I killed someone, a girl.

I hated her sad brown eyes as they bore into me day after day, imploring me with everything they had left to either end it all or find just one thing that was worth living for—just one, small thing that would make it all seem worth it in the end. I hated the pathetic way she always did what her son of a bitch father told her to do because she was so afraid that the next time he hit her so hard she blacked out, he wouldn't stop. It didn't matter how bad she looked, no one ever noticed the bruises or cuts that she barely bothered to hide, not even the damn teachers. The bastard could have killed her, and I doubt that anyone in the whole town of Forks, Washington would have even noticed. They all ignored what was right in front of them and she was too weak to go to them herself. Too terrified of what he might do to her if he found out she told.

She was nothing, I hated her for it.

Then he came along. He came into her life with such a force that she couldn't help being drawn to him. He was as beautiful as he was dangerous, something about him both alluring and distant all at once. She didn't know it at the time, but she never even stood a chance against his damn crooked grin or his emerald colored eyes that burned with such intensity that when he looked at her, she sometimes thought her very soul would ignite into flames. He saw her when no one else did, and his fire brought the fragmented girl back to life. He saw the small spark of life still shining dimly behind her pained stare. He saw the little glimmer of hope that there was something better out there for her. He wasn't perfect, she knew that. She was highly aware that he had his own demons to fight, and that he had secrets in his past she might never know. He was broken though too, and he while to everyone else he may not have been perfect, he was perfect to her. He was a challenge and at times crass, but they taught each other how to be strong, and how to love one another with all they had within their tattered hearts. Their worlds collided in a fierce storm of anguish and vulnerability, but they drew from each other the strength and love needed to survive their dangerous worlds.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan and I killed a girl…the girl I used to be.

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