Genre: Romance/Angst

Rated: K+

Summary: Playing the waiting game is harder than it looks. There's nothing to guide you, no maps and no books.

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson, or Annabeth.

Oneshot Poem: The Waiting Game


The Waiting Game:

Playing the waiting game,

Is harder than it looks.

There's nothing to guide you,

No maps and no books.

The gods think you're a pawn,

And they use you as one.

Everyone tells you,

That life can't be fun.

But then he comes along,

And he shows you the way.

Just one of his smiles,

Can brighten your day.

He says his name's Luke,

And there's a Thalia too.

They're now your family,

Your life is brand new.

The years go by,

And you're tighter than tight.

No one overcomes,

This family's might.

But then you're surprised,

Because Luke isn't there,

A thunderbolt's missing,

And Luke's is nowhere.

There's a new boy at camp,

At first you don't bother.

You fought him in battle,

And he won with the water.

He becomes your new friend,

And Grover's there too,

But he's different than Luke,

And he's different to you.

Your mother's Athena,

You should work with your mind.

But you know he is good,

And one of a kind.

You find out Luke has been lying,

But you can't think he's bad.

He does terrible things,

But you just can't get mad.

Percy makes you smile,

But it's a different kind of grin.

You must say you're happier,

Than you have ever been.

Luke is long gone,

And Thalia's all but dead.

But you still have Percy,

And that is good instead.

Years go by and you fall in love,

But not with whom you think.

Percy doesn't say he loves you,

And your heart begins to sink.

But you take hope,

Because though it doesn't show,

Percy's the best man,

That you will ever know.

And it's hard not to break,

When your shoulders will shake,

With the with the weight of the sky,

And the weight that's inside.

But you will not fall,

Because it's not hard at all,

He will confess someday,

But until then you'll play,

The waiting game.

A/N My first poem. Never, ever planning on writing one of those again. For one, i suck at poem writing. Could you tell? Lol. Second thing, that was simply a way to get out my frustration at my writers block. This was created in like, 5 minutes. I posted it because it was taking up space on my screen. If you don't like it, I don't blame you. You can review though. I certainly won't object :)