Bloody Octoberfest

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: guise

Summary: You would think that the Winchesters have had enough of Octoberfest for good. Turns out that their help is needed again...

A/N: Since it's a bit difficult to bring our boys to Germany (loved your idea Madd Aless :-) I decided to bring some local flavor to the USA. Luckily there are enough lovely places with a touch of German history, like Mt. Angel, Oregon. If you wanna know what's the Glockenspiel about – try Mt. Angel Glockenspiel at Youtube. It's creepy, I swear! Oh, and yes: Triple Drabble again, I simply couldn't put the story in 100 words...

Spider hugs to BarbaraGER for constant and awesome encouragement :x

Night had silenced the German brass music.

The drunken singing from the Biergarten had stopped.

Most people lay in peaceful dreams of the Octoberfest while two men were climbing the dark and dusty stairs inside the famous Glockenspiel of Mt. Angel, Oregon.

"I swear—one more yodling contest and I'd have skipped the whole thing, no matter what's hunting down tourists in that bum town."

Sam snickered. "I'm surprised you even noticed it. You were so busy hitting on that busty pretzel girl."

"I'd call it gathering intelli..."

A few steps above them a figure in an odd guise appeared.

"Indian sacred site?" Dean panted, clubbing Hansel with a wooden tomahawk.

Its former owner lay splintered at the foot of the stairs. God bless woodworms.

"Yep. Right where the founders built the abbey" Sam yelled, while he answered a furious attack of the Glockenspiel monk with a round of rock salt.

"Gnnh"... Gretel had climbed onto Dean's back and tried to strangle him with her plaits.

Sam grabbed the monk's crucifix and softly muttered some Latin lines.

The Glockenspiel started to play its melody, the sound almost a physical assault in the narrow staircase.

And suddenly everything went quiet.

Dean chased the painkillers down with some coffee and watched Sam close his cell phone.

"Anything helpful?"

"Guess so. Bobby asked a friend of his, a Navajo shaman. He suggested a purification offering."

"Purification offering? Like in 'let's go and sacrifice the Bavarian virgin'?"

"Seriously. Quit watching all that splatter stuff. It's a cleansing ceremony. Fire, water and herbs, mostly."

"So the offended Indian spirits draw back their curse..."

"...the creepy Glockenspiel figures stop killing innocent people..."

"...and I can call Heidi to learn more about pretzels."


"Yeah, she's an artist with her fingers, all that kneading and rolling..."