***Authors Note: PLEASE READ!***Hello my lovelies! So since you are all so incredibly amazing and I love you so much, I wanted to give you guys a special treat. Ready? Below is a special teaser for the Jasper/Alice outtake that I am writing for the Fandom4Colorado relief efforts! I know it's short but this is all I can give you. I hope you like it :) I cleared it with the Fandom4Colorado people so there were no issues. In the outtake that will only be avaible by donating to the relief efforts, you will be given three scenes from How To Be written in Alice's point of view.

. You will read about when Jasper first makes an appearance (i.e. when Edward bolts and goes to La Push)

. You will read about Carlisle telling her not see Bella anymore (...and how Jasper consoles her the next morning.)

. You will read about what exactly Alice and Jasper are doing while Marcus is on his way to Forks (i.e. Alice's pov for part of Sympathy for the Devil)

So there you have it. Below is just a small part of that first scene, and I hope it is enough to get you guys to donate. Your passion for the fandom and this story never cease to amaze me. As Jackson often says...Much love and respect!

If you want to donate and recieve the full compilation you can go to: fandomcause DOT info

I See You: A How To Be Outtake (Teaser)

Jasper was there—actually, physically in my presence.

It felt like an incredible dream after not seeing him for so long, almost as if he were invented by my mind to keep me sane. I wanted to pinch myself to make sure he was actually real since I wouldn't put it past my overactive imagination to make it up, but I decided against it since I didn't believe my imagination would do him that amount of justice anyway. It must have been nearly a year since I had seen Jaspers' gorgeous face or heard his smooth voice that had the ability to make me seriously weak in the knees. I grinned internally and felt suddenly lightheaded just thinking about the southern drawl his deep voice took on when he was comfortable enough to forget himself. It didn't matter that I was a city girl through and through—a born and bred New Yorker—that voice was enough to make any girl melt like butter and swoon like a true southern belle. God and the way he laughed, all glimmering white teeth and shining storm colored eyes, when someone said something particularly amusing to him was like music to me. I smiled to myself once more at the thought of his soft laughter filling my ears.

Yes it was good to see Jasper again.