"Why do you think I drive everywhere?" He stammered.

Sigh. Sam figured there was only one thing left to do… So he grabbed him by his collar and whispered in his ear very menacingly...

"Now Dean listen up, and listen up good… if you let me get on this plane by myself I will never forgive you."
Even though Sam knew that this hunt was easy. Easy.

"But-", Dean whispered angrily," Hey! You don't have the right to be piss-"

Sam pulled back and glared with the ultra-mega Bitchface intact, "Shut up Dean. You will get on this plane and you will not be scared. Why? Cause' if you don't I will find you and I will fuck you up Dean. I'll be under your bed... Outside your driver's window. And evenin the shower..."

Dean looked a little bug-eyed.

Sam continued, "I'll be in the walls... Somewhere. Watching. Waiting. And I will fuck you up Dean… I will fuck you up."

*On the plane*

"Sir would you like try our complimentary peanuts?"

"Uh…no thanks" Dean said gruffly, "Just a bag if you have another one."

And somewhere in the immediate background Sam was smirking. Hard.