I looked around my son's room, smiling to myself. Cute little bug designs, happy faces, and, well, his world.

Jace sneezed. His tiny, chubby hands rubbed against his face and his little body curled up, making him cry. His little clothes scrunched up, and his little toothless mouth opened for a loud cry.

"Shhh, baby."

Suddenly, someone's warm, strong arms wrapped around my waist.

I laughed. "Hey," I teased.

Jake, my fiancé bit my ear teasingly. "Hey, sexy," He wrapped his arms around my chest, making me understand his motions.

"I'm sorry, you got me pregnant once, you're not getting me pregnant again, mister," and I released myself, and tended to Jace's needs. I went to sit down on the rocking chair.

"Well, anyways, I came in here to tell you that you have mail from the school, or, aka, you're report card. And, trust, me, it's pretty bad." He grinned.

I pulled down my black shirt, and got ready to breastfeed Jace. His mouth wasn't responding, so I had to help him.

"You're still trying to boobie-feed him?" Jake asked. I rolled my eyes at his sex comment, wishing I hadn't even done that.

"Umm, well, if you were a teen mom you'd understand, and Jace doesn't respond to anything else after he's had formula so I have to breastfeed him." I finished that topic quickly. "Anyways, hand it over."


I looked at the paper, and flinched.

"Omigod, I have to take Calculus, English, and freaking Health again?" I sighed.

"What's so bad with Health?" He obviously didn't know because he dropped out of school this year and he has a job.

"Well, when I was pregnant in the fall, Mrs. Ekhart made us study 'Feminine: Getting Pregnant' thing and we got a hard-cover book with 187 pages in it. Then, she made us study me and Jaclyn's stomachs to see the difference between 7 months and 3 months, which pissed me off and we had to do a whole study on the 'inside the stomach' model. She docked us 30 points for refusing to show her our ultrasound pictures during class and 10 points for getting pregnant because we didn't 'protect' ourselves when we accidentally got pregnant,"

"Wow. What a bitc-"


"Botch. Happy?"


I just noticed Jace was passed out. Literally, he was snoring.

Jake and I laughed, and I put him to bed. When I turned around, Jake had kissed me. I kissed him back, smiling.

Jake, Klarissa, and Jace Brinson-Wilter.

A happy family of un-adult teenagers and baby.