with the food, but she knows that money getting harder to get because no one is giving money to this place anymore.

"I hate to say this but we need money, in the past people gave money in order for kids be safe and happy but lately no one has been doing it." Naruto now realizes why this place is like how it is now, this place was living on the good of people but now that they stop being nice this happened.

Naruto writes a check to her but once she gets it and sees the number they can't believe it as her face becomes shocked. The group looks back as they see her face being shocked but are wondering what could have done that.

Naruto walks back to the group but he feels a hand poking his leg as looks down to see a little girl around Seigi age. "Thank you for giving us food." She runs back to the other kids as Naruto lets a smile come across his face.

Mabui walks up to him because she never would of guess that someone would give her this much money like this. "Are you sure you want to give this much money to this place?" Naruto just nods his head as he slowly walks out of the place with the group but Hitsugaya was wondering how much money he gave them.

Once they were away from the orphanage Hitsugaya looks at his captain before asking. "How much money did you give them captain?" Naruto just looks back to him with a smile on his face because he was wondering when someone was going to ask him that.

"I gave them enough to last them for few years." Moment they heard years they faces fall because he gave them that much. Tia just looks at him because she didn't know how anyone could be this kind.

"They remind you of your past?" Naruto nods his head before he closes his eyes but Tia looks at him but opens her mouth slowly, "How does this remind you of your past Naruto-kun?"

"My clan or family you could say is one of the royal families, one day everyone died but me. I was told it was done by Hollows but all I remember was being five year old covered in blood and crying out." Four of them look sad at him but Hitsugaya looks away as he starts to walk ahead of Naruto.

"That's enough of the past we still have show you four girls around don't we?" Naruto asked as he has a smile on his face but they just nod their heads to him, Naruto moves his hand to Tia and holds it causing her to blush.

"Do you like water?" Tia looks at him because she does love water but also the things that live in it. "Yea I do but I also love the life that lives in the water." Naruto smirks because he has an idea of where to take her now.

"I know best place to go but we have get you girls something to wear." He looks at their faces to see their react to what he said; he smiles because there are just staring at him. He lets a laugh slip passed his lips.

"You will see but let's go to a place to buy your things." Naruto walks forward still with his hand holding Tia's hand causing her to remember this warmth. She slowly starts to remember some of her past before being a hollow.

When they finally stop moving they're standing in front of a bikini place causing the girls to stare at him but he just shrugs his shoulders. "Tell me when you girls are done and I'll pay for it." He sits down outside the place with Hitsugaya.

The girls go inside but they wonder what kind they would want because they never really used one before but Tia goes back out and pulls Naruto inside the place, she lightly whispers into his ear. "I don't know how to put one on, can you help me?"

Naruto's face becomes hot with a blush creeping up his face, he knows he has to help her but this may not end well. "Sure, first you need to find one." Naruto hoping that buys him sometime before he has to help her.

He closes his eyes but few minutes later he feels a pull on his arm, he looks to see Tia holding a Brazilian bikini bottom with a triangle top. The top and bottom both were a light red color but he was now wondering how he was going to help her.

"Let's go, I think this is where you try things on." She brings him inside one of the changing rooms but she looks at him. She wonders what he will do once he sees her naked body in order to try it on.

She starting taking her closes off but Naruto just stares at her and watches once she gets fully naked, she walks up to him and looks into his eyes. "You know I lied about not knowing how to wear one." He was about to say something but he's to slow as Tia silent's him by covering his lips with hers.

The kiss was filled with passion on Tia said but once Naruto gets over being shocked he kisses back with just as much passion. His hands begin to wander as he starts from her lower back and goes down to her nice soft rounded shape ass.

When the kiss finally ended she moves her head to his neck because she truly missed this warmth and never wants to lose it again. She looks at the man that gave her back everything she lost, she knows she still a hollow but with this thing she gave me she can live as a human being.

"There was one thing I always wanted before I died but I don't know if this fake human body can do it, can I get pregnant now?" He notices her eyes because sad as she asked him that but he slowly kisses her again and whispers to her. "I did tell you these things let you do things a hollow can't didn't I?"

Tia's face lights up when she hears that but she moves her head to his chest, Naruto rubs her back but he looks at her. "You really do have to change into your bikini so we can pay for it, how about you talk about your past before being a hollow?" She nods her head but Naruto watches her put it on but he has to say she got one hell of a sexy body.

"You gave me everything back, all the things that I have lost when I become a hollow." She kisses his lips. "Warmth is the main thing I missed." She looks at him but he just kisses her lips and moves his under her bikini bottom and rests his hands on her ass.

"I'll keep giving you this warmth Tia-hime." He kisses her neck then lips but they stop once the door to changing room opens as her three partners looked shocked by them kissing. They notice where his hands are and give him evil looks.

"What's going on?" Three of them yelled at the same time but Naruto just smirk to them; Tia on the other hand was blushing up a storm. Tia had forgotten about them which she looks at them sly but she wonders what's going to happen now.

"Well I kissed him and this how it ended." She said with a smile but seeing things only made the mad women turn into happy ones because their leader finally found someone.

"Let's get going to where we have to go but first lets buy your bikinis." He notices the one they have on, Mile had one a normal two piece blue bikini which he sees that Sung-Sun has one a one piece bikini that was pink. Naruto couldn't help but think it was cute to see someone wearing that kind of bikini.

Apacci had on normal top which was green but she picked the same kind of bottom as Tia did, but her bottom was same color has the top but he most say the three women look great in them. He moves them over and pays for their bikinis but they just stare at him because he really did pay for them.

Naruto walks out with the girls but Hitsugaya looks at him funny but he just shrugs before walking forward to the place. They fallow close behind him but they're wondering what this place was that he was taking them to.

When they get there they still a sign outside saying Aquarium he sees the weird look on Hitsugaya. "You know this place isn't open." He just shrugs his shoulders again before knocking on the door but few minutes later he sees door open to review a man with a bread and cig in his mouth.

"Asuma mind if we go in?" Asuma just shrugs his shoulders and lets him walk in, the others fallow in as well but Asuma was wondering how the hell he got four girls with him. "Naruto can you help me? One of the sharks is hurt; I was thinking you can heal it." Naruto nods his head yes and goes to the shark again.

They are all wondering what he means by that but Naruto gets to the tank as he takes his shirt off and pants causing the girls to stare, Tia is one that staring the most as he looks at every part of him but they see him jump in.

Tia joins in after them but the three go down to the bottom of the tank to see if they are ok by looking through the glass tank. Once the group gets there they can see Naruto healing the shark which fact sharks aren't attacking them was strange.

"Yea he comes by a lot and they are friendly to him now." Asuma said as they all jump and look around because two reasons one he read their minds and 2rd they didn't know he was behind them.

Tia and Naruto go up but Naruto moves his arms around her waist and pulls her against him, he can feel her nipple poking out of her top and against his bare chest. Naruto kisses her lips but once she starts to kiss back he brings them underwater.

The two of them don't break the kiss as they swim under the water around the sharks that are passing them by, everyone that was watching it couldn't believe but the three girls though that was something they would want to do.

Once they come back for air Naruto just looks at her before taking her hand and kisses her chest lightly, in front of him was a woman who he wasn't going to lose. He slowly moves his lips to her ear and softly whispers. "You're someone I hope to be with forever."

Tia just smiles to her and moves her arms around him because this was what she always wanted, to finally be with someone that didn't want her for her body like they did before she become a hollow.

Two of them keep holding each other as they just stay there in the water but they didn't want to move because they just wanted to stay like that forever.


There will be fighting in the next chapter don't worry and thanks for reading.