Thanks to everyone for reading "The Life of a Teen Mom" but I just want to put out that I'm gonna stop writing it, and come back to it when I finish my other story, "Chick Flick". Thanks for reading, putting up with my ideas for the story, and do you wanna know how it started? I wanted a quick, low-detailed story, so I chose a big font and typed on Micro Word. Yeah, short at the beginning, and then I got addicted to it, added twists and turns, then suddenly got more details and somehow made it seem alive. But then I thought it's almost too much…? Nobody's reading it. So, I quit writing, and I suddenly got 2 reviews, and I still felt like nobody liked it. Then I started Unfortunate Starstruck, and I thought that would be a big thing but nobody read that, either. I want to make "Life of a Teen Mom" up to 30 chapters, and I'm only gonna continue if people actually read it and review. Sorry to those who have read it and liked it, but I've got to get it up the charts. Chick Flick is burning inside me, and sometimes I write because I don't know what to do. I'm not quitting Life of a Teen Mom, but I'm gonna break from writing it. Possibly all writing, but thanks to all who've read my stories and liked it! I hope you guys check out this new story I'm talking about, Chick Flick….R&R!