I think his name was Aleksei, Aleksei Globenko, or something. It seemed like he couldn't do anything without having Dragunov's watchful eye over him. If he were to find an open spot, lean against a wall, and place his hands in his pockets, Dragunov was on him in an instant, usually with some CQC move. A few times, I've even seen Dragunov dragging Aleksei away, completely unconscious. I asked him why Dragunov was so strict, and he laughed, updating me on a few Russian customs. Apparently, placing your hands in your pockets is considered rude, but he was a free-willed person.

He was only here for a month, because Dragunov was serving as his mentor. I realized that it was possible for Dragunov to be social, since Aleksei told me he was a friend of his parents. On the days I would wake up extra early, Aleksei would be out on the courtyard, running vigorously as Dragunov instructed him silently. If he messed up in any way, or stopped to break mid way, He would end up doing push-ups. The most I've counted him doing was 156.

"Patience is a virtue." He told me once, smiling. But I could see how tired he was. "I plan to have patience, no matter what the situation."

It was a real shame that he wasn't actually participating in the tournament, I would have loved to fight him. He seemed like a worthy opponent.

Only once were we actually conversing in a more formal way. We happened to run into each other at a bar, and being that I was most likely the only person he knew, he came and sat at the booth I was in. I didn't believe in drinking, and Dragunov didn't allow Aleksei to drink, so we were both completely sober.

"It is odd." He said, laughing slightly, in the middle of our conversation. "I never caught your name, and yet you are the one I speak with most."

"Oh, no problem. It's Leo." I let myself smile.

"Ah. Well, nice to get to know your name, Leo."

He went through a few more details of his life, how his father didn't just expect him to be in the military, but was completely certain of it. Still, he was viewed in his father's eyes as completely worthless when he began acting out to show that he was an individual. The details of how his parents knew Dragunov were hazy, even to him, but that was how he'd ended up being mentored by him. It was an extremely dramatic change, having to follow orders and regimen. In the beginning he had the idea that he could slack off, but Dragunov quickly destroyed that.

"He's kind of like a second старейшиныto me."

I gave him a look at the word that wasn't in my own tongue, and he chuckled slightly.

"It means Father, or Elder." He checked his watch. "Speaking of which, I should probably get back to him and finish my training. It was nice speaking with you, Leo."

Aleksei bowed slightly, then left. I could almost see a bit of Dragunov in that walk of his...