I looked down at the busy streets off Seattle, I was in my office waiting on Alice to come over and talk about the magazine the company was launching. I sighed and sat down in my swingy chair.

I looked up just as there was a knock on the door; I looked at my best friend, "Yes Alice." I smiled.

"Pack your bags, my mom and dad have booked us all tickets to go to Ireland, my brother is over there doing some water sports and his competitions are coming up, so they thought we should go and support." I smiled; I always wanted to go to Ireland.

"Okay, when are we leaving?" I asked, excitedly.

"Um, tomorrow morning at 7am, so after work we will go to your house and then spend the night at mine." She told me, already planning everything.

"Alice . . ." I said annoyed, "I can't just not show up for work tomorrow, I have to ask for time off." I sighed.

"Don't worry about it, already done." She said, smiling from ear to ear.

I nodded and let out a breath. I looked at the clock, only an hour left of work and I got to leave. I continued to edit the magazine that was launching in two weeks, once I was done, I left it sitting on my desk. I clocked out and met up with Alice.

"So, what time are we meeting everyone in the airport at?" I asked her as we road the elevator to the ground floor.

"We have to be there at 5am, and then we take a flight to New York and then a 6hour flight to Shannon airport." She informed me, while looking at the e-mail Carlisle had sent her.

I nodded, I was excited to go and it would be my first time seeing Edward in person, I had never met him before, only seen pictures.

I got into my car and Alice got into hers, she followed me to my apartment and I opened the door, the first thing she did was run to my closet. I laughed as I heard her taking out my suitcase. She started with my shoes, getting my converses and high heels, she then got shorts, tops, hoodie's, long sleeved tops, and I looked at her with a confused expression.

"There is unexpected weather over there, one minute its sunny, the next it's raining." She answered my unspoken thought.

I nodded, "What are we going to be doing in Ireland?"

"Lots of things, like my brother will show us around, we will go to different counties and we will do sports, see sites, I don't know, but it will be fun."

I nodded and as she packed my stuff, I got my passport and ID, I also took the rest of my important things that I would need.

When Alice was done, I locked my suitcase and put my laptop into its case and slung it over my shoulder.

Alice squealed excitedly as I locked my apartment door. I laughed and she took my hand leading me to the elevator, "I can't wait." She said, mumbling her excitement.

Once we were in the car park, she led me to her car and we put the suitcase in the trunk. I smiled as she drove out of the estate and onto the highway.


The next morning we woke up at 4am, we had gotten to the airport at 5 and were waiting in the line to check in. I smiled when it was our turn and went up to the front desk.

"Hello, can I have your passports please?" a blond haired lady asked.

We gave them to her and she proceeded to ask questions. We went to the gate after getting some snacks, Alice and I waited for the rest of her family. I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked to see Emmett, his arm around Rosalie's shoulder; I smiled and got up, hugging him. Carlisle and Esme were behind them smiling, but they also looked tired.

"Hey guys." I said to Emmett and Rosalie.

Rose smiled and sat down beside me, "Hey, I can't wait to get there; I haven't seen my brother in like forever." She smiled, at first I though she meant Edward, because since Emmett was Rosalie's husband and Edward was Emmett's brother, but when she said Jasper I looked at her.

"Oh Bella you never met him . . . But I think I mentioned him a few times, he's my twin." I nodded, remembering.

"Yeah I know, you told me about him." I smiled.

Our flight began to board and I got up, giving the hostess my ticket, she smiled and told me to enjoy the flight. Alice and I were beside each other and for the 6hour flight discussing fashion magazines and sleeping.

We woke up just before the flight was about to land, when we landed, we had to run to catch our connecting flight, we had just made it and scurried to our seats as the plane taxied on the runway. I was just in my seat when the plane lunged forward and raced down the runway, Alice fastened my seat belt for me. I thanked her and fell back asleep.

I was woken up by Emmett talking to Alice, "How long left?" He asked her in an impatient voice.

"About and hour, know sit back with Rosalie, your annoying me." She told him.

"Fine." He huffed, sitting back down.

I looked at Alice and wondered why she was doing my nails, she was on my last finger and I snatched it away. "Bella, give me your hand." She glared at me.

I did and she smiled, I rubbed my eyes, getting rid of the sleep. She gave me my hand back and started putting her stuff in her handbag.

I straightened out my t-shirt and rubbed my hands on my jeans, "Ugh I need a shower." I said to myself.

"I know how you feel." Alice whispered.

The captain told us that we were going to land and I smiled, we were finally here. We landed and I laughed at the weird accents, I wasn't trying to be mean, but it was different.

"Top of the morin to ya." A young lad said to me, he took of his cap and boud his head a little before he started walking again.

"OMG . . ." Emmett said, "We get to drink." Everyone looked at him, "Your allowed drink when you're eighteen over here and since we are all nineteen and twenty we get to have alcohol." He had a goofy grin on his face and I smiled, I wouldn't mind having a bit to drink.

"No way are you guys drinking." I turned and cringed looking at Esme and Carlisle's disappointed faces. "Now come on, we need to get to a place called Shull." Everyone looked at each other as we looked at the sign's, they were all in Irish. I looked at the other signs and they were in English, I pulled Alice with me and we went to rent cars, Alice and I shared a range rover, Emmett and Rose got a black BMW and Carlisle and Esme got a Mercedes. We all followed signs and got lost a few times but after four hours of driving, we got there.

Ireland was beautiful, so green and colourful, I loved when we were on a hill top and could see cliffs and the sea below us, it freaked Alice out and I ended up driving.

Schull was a small village and as I followed Carlisle down to a harbour, he parked the car and started to walk down the pier, it was a nice sunny day and many people were out on boats and sailing, it was a nice atmosphere.

Alice and I followed after everyone else, she squealed when she saw a young male, about a year or two older than me, he hugged Emmett and Alice as well as Carlisle and Esme, he gave Rose a hug and looked at Alice smiling. He had honey gold hair and was really tall about 6ft, he had a wet suit on but only up to his waist, he was wearing a white long sleeved top and had a surf board behind him along with a small boat.

"Bella this is Jasper, my brother." Rosalie said, I smiled and shook his hand.

"Hello." I whispered.

"Hey." His accent surprised me, it was a Texas accent, I expected it to be Irish.

"So where is my other son?" Carlisle asked looking around.

"Oh Edward, he is out on the water, he is bringing in the yacht." They all nodded and I smiled.

A beautiful yacht made its way around the harbour and I smiled as I saw Edward, he was even more handsome than his pictures I saw at Alice's parents house. Jasper ran down to the dock and threw a rope to Edward, he cut off the engine and they tied it up before Jasper helped Edward out of the boat.

Edward laughed when Jasper said something, I smiled as he looked up, shaking his head so that his hair would move to the side, it was the sexiest thing ever.

Alice nudged me and I looked down blushing, I didn't mean to stare. Edward came over and hugged everyone; he stopped and looked at me.

"I remember you; you're the chief's daughter, right?" He asked.

I smiled, "Yes."

He laughed, "I remember when I was 15, I came home from boarding school for a week and you were there with Alice." He said, looking as if he was in thought.

I smiled and nodded, I remembered him to.

He stepped back and looked at his dad, "What's the plan?" He asked, smiling. His accent was American; you could tell he was from Seattle.

I looked at Carlisle and he began to speak, "We have to get the keys to the house we are renting, then I was hoping you could help me find it." He chuckled.

Edward nodded, "Yeah sure, um just let us change." Carlisle nodded and Edward and Jasper ran behind a building, a few minutes later, Jasper started loading a car with bags, they must have been supplies.

Edward came out next and he was hot, really hot. He was wearing beige shorts and a white t-shirt, he looked amazing. Alice walked forward, bringing me with her, she put the trunk down on the Range rover and we sat on it, Rosalie and Emmett were making out and I laughed as some random person whistled at them.

Edward was talking to Carlisle and I knew they were figuring out a route, because Edward was already making one.

I felt Alice nudge me again, "You like him, don't you?" She whispered, I looked at her and she was smiling widely.

"Yeah . . . Is it obvious?" I asked.

She shook her head, "No, I just know, because the way you looked at each other back there . . . I can tell that he likes you as well, even though you will deny it. He does like you though." I shrugged and looked back towards the sea, I looked at the people out on boats, I looked at them having great fun, I wanted to do most of the water sports out here.

I smiled when I saw Edward coming over, he leaned against the car and I could smell his sweet scent. "Um . . . We are going to go to the rented house and dad told me to drive your car, he said something about, you going with Jasper because you and Jasper wanted to talk." He shrugged.

Alice laughed, "Yeah, um see you later Bella." She waved at me and gave Edward the car keys.

I got off the trunk and closed it, I got into the passenger side door and Edward got into the drivers seat. He was so handsome it was hard not to stop looking at him, his bright green eyes were focused on the road and he was slightly tanned, he was muscular and really tall about 6ft 4in, he drove out of the small town and into a dirt track road.

"So Bella, what do you do for a living?" He asked.

"Um . . . I am working as an editor to a fashion magazine but I have a degree for nursing, so I might go into that in a couple of years. What about you?" I asked.

He nodded, "I have a neurosurgeon degree but right know I am just touring the world, I get paid for doing tasks, um . . . I am working for a firm and in three months I am going to Africa with another colleague and we are going to go into the wild and live along animals, kind of like a documentary thing, you could call it that." He smiled and let out a breath.

"Sounds exciting." I smiled, looking over at the beautiful fields and looking at the cows, horses, sheep and lambs grazing. There was a huge hill and Edward turned right, he drove up along it and I gasped inwardly at the view, it was gorgeous, we were looking over the sea and the town, the fields were amazing.

Edward pulled up in front of black gates and he got out and opened them, he drove up to the house, it was nice, big enough for all of us, there was a boat and a few surf boards on the grass, Edward opened the door and I smiled.

"There are five bedrooms and four bathrooms, a tennis court. Jacuzzi is out back and everything you need should be in the bedroom you chose." He told us all.

We all nodded and took in our luggage.

I looked around the house and chose the bedroom towards the back of the house, it had a balcony and a tree just outside the window, there was a bathroom and the bed was big enough for three people to sleep in.

I smiled and started to unpack . . .